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The day at the beach

Short story By: ElenJ15

This is a peace I wrote in my english class it's not much but I wanted to start small. It's a descriptive peace on a family going to the beach.

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The day at the beach

The sun was out, the day so bright. This was no time for work and no one wanted to be trapped inside on a day like today. This was no day to lounge around, but a time for children to run around. The mothers were in the kitchen preparing a picnic for the day, and the fathers were helping the few younger children to get their things ready. As they dodge the older children running past in a frantic search for some shoes, the shoes could have been any shape or size the only thing on their minds were getting out that door. After each child was lined up with a small bag each a hand and a shoe on each foot it was time to go. Time to go to the beach.

Hopping into the mini bus, singing at the top of their lungs and after a quick head count they set off for Black rocks. The long drive consisted of some singing, laughing and to round it all of some really loud talking. After what seemed to feel like a million years for the kids they finally drew to a stop. The children began diving out as if they'd gone any slower everything would have disappeared by the time they got out the vehicle. Whilst the younger children stayed with their parents waiting for them to get the towels laid down then help them change in their swimwear, the older children quickly got changed and ran for the ocean. The cool summer air blowing gently against them as they race to the warm water. They all started playing around chucking water at each other, pushing each other over, and running after each other with buckets full of water.

But they soon calmed down as they saw the youngest of them Ellie running down to the water with her mother not far behind. Ellie was only two years old, and had never been in the water at the seaside before. Many other times she'd run away from the water but know as the children watch in disbelief she was doing the complete opposite. As she got closer she drew to a halt and looked down at the water then back up at her older brother. All the children started cheering her and encouraging her to take a step into the water. Her older brother stuck out his arms, as she clapped her hands and smiled she began to walk towards him. As he picked her up she giggled whilst saying "I'm swimming, I'm swimming".

They spent the next few hours in the water then walked up, back to the adults complaining of their hunger. They all sat down as the parents were getting ready for feeding in the zoo. As soon as the food was in front of them they started scoffing it down as fast as they could. The mothers smiled and rolled their eyes, Ellie laughed and clapped her hands. As the sun began to vanish, and the children started yawning it was now time to leave this beautiful day and time to say goodnight.


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