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Loneliness Boulevard

By: Edgar Dark Season

Page 1, Blind, wandering wreckage and the definition of existence. To process a thought from a feeling. Man seeking solution to unending dismay. Give me the ring. Attempted view inside Brievik\'s sordid mind. I love Norway.

Loneliness Boulevard


Edgar Dark Season

Which way to the water, my thoughts shattered with infinitely crushing blows like a beating from within. I arrived on the island of cold garden, travelworn and transformed from a self I did not like to a self I did not know who I became. Death lurks beneath the surface of life like an opportunistic thief. What way to pass time? Stumbling through this sleeping town as the sky freezes above, such ill prepared fools for tomorrows events. I will not try to hide my face for my goals are to be known and the statement made. Killing now to save the future for the right ideals. God is love and love is violent, love is sex and sex fucks. The youth will suffer now, terminated for the greater good. I am strong in my opinions, zealous and justified. I will say my prayers and shoot the children. Thank you Jesus.

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