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Legacy of Rivet

Short story By: elphabalives17

rivet, reunion, school, memory, future, elphabalives17

Submitted:Apr 19, 2009    Reads: 155    Comments: 8    Likes: 0   


it was officially time for the 15 year reunion at RMS for the rivet class of 2014. many changes had occured within the group of kids, and now that i look back on their ten year reunion i wonder how on earth they were able to get around so much!! they had decided to throw the party in the auditoriun over at the oldest wing of the newly remodled rivet(the school had added a new wing by knocking out the parking lot and combining the buildings) where, in 6th grade, they had put on the now famous play, "your a good man charlie brown." the reason this was now world famous was actually quite ridiculus. janele, who had gotten a temporary role on the well known show gossip girls, gave the film to her director, who played it on t.v, but then there was a huge legal despute over who got the money for the video. thanks to brittney's flying out from chicago to hollywood to be janelle's lawyer, janelle not only got the money but she also got three star roles in a few new films that were coming out, based off of brittneys books.isaac and jordan, who were still sharing an apartment in chicago, were both working there way up the ladder in the worl of police officers. stenger came rolling in in a 65 foot long limo w/ wings, complete w/ jacoozi, bar, sound system, plasma screen every five feet along the walls, ect. he could easilly afford the car because he HAD done what he had been trying to do, and did a worldwide tour once a year to ensure that his luxurios restraunts were in top order. he had ended up hiring kaylee quinett, who had showed up at rivet in 7th grade, to find ways to draw in customers when she wasnt working on the runway. lauren was also on the runway, but only part time, because she still enjoyed cutting people open and performing heart surgery on them. she had won several awards working alongside good freind and colleage, josh, who had appeared once on his brother daniel, who was till the love of emilly's life and was a loving father for their little adopted vietnamese girl marissa, popular t.v show, the new paula deane. molly, the newly known alchemist was currently travelling w/ halter and her brother tom as they tackled the trickiest golf courses, usually designed by brandon. makala emmons had grown bored on t.v, and had begun extensive travels throughout all of the world before being recognized by the wnba, where she got a position as, not only a sstarter, but point. to tpo it all off, she had cancelled her engagement with heath when she realized that she had truly allways been deeply in love with nick, who had had a crush on her all of his life and couldnt wish for anything better. allisons show was so extremley popular that the president was known to watch it nightly, and the members of the secret service were so devoted that they became known as the allison squad. alyce's pre-school class had rose up in rebellion earlier thatt year, but she had used her (not so good) powers of persuiassion to convince them she was a godess that should never be defyed. the two tylers buisness was world wide. they had recently begun prodicing skateboards with foot toch buttons and screens on the front that could activate a drink holder a drink or snacks, all convieniently stored in the three inch bottom. rafys british accent was if anything creepier, however, this new tactic earned him a roll in a new horror movie, to everyones amazement. william and zach had wrestled, and zach won, but they injured each other so severley that zach retired to his dream job of making hamburgers for mccy d's, of course, snce janele had canceled her previous engagement with gavin, he was also lucky enough to now be going out with her, and they were considering getting married. aaron and bryants comedy show was better than any saturday night live show. the mouzins and the vieks farms were running smoothly, in fact, blakes wife was pregnat with their third child. maggie and nathan now had a housefull of irritating brats to cope with every single daya nd night. brittney and her husband had actually had the nerve to laugh at this until they themselves had twins. but there kids were diffrent and usually quiet because they were to buisy reading. they took after their mother, obviously. micheal and his wife judy had several kids who were working on the familly farm, to micheals horror. Senator kavanough was the only one not there, as he had to be on a trip in china for a while, and make a huge movement of defense for america, desperatley trying to stop the nationwide rumors of america deliberatley causing globaliztion. however, he did send his robot, wich he had bought from molly. it was an amazing sight , as the robot played music better than any d.j could have, and they literally rocked the place out, admiring the new yet oh so familiar building. no one left till 5 a.m. even then, they woke the living dead a they walked out chanting a verse that every rivet kid knows, for even if the words are forggoten they ar stamped onto every heart in brillintly beuatifull letters of the deepest most royal puple and the shiniest, proudest gold. the verse is diffrent for them all, but the class of 2014 seemed to echo for all the students of rivet as they all joind together for the first time in allmost 5 years...

" 2-0-1-4, WE ARE THE CLASS OF 1-4, HEY, ROCK, 15 YEAR GRADS!!!"

and so ended the 15 year reunion. while this strong class leads on with the next 5 years of there life, i shall watch and gather the information, so you can allways remember them by, until the next time you learn of them. long live the beautifully carved purple and gold hearts, long live the legacy and the story of rivet!!


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