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My Entery For Eragon's Evanescance Song Challenge 2009

Short story By: Gadzookziie Spice 99

I entered and was given the song Cloud 9. I struggled a little on what to write so... yeah. Some of this is real and actually happened to me, the other parts are either wishes or made up for the story. Enjoy :D

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I always though I belonged alone. But someone thought different...
I sit at the front of the room trying to listen to the droning voice of Mrs Harris and not the spiteful conversations going on behind me. Begging myself not to turn around, ordering myself not to cry, I stuck my head down further and scribbled down notes.
I concentrated on the smell of the fruit tea. Hannah secretly squeezes my wrist giving me a comfort only visible to us both. I let a smile creep, like a child spying on Santa, across my paling face.
"Don't listen; they're all too thick to function properly." She whispers to me. I grin despite myself, feeling a little better about myself. I'm catching snippets of spite, and my stomach twists. Nauseous, I flip the pages in the notepad, trying to occupy myself.
"Annalisa! You haven't stopped talking all lesson," Mrs Harris snaps, "Some new gossip, I suppose?"
"Something like that."
"Would you care to share this new gossip then? Since your so eager to talk."
"Not really."
"Well then, shut your mouth and write one hundred lines of I must learn to be quiet."
A sigh from Annalisa, and a few rippling giggles. From the corner of my eyes I see Annalisa pick up her pen and start on her lines. Hannah's hand passes me a text book and whispers, "Only fifteen minutes left." I suppress a groan. "Too long." I reply.
"9H1! Page 98 on chapter 3. Complete all the tasks you can, I'm just popping to room 7."
Fear smothers me like a duvet, dread of what will happen to me when the teacher leaves the room. I ignore Oliver kicking my chair, and Annalisa snorting with laughter about my hair. "Hey! Dannielle, when was this one night stand of yours?"
"What was it like having a quickie with the Football Captain?"
"Don't get too stressed, the baby might just die inside you and you'll have to bury it next to everybody else in your family that popped their clogs because they couldn't bear you anymore."
The last comment broke my heart, a gasp escaping my lips. Tears welled again in my eyes, stinging them like chlorine. I stood up, forcing Oliver's leg backwards. Turning, I raised my head and met the gazes of several sceptic faces.
"How many times?!" I almost sob, "What the hell is wrong with all of you? Have you got nothing better to do?"
I slammed the door on my way out. Blocking out the laughter of the room, I bolted for the pink toilets on corridor 3. The bathroom was empty, so I let the tears stream like an agonised waterfall down my cheeks...
Detention was boring. I sat at the back of room 6, staring down at the lined paper. Mouthing the lyrics to Evanescence's Cloud 9, I sighed. I wrapped the blonde waves around a cold finger, tapping my foot to the beat.
If you want to live, let live.
If you want to go, let go.
I'm not afraid to dream, to sleep, sleep forever.
I don't need to touch the sky.
I just want to feel that high,
And you refuse to lift me.

If I fall and all is lost,
No light to lead the way,
Remember that all alone is where I belong.
"Uh hum."
I looked up slightly, my eyes catching the green eyes of the football captain, Matt Moor. His blonde hair was spiked with a lot of gel, he smelled manly his football top covered with Nike aftershave. I smiled in reply, my legs suddenly feeling like jelly.
"Can I talk?"
My mind swam. I pushed back the spare chair and smiled again. Pulling out the earphones, I sat, cross legged on the chair waiting for him to say something with an angelic voice.
"So... I heard some stuff."
"Yeah. There isn't one person who hasn't." I mutter.
"Me and you, huh?"
"I heard that you're-"
"Yeah! I already know! I've been the hot news page of Maryhill for the past two months already. I think I should know what they have already said." I snapped. Matt looked at me with a lopsided grin.
"My apologies."
"So are you? You know?"
"Yeah. That."
"Apparently, but then everyone other than me and Hannah are to thick to function properly."
"Am I?"
"That depends. On weather your going to believe the crap or not."
"I think, for the sake of us both, I'll choose not to believe it."
"Your funeral."
"What do you mean?"
"Its Hannah and I against the entire year. You might as well join the other million."
"Why not? Are you mad?"
"No, I'm not mad, I'm just glad I can do the right thing for once."
And then he smiled, and walked away. (blessing me with a view of his butt)
I walked into a silent room side by side with Hannah.
"Look who it is, Little Miss Preggers." Matt looked up at me, sympathetic and his eyes blazed with an amount of angry. He stood up."Hi, DJ." Matt greeted me. "Hi," I replied, smiling back gratefully.
"What are you doing Matt?" "Why talk to that stupid cow?" "Matt!!"
My heart fluttered. Why was he sticking up for me? Why? Questions flew through my head. Matt stepped towards Chloe and handed her back a small pendant of a dragon. "Enough is enough."
"What? Matt I- we. I love-"
"Whatever." Matt replied. The whole room was silent other that Chloe's laboured breathing and sniffling. He walked towards me.
He winked at me, held out his ringed hand. I took it, electric love spreading through me.
"For the sake of our baby, lets make our relationship public." Another secret wink.
"OK." I almost whispered.
And then we were kissing, and fire works blew up in my mind. In my ear he whispered;
In a dream,
Will you give your love to me?
Beg my broken heart to beat,
Save my life, change my mind.
I love you
And we can live together upon Cloud 9


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