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Incredible Joy, Lovingly Sent

Short story By: glitter snow426

There are no words to express one amazing experience!

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Incredible Joy, Lovingly Sent




This Christmas 2010 is wonderful as I gaze at my decorated window. No snow outdoors, it looks like mid spring and pretty birds surround our yard. We will soon have that winter wonderland scene. Every December, I am so happy. What a joyous feeling to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. But this Christmas is very different, a little empty without my dear mother-in-law Millie. She had passed away September, her terrible old age illness stopped her from eating. Although dreadfully thin, she looked content, relaxed during hot, humid days. For the family, those last days were heartbreaking. I, personally found this all so difficult to bare since I warmly devoted my time to her, two or three days a week for three years at the nursing home. Millie, my sparkling star, comforting blanket and the best, sweetest friend had deeply meant so much to me. I adored this angel of love, a true mother image. At the funeral, I definitely knew that Millie will always be in my thoughts, in my heart. Truly, she has left but never to be forgotten.

This story, so rare and surprising has to be told and you'll soon know the real beauty, magical wonder of love. On a warm, sunny October fifth afternoon, I hung a few towels on the line. The weather was perfect, a most welcoming breeze. My mind was on the upcoming event, Thanksgiving. As I approached my steps, I saw a beautiful blue jay, still and staring. I greeted the bird, I moved close, then I stretched out on the grass to get closer. This was so shocking, the bird kept still, just looking at me. There are no words to express the special, wondrous moment petting her tiny head, chest. Suddenly, I felt the joy, the bird is my dearest friend, Millie. I'll never forget this sensational time, so close to a lovely blue jay.

"Millie, is that you? Oh, I think it is, my beautiful pet!!!" I softly kept touching her head and repeating the name, Millie. Once, the feathers on her head stood up, I knew this is Millie's spirit. She came back to say she is fine and not to worry. I was in my glory, a sweet, heartwarming situation. Now, my son drove in the driveway, I wanted to share this experience. He was shocked, a stunned look.

"Oh, my God, what's going on? I don't believe this!! Ah, Mom, you shouldn't touch the bird, it could be hurt!" he said slowly, unsurely. I showed a big grin, chuckled with excitement.

"It's Millie, just a wonderful gift! I love this visit!!" My son put some seeds out but the bird wasn't interested to eat. I then had a great urge to pick up the bird. Her wings flapped a bit, her tiny feet rested nicely on my finger. Incredibly proud, I felt as I carried the bird to the backyard. Yes, this was my shining, precious moment ever, Millie and I were together again. What an amazing, thrilling time! This special image will never fade, so vivid in my mind.

I enjoyed chatting with her as I put her down on the grass. In an emotional way, I told how I felt, how I missed her sunshine face and lovable character. She calmly stared, there indeed was radiant love around us. Nothing could go wrong, I had the most satisfying reward, perfect joy, warmth from a blue jay. That gloriously unique afternoon, I was overwhelmed by God's love and wonder. It was so memorable, the chatting and petting. Later, I placed the bird on a tree branch. She stayed there still for close to an hour. She then moved to a lower branch. When I returned for the fourth time to check on her, well, the bird was gone. Sadly, I did accept it but I was emotionally fulfilled. I couldn't wait to tell the other family members. They would be extremely surprised, I knew for certain. In my heart, that blue jay was Millie's loving spirit.

Christmas truly is a wonderful time with the family, just to sit by our lovely, enormous tree is pure happiness. I gratefully hold sweet, pleasant memories of Millie. The happy times we all shared is the best gift ever. There are many photos of her, a comforting sigh to often cherish. Millie's pretty decorations, ornaments glow throughout my house. It's a warm, tender feeling to know that part of her is delightfully with us. I can still remember Millie's charming laugh. We can never be holding hands but I can happily vision the genuine bond of lasting fun and friendship. That precious October, Incredible Joy, lovingly sent is surely a blessed memory. I raise my cup of hot chocolate, "Merry Christmas Millie, I have a new song to sing, Deck the halls with love and laughter!"


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