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Mistakes Were Really Accidents

Short story By: EmoGothVampGurl

I've never been to the headmaster's office; I don't even know what he looks like. I had no choice but to cheat on the test. My teacher wouldn't let me make up the work. I wonder what kind of trouble I'm going to get in for this. Oh, I hope he doesn't tell my parents.

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I was sitting to the right of the smartest girl in the whole school. It was an all girls school that I go to and she was halfway done her test. I looked over carefully so the teacher wouldn't be able to notice that I was cheating. Then she got up from her desk and started to walk around the room and I hadn't noticed her walking towards where I was and she saw me looking at another girl's test. She called me out in front of the whole class making me stand up in embarrasment and say what I was doing. I was a very smart girl, but you try being gone for about a week and have to take a huge test the day you get back. And so I was told I couldn't make the work up and here I am now. She took my test and escorted me to the headmaster's office leaving another teacher with the class.

I was nervous only because I had never ever gotten in trouble before, let alone have ever been to the headmaster's office. She told me to sit in the chair right next to door and went inside to talk to the headmaster. I've never seen him before in person and wondered what he would due about my cheating. I played with my uniform tie and waited trying to listen to what they were saying behind the wall. The door opened and my teacher came back out.

"He wants to speak to you now," she said and left heading back to her class.

I got up and fixed my clothes. I was nervous and swallowed the bile in my throat. I knocked on the door and heard his deep voice saying my name.

"Come in Elizabeth," he said through the door.

I opened the door and saw him for the first time ever. He was like a normal headmaster, but he had sandy brown hair and hazel-gold eyes. I started to walk forward when he stood up.

"Do you live in a barn Elizabeth?," he questioned.

"No, sir, why?," I asked.

"Close the door," he said walking around to the front of his desk.

I nodded and closed his office door. He must not have wanted anyone to hear my punishment. He walked around me and locked the door and closed the blinds.

"Please sit," he said going back to his desk chair.

I sat down in one of the two chairs on the other side of his desk and looked up at him through my thick eyelashes. He was looking at me wonderously probably thinking what punishment was coming my way. I fixed my tie and gulped.

"Now, Elizabeth, please explain to me why you were cheating when you're a straight 'A' student," he looked at me will those golden laced eyes.

"I'm sorry headmaster, I wasn't here for a week and then my teacher told me that I couldn't take it another day so I had no choice," I said trying to play it off.

"Well I'm sorry Elizabeth, but I have to call your parents," he told me.

"Please no headmaster," I said standing up, "I'll do anything just please don't call my mom and dad."

There was complete silence and we only stared at each other. He stood up and walked behind me placing a hand on my shoulder. He pushed me gently to sit down and I did.

"Ok, here's something that I have in mind instead of me calling your parents," he said sitting on his desk in front of me.

"What is it sir?," I asked looking at him dead on in his eyes hoping that I wouldn't have to do too much work to make up for this.

"You will go to your classes and go to lunch, right after school you will call your parents and tell them you have to make up a lot of work here at school, then you will come back here and we'll go from there, understood?" he instructed.

I nodded frantically and stood up.

"Thank you headmaster, you won't be disappointed," I said.

"I better not be," he said as I unlocked the door and left to go to my next class.

I grabbed my back pack from the chair outside his office and went to my chemistry class. I did miss a lot in chemistry but I was pretty sure that I could get everything completed. I got all my notes from my friends and didn't feel hungry so I didn't eat lunch. Once classes were done for the day I went back to the headmaster's office and he wasn't there. I tossed my bag onto the couch on the other side of the room and heard someone clear their throat behind me. I spun around and saw the headmaster.

"I asked you this earlier Elizabeth, do you live in a barn?," I saw my bag was open a bit with some of my things hanging out of it.

"No sir, please forgive my ignorance," I apologized picking up my bag and getting anything that fell out.

"No matter we're not staying in here, follow me," he said walking out of his office.

I quickly got up and ran out and looked for him and saw him walking down the hall. He was already more than fifty feet from his office. Either he had long legs, or was just a fast walker. I struggled to keep up and stumbled a few times to turn corners. We got to the hall that usually held ACI and detentions. I'd never been down here until now. He unlocked one of the classrooms and he waited for me to go inside. I walked in and gently set my backpack on a desk.

"Leave your backpack there and come over here Elizabeth," he said rummaging through the desk.

I nodded and walked over to him and stood still and straight in front of the desk. He sat down in the chair and had a crooked smile on his face. I gulped and he pushed his chair out and planted his feet firmly on the floor.

"Sir?," I asked.

"Over here now!," I jumped when he raised his voice and went over to the other side of the desk.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap. I gasped and tried to push myself up, but wasn't strong enough. He held me down and was waiting for me to hold still.

"Elizabeth you're going to make this worse if you don't hold still," he stated holding me down.

"Headmaster what are you doing?," I asked slightly trying to get up.

"You're punishment for cheating," he answered simply.

"I don't understand," I replied.

"You will be spanked 20 times with your skirt on, then 20 with just your panties, then 20 with nothing but your bare bottom," he said.

My mouth went dry and my stomach dropped. His voice told me that he was dead serious and wouldn't even try to come off less than that.

"I thought I was just doing work," I choked out.

"No Elizabeth, now are you ready?," he asked.

"Y-yes headmaster," I stuttered.

I soon felt his big hands make contact with my bottom and could feel a sting through the material. I yelped everytime his hand hit me and it felt like he hit me harder everytime. Once I counted 20 in my head he stopped and sighed as if he was exhausted. I hadn't noticed I was crying until I licked my lips and tasted salty tears. It could feel the sting everywhere in my body. He held me down tightly while he slipped my skirt down to around my ankles. I soon became embarrased that he was seeing me like this. I moved slightly and felt his hand smack me again.

"Do you want me to add more?," he asked.

"No headmaster," I replied.

"Get up," he said.

I thought he was letting me go, but just the opposite. I was about to grab my skirt when he shoved me over to lie on the desk. I was afraid and felt let I might throw up at any time.

"You move again and I'll bring out the paddle," he said rubbing my sore ass.

"Yes headmaster," I choked out swallowing the bile deep in my throat.

He slowly rubbed my butt causing me to feel slight relief. It was so sore and I really wish that instead now he would just call my parents.

"This time if you make any noise I'll add more, and you must count all of them," he said still rubbing.

"Yes headmaster," I replied.

Without me realizing I felt the sting of his hand and it burned more since it was just my plain purple panties. He had stopped and I wondered why.

"Why aren't you counting?!," he said harshfully squeezing my butt.

"Sorry headmaster!," I shouted in pain.

"Starting again," he said.

As he started over I felt the smack again, but this time harder.

"One...," I said trying not to make another sound.

Another smack and a slight pause.

"Two...," I said again feeling the burning.

This went on and I counted every last one of the smack. Once I said 20 and he stopped I cried in relief. I'm pretty sure my butt must be red by now and it hurt so bad that just the slightest movement made me want to scream. He leaned back in his chair sounding tired.

"You may rest for three minutes Elizabeth," he said.

As soon as I heard the word "rest" I slid to the floor lying on my stomach. I heard him slightly laugh and was embarrassed at how he thought this was funny. I also got mad from how humouress he thought this was.

"Would you like for me to just stop and call your parents instead Elizabeth?," he said leaning down and rubbing my butt.

I winced and yelped out in pain. I couldn't even get words to register in my head so I just shook my head no. I kept flinching away from him the best that I could to stop the pain I felt.

"You still have 20 more Elizabeth," he said leaning down in my ear to tell me.

"I c-can't take any more headmaster," I stuttered feeling my hot tears roll down my face in shame.

"Well, I guess this was for nothing and I can call your parents," he replied.

The thought of what my parents would say when I got home is too terrifying to even imagine. My father would crazy saying that I was better than this. My mother would be so furious as well. Not to mention they'd ask what I was doing at school all this time. I had to act fast if I didn't want this questionable fate of mine. I got myself up off the floor feeling the constant burning. My headmaster looked atme as I sat on my knees. His face was normal, but his eyes showed pride, amusmant, and expectance.

"Headmaster please there must be something else that I can do!," I stayed on the floor.

"I don't there is Elizabeth," he said looking sad.

I looked in his eyes and I could see that he wasn't even sad. He looked.......estatic. I looked at him and soon was worried that he was actually going to enjoy me being punished by my parents.

"Please!," I pleaded on the verge of more tears.

He thought for a second leaning back in the chair. My heart was racing and my breath ragged and fast. My stomach was in a knot and I can't even describe the pain in my butt right now. He soon looked back at me and was ready to tell me something.

"There is only one thing else, and if you agree to it you have to fully agree and you will not be able to stop once you've started Elizabeth," he said very seriously.

"Yes headmaster anything!," I smiled relieved that there was something better than this, but I smiled too soon.

"You will go home tonight Elizabeth and tell your parents you were making up your school work today, then you'll tell them you'll be doing the same thing for the next two weeks, and you will come back to this classroom, alone, with no one else exactly 5 minutes after the final bell rings or it's off; is that clear?," he asked.

I nodded my head with a very dry burning throat. He smiled and told me that I could leave as soon as I was dressed again. I didn't even want to think about what was in store for me tomorrow. My stomach felt so tight that I might throw up anything that was inside. I wiped my face clean of all my tears and left the school headed home.


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