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This is something i wrote in my free time, and this is only the beginning of it. I work so hard on this stuff, you have no idea. (: I really hope you like it.

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I didn't know what to think. As the sky shifted, and the air grew cold, my mind couldn't wrap around this point in time. His hand rested on the bottom of my back, and i couldn't help but move with him and the music. I felt my hair lag behind our movements, and my knee's became clumsy and weak under the thought of what was occuring. I took a lost breath, and moved my feet with his. I could feel his questioning eyes on me, wondering. The solid pavement under my feet, felt dissapearing, and my eyes opened catiously. They were blurred, and took a couple seconds to comprehend the movements. He let go of my hand, and spun me in a circle.

My eyes opened, slowely. I seemed to have been sweating, because the beads on my forehead dampened my pillow case. I took a shallow breath, and sat up. I looked at my clock, it was glowing 4:31am, and i put my head between my knee's and sobbed.
Sitting at the kitchen table, i stared off into space. I had a light feeling inside me from my dream. The feeling that you could fly at any moment in time, but what hovered over that feeling so it couldn't get through was dissapointment. I couldn't think of what was happening to myself. I've been having dreams of this guy re-occuring, but the setting always varied. All I knew, was that feeling of lightness was something that I was withdrawing from. I put my head down on the cold, solid table. My eyelids fell helpless, and closed. I fell into a heavy unconciousness.

I felt warm, muscular arms wrap around me. They picked me up, and carried me in a craddled way. I latched on to his neck, and breathed in his soft scent. His skin was bare, and I was cold. He carried me a long way, and i could feel the sun on my face, and smell the salt in the air. He whispered in my ear, "You'll be okay now, I promise."
I could no longer feel the sun on my face, and I heard a close of a door. I could still smell the salt, but it wasn't as strong anymore. He layed me down gently on a soft surface, and covered me with a woven blanket. I felt like I had belonged, that this is what things were supposed to be.
I felt a horrifying movement on my shoulder. My eyelids flung open, and i backed away in a action. I gasped as I saw my mother's face, and she stared at me, horrified. I coughed out, "I'm sorry, you just scared me." I gave her a encouraging smile, and tried to stand. My thigh's stuck to the wooden chair, and I whimpered while detaching the bond.
"Are you sure your okay, dear?", my mother asked gently.
I looked at her for a couple seconds, and replied with "Yeah, just a bad dream." I had lied to her, because she would probably think i'm mentally ill, if I explain what has been going on. I walked upstairs, and tried staying awake. I threw myself in the shower, and soaked in there for somewhat of a time. I stepped out, wrapped a towel around my body, looked at myself in the mirror and walked out. I fresh breeze came from my window. Mornings always seemed to feel like winter, but i knew it was the beginning of summer. I threw on clothes. Clothes that had consisted of a blank baby blue t-shirt, and a white pair of shorts. I looked at myself in my mirror, and grabbed for my make-up. I was so self-concious, that it bothered me to look in the mirror. I turned, and layed on my bed.


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