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Amy and Bobby were just walked home. But it had to rain didn't it?! They stay in an abandoned house, though it's not that abandoned.

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It was a dark night, the wind was at a cool breeze, and the owls cam out to hoot this misty night. I had come back from my after school band pracitce. My name is Amy Cakes, and I'm a junior at Apple Bottom High School in a small county called Cherry HIll. As I walked home I heard rustling in some bushes.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!," I screamed.

"Amy it's just me," a voice in the bushes said.

"Bobby is that you?," I asked.

"Yeah it's me all right," Bobby said.

"Why are you out this late, and hiding in the bushes?," I responded.

"I was playing man-hunt with osm of my friends," he replied.

"Oh," was only I would say when acting suspicious.

"I was found already and had to grab my stuff so I could go home," Bobby giggled, "I could walk you home if you like, you look like you've seen a ghost!"

"Sure!," I quickly replied.

Unfortunately, Bobby's dhort way of going home was cutting through the graveyard. Which everyone knows I am horrified of that place. As the two of us walked I had a bland taste in my mouth. Bobby knew by the look on my face that I had a blood-curdling feeling in my stomach. So he tried to hold my hand, but I started to freak and Iaccidentally flipped him because I take Ju-do. I helped him back to his feet and apologized for misfortunate mishap.

"I'm sorry Bobby, are you okay?!," I shouted.

"I'm fine," was his answer.

We stopped for a bit at a tomb because my stiletto heals were killing me. I couldn't sit downs because there were spiders all over it. It started to pour rain, so we ran to an abandoned house across the street. It was creepy in the old house. Most people wouldn't come near the house because thay say it's haunted. The floor began to creek and then broke! We fell and landed in a chasm.

Bobby stood up , then I stood up, then something else stood up in the shadows. When the shadow camecloser and we backed up a little bit. The shadow was as discombobulated as ajacked up car wreck. I was pensive about my speculation of the shadow figure seemed to look like a creature or goblin of some sort. We stepped very wary so we wouldn't trip and fall again. All of those rocks seemed very acute, they looked like they could cut something in half.

Bobby looked further and it seemed that there were more smaller goblin shadow figures. The bigger goblin figure seemed to be dominant over the other. The huge goblin figure seemed to vex the others. We stayed very placidaround all of the figures. Then the two of us found a small tunnel and crawled away. What spooked me a skull of some sort. When we got out of the tunnel our pants were both scuffed up.

Then we stood up we saw a vampyre! We gasped at our sight and tip-toed around the hanging vampyre. Bobby felt squeamish and almost vomited at the sight of all the blood. As I walked toward the door I found a dagger covered in blood and fainted. After I fell my fall made a loud thud and Bobby had to carry me out the messy bloody room. But the the vampyre awakened before we could leave. Luckily this vampyre could only see things that move. How dumb is that?! I must fainted from the terror of seeing the dagger. Bobby could see around his shoulder the vampyre acting veru psycho becasue it couldn't see us. After the vampyre went back to sleep Bobby ran out the door quickly with me in his arms. Whe I came too I had a lot of gratitude for Bobby saving my life.

"There's a lot of extra-terrestrial beings in this house," I informed.

"I know," Bobby responded.

"We have to find a way to get out of here before I go paranoid!," I shouted.

"Okay let's search for somw kind of exit," he said.

As we search far an exit we ran into a hugee wolf who looked like he was in a feeding frenzy! We both stifled at the sight of the huge beast and beganto fun. I took off my shoes because I couldn't run with them on. I shrank a whole lot and was an inch shorter than Bobby. What the wolf didn't anticipate was that we would run, most victims freeze at sight but we didn't We knew that fearsome beast had craven us so we did run. We acted very hrpocritical to the beast. Whe we escaped I looked at Bobby and thought how I haven't dejected him and his bravery like other boys I've met, not in this particular situation. Without him I may have been dead.

"Bobby you're very brave you know," I tell.

"Thanks Amy you're very kind to say that,"Bobby thanked.

Bobby's renown for his bravery and wisdom to others he's helped before. After a few minutes I began to get to get very tired.

"Amy get some rest," Bobby said.

"Are you ganna stay?," I asked.

"Yes of course," he responded.

"Okay," I yawned.

Bobby gave me his coat andI lied down. He lied down beside me with his arm over me. I snuggled into him cause I just noticed how cold it was. I felt Bobbykissed the back of my head and held me tighter to his chest to keep me safe and warm. As we both drifted off we each looked very pallid from eveything that's happened to us. All the spooks, scares, and screeching. When we awoke we found ourselves being poked by aliens, a zombie, and and ugly witch! We were tied, sitting up, up with nylon rope. In the witch's cauldron was a mysterious liquid and she recited a spell.

"Bubble bubble toil and trouble,

fireworks and cauldron make it a double.

All the things that smell and rot,

rotten eggs and classic rock!," she recited.

A lot of smoke puffed up and all of a sudden we were back in our world lying down in the graveyard in the twilight of the night. Both of us were scared to death.

"That was a weird day!," I yelled.

"Well it's over now, let's get home," Bobby said.

"Yeah we should get home, it's real late and my parents are gonna kill me if I don't get there soon," I inform.

So we stand up and walked home quickly, luckily it had stopped pouring but the ground was really damp. It wasn't so dark out, it was less than a cool breeze that night, and the owls had finally stopped to hoot in the less misty night. And when I looked at Bobby he was staring at me He stared into my eyes and grabbed my waist. He pulled me close and we connected our lips. We deepened our kiss and i played with the hairs on the back of Bobby's neck he moaned and so did I. When we parted I smiled and blushed. Before I could go inside Bobby tapped a small kiss on my lips and left. I walked inside and was glad the day was over.

The next day the old house. No one knew where it went or how......


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