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A Condensed Trip

Short story By: dubl

This was originally for a contest held by jmurch. It's also the first thing I have completed writing on my typewriter!

Submitted:Jul 15, 2012    Reads: 8    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

One trip down the forsaken rabbit's hole. One burning, spiraling trip and then, surface. Light breaking through trees like nature's wrought-iron prison bars holding back the sun. We are the sun. Chained behind shadows cast from boughs of oak and elm but every so often, we break free and become what we had initially set out to be: transcendental.
I can't remember how I got there. A dimly lit chamber on the corner of Empire and Walnut. There was a fish tank in the wall. All the fish were dead. I think they had probably been gold at some point; however, the grey had seeped in and splotched the scales that make bluegills jealous. I lit a smoke, "So how much can I get for 45 bucks?"
"An eighth. That should be enough for the first time user." Said some burly, throwback from a lost era where electric guitar and mullets were king. I wanted the return of that era. Or maybe one prior to it. Who knows truly what I was looking for in those stems and caps that rested in that Class X felony baggy. The biggest crimes have often been committed in dimly lit garages I think.
Two glasses of orange juice and a stomach churning amount of dried fungus later and I was immersed in the universe. I was nature and life and I felt pertinent and vivid. There was the rush of turbulent wind on my eardrums and I realized my limbs were no long connected for I was a head. Everything had been dyed or washed out depending. The trees were dead here like the fish. They had turned monotone with neon outlines of red and orange, symbols of their decay while a simple black and white military coat one of my companions wore had burst into tie-dye and rainbows. I wish there were more men in military jackets so I could laugh at them in their rainbows and ask which country they were going to threaten and who they were going to hide from now?
I can only imagine that the sound of their gunfire at my laughter would have sounded like the swift hammer of justice to some or the sound of Tianemen Square to others, depending. At least my oppressors would have a side. It would have been defined and chosen unlike this asshole playing his guitar for peace rather than conviction in front of me.
He was a pariah. Privileged white kid in a barely urban environment singing of equality. Who honestly believes in that? Are we all equal in more than a biological sense? I had regressed and receded into a state of pure delusional thought. Maybe that's the best place for all of us. The double helix shape of DNA was discovered while on acid. Maybe this could mean something too.
Pulling myself out of the abyss of thought a voice rang "Aren't you ridiculous? Aren't we all? Are you okay with that?"
I answer: "Are you?"


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