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The grumpy old man

Short story By: greenfeener13

I was bored so i wanted to right something random. well heres my story... dont forget it send me a comment about if u liked it or not and wat u thought about it! by!

Submitted:Apr 2, 2009    Reads: 370    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

The Grumpy Old Man

there once was a old man that lived in a small town. he was in the middle of a street called lakatuty. he wanted his name to be that because it was so random. but since hes older he wanted his name to be the normalest name ever... Bob. he hated his real name. he hated it so much no one new what it was. the old man was 76 now and he still looked young. he had alot of strenth for a old man. people said it was because all he did was just sit on a stool near the fireplace. he was a lonley poor man with gray-ish white hair.

when he was a kid his parents would send him to day care 24 hours everyday. he thought his parent hated him but they were only at work trying to raise money. then when it was finaly time to go home for day care vacation, he found out his parents died in a car crash. he didnt realy care because he didnt even no them. he had no friends and no other family so he had to live by his self in the same house. he got tired of everyone always making fun of him in daycare so he never went back there. in the house there was no more food, no more electricaty, no heat, no nothing. when he got hungry he would steel someones food or eat out of the garbage. when he got thirsty he would go to the river and drink from it. when he got cold he would wrap him self in blankets and sit in the corner. he wore the same clotheseveryday.it was a peaceful,quiet,unfriendly neighbor hood.

as he grew up to the age he is now, he still lived in the same house. but this time he had a fireplace and everything he needed. but he was so used to a quiet,unfriendly neighbor hood. but this time when he would look outside, it was like a circus! it was so noisy.fun,friendly, and of course crazy! he was the only person that stayed in his house 24-7. he was always so grumpy. and when people knocked on the door he would yell, "GO AWAY!!!!"

one day a girl scout came up to his house. she asked him if he would like to by a cookie for charatie. but the old man started to explode...


"please sir, it will feel good to make a difference." the little girl said in her sweetish accent.

"NO!" the old man yelled while slamming the door in the poor little girls face.

from those days on everyone started to call him "grumpy mcgrump pants." then a rumor started that the old man eats little kids. when he heard the rumor on the news that night it made him grumpier. so he decided to take a nap. it started to rain. when he woke up he banged his head. then he started to cry. he thought about why everyone was so mean to him. he thought about his parents. then he thought about his real name. he smiled for a while. then for the first time since he was 7, he went outside. he couldnt belive what he was missing... the fresh air.... the happy people.... everything! he coudnt move. then... he got hit by the basket ball. the two boys ran over to him, "Mr Grumpy! we are so sorry! we didnt mean to! please dont yell!" and the old man did want to yell. but instead he took a deep breathe and said in a calm voice, "its ok. next time try to watch were your going. by the way call me by my real name... shishkabob.


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