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Dreaming Of Running Away

Short story By: EmilyyNRoses

This isn't a true story. This is a dream I had on the night of March 23rd 2013. Honestly, I think part of it is based on "Holiday From Hell" on my bullying story (Read Bullying Hurts: My Story if you want to see)

Anyway, I didn't actually want to forget this dream, so I wanted to share.

Picture taken by me.

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My parents were going out one evening, to a town not too far from my hometown. I didn't know what they were going to do there, but I said it was fine. But then my Mum informed me of a woman who was going to come over with about four other girls. I was told she was a Girl Scout leader and a foster Mum, and she wanted to visit and that the girls were her foster children. I didn't know what to think, but I couldn't really say much about it, so I went a long with it (A/N: I know this sounds odd but dreams are weird like that, right?)

It wasn't long before this woman arrived after my parents left. The four girls were, from what I can remember, aged seven, ten, thirteen and sixteen. I figured, hey, maybe this won't be so bad, whilst they're all downstairs with their foster Mum, I'll stay upstairs in my room. However, I soon found myself in this strange small hall (which I somewhat recognised but couldn't put my finger on it) and I was sitting on a small wooden desk and so were the four other girls. The woman was in front of us, standing next to a large whiteboard. I looked around at the other girls, who just watched, until the seven year old who sat behind me reached over to me and said to me "I don't like you" I shrugged it off and ignored her. The next part isn't so clear, but from what I can remember, all of these girls started to insult me, and this woman then started to single me out during her "class" which encouraged these girls even more. I don't quite remember what they were saying, apart from "You're stupid" and "Nobody likes you" I got up from my seat and yelled "I HATE YOU ALL!!" to all of them, and ran out of this strange hall, where I suddenly found myself in the hallway of my own house and I had one of my backpacks on my back. I quickly put on a pair of my boots and ran out of the house. I was running down my street, my boots clacking as I charged on. I looked back for a quick second, and saw a figure by my door from the inside, so I had to run faster. I found myself running up the hill, when I suddenly saw I was in the nearest train station (even though I had to go a different way to get there) Conveniently, this station had trains that stopped at another station where you had to change if you wanted to get to where my parents were. I was going to get that train and find my parents, but I found I didn't have my purse, so I had no money, so I sat down at the bench and decided to call them to tell them what happened, when I saw one of my School friends there as well. We said hi to each other, and then I started to explain why I was here, who this woman was and how she let her four girls hurt me and how she technically did so herself. A train pulled up on the platform me and my friend were at, and he told me that he had to catch this one and said that I should call my Mum. I agreed and said goodbye to him, but when I was about to call, I was suddenly in a train myself, but because I had no money to buy a ticket, I had to get out before someone caught me, so I jumped out the door as the train was moving (the doors were already open for some reason) and found myself stumbling onto the same platform I was on before. Before anything else could happen, I got my phone out to call my Mum and found I had two missed calls from two different numbers (which I presumed were numbers from the woman) I called my Mum and asked where she was. She was angry at me at first, because she told me this woman had to go all the way to a payphone to call me, but I argued back, angry and upset and explained how horrible her and her foster girls were and that I couldn't stand to be around them any longer and that I wasn't going to go back until they left for good.

After that, I believe I woke up. I remember not being able to hear my Mum too clearly on the other side, but I could just about make out what she was saying. She soon sympathised, and I think after that I agreed to come home, and then that's when I finally woke up.


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