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Burnt Out Flame

Short story By: greenglasses

This is a story of two halfs finally caught up. The one who runs is now ready to be engulfed by her flames and become one with it..

Submitted:May 11, 2013    Reads: 37    Comments: 4    Likes: 6   

I had to end this. My soul was tired from times past in physical form and from the chase. All of the pain I must have caused its flames, its embers were beginning to die down from weakness as well. Its hot coal eyes plead for its heated life to remain forever burning, for it needed me to satisfy it. It was pinned against the door in front of me, holding the metal knob to ensure I wouldn't escape without burning my hands first.

"Please," it began, "let me have you…" I feel the heat emanating in the room; my chest and face glittered by little orbs of sweat. It ran a fiery flame from the tip of the V on the neck of my shirt all the way down. My shirt gaped open, singed on both sides, letting it see the sweat trails between my breasts.

"So lovely…so soft," it whispered, "tell me a secret at least."

"Secret…" I repeated, "I want this now, I have quit to run."

The fire twisted up along the corner of the room and spattered out flames. The charcoals fell to the floor from its formless face, and two fiery arms from each side burnt out onto the walls. My sweat made the limp shirt cling to my skin uncomfortably from me taking a step closer to look up to where its face would have been.

"It cannot be… for too long I have run after you. For too long I have waited to be longed for!"

The last broken treasure of my world and it was all for me. Now I was ready to give up the chase of centuries, wanting to remember what it felt like to be a part of a whole again. I slowly extended my hand, my drenched shirt hanging back from my elbows. It drew back to a pause from brief doubt, and then let out a strangulated moan of 'satisfy me' when it realized I was truly ready. My old friend clutched at my wrist, causing me to scream out. It pulled me up in the air only to let me topple back on the bed.

My hands clutched at the wavy lengths of the cotton white sheets, and my heart pound in my chest from anticipation. I watched, heavily breathing as the fire crept its way down. It swept past the pale light of the moon beaming through the window to the edge of the bed. Inch by inch is slithered to me. The flames doubled in size upwards and my legs automatically spread back to its unspoken command.

"Is this how you have waited? Is this how you want to be sacrificed? Amor…amor…"

I only got half way through my first nod in response before a guttural scream came out of my mouth. The fire smacked its flames onto my thighs, bringing me to it. Everything burnt off at the contact of our pelvises. My skirt and laced underwear had curled back into burnt bits. My heart rate had accelerated and then true blissful pain took hold of me.

I let my hands fly to a desperate grip to the back of the flames. Its touch sent my skin ablaze and its hurried passion brought me beyond comprehension. I watched as it shook back and forth on top of me; a vague heavily lidded gaze upon its face analyzed my skin peel away in burnt crusts at every crevice.

It pushed my leg upwards, bent against the mattress, and growled out along with my screams. The moment it pushed hard into my body I looked up into its eyes for the last time. Feathers floated in the air, as the sheets curled above. I watched a feather burn up between our faces, and then a settle wave passed through me from my core to my head where its unspoken message released…your finally mine…It swooped down onto my lips for the last of many kisses, into my mouth, and I saw everything burst out into flames.


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