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Sunday December 11th 2011

Short story By: hollydolly

THE FOLLOWING IS A TRUE STORY, ONE I'LL NEVER FORGET.. Today I was at The Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw with my best friend Alexis, she had never been there before. This is how it went. (The Spa is a giant hot tub to give you an idea. Hope it's not too descriptive, yet enough so to tell you how I felt)

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December 11th 2011..

Alexis and I, along with six grown ups, my grandma, my mom, three of my aunties and my grandma's friend, were all headed out to the spa for my grandma's 65th "birthday party." The day was great. The weather was perfect to be there, nice and cool compared to the heat and steam of the water. Lex and I walked around, did handstands in the water, sat outside cooling down before climbing back in and feeling like we had freezer burn. We talked and repeated this for a few hours. My mom was the first to get out of the water and go change. Followed closely by myself and Lex, we rinsed off the chlorine and went to the locker. I unpinned the key from my suit and unlocked it. We each took our stuff and went to the change rooms.

By the time I was changed and back out to the locker I realized I didn't have my necklace. Nor did I remember putting it in my bag after taking it off hours ago. My mom told us she was running over to the casino for 10 minutes and to meet her at grandmas car. Lex and I did what we wanted with our hair and walked back to the front desk. I stopped her from going to the elevator and asked her if I should ask about my necklace. She said sure and so we waited for the lady at the desk finish helping the people already there. The people at the counter were a couple with their daughter. I was waiting patiently for them too finish the transaction and whatever, the little girl was about eight or nine years old and was watching the cashier. She was a good foot away from the counter and suddenly she fell towards it before she fell to the ground. I heard and felt the smack of her head as it connected. Instinct made me step back and look at her to see if she was alright. From where I stood she was now virtually looking at us, I saw Lex turn away from the scene cause she couldn't watch, but I also saw the girls eyes roll back into her skull. My hand went to my mouth, she seemed to look at me before her irises disappeared. Her parents were on both sides of her and it was obvious it had happened before, her dad was calm and knew what to do. I could hear the gurgling sound she made as she couldn't breathe. Her body shook for a moment, out of her control before it subsided and she laid still apart from her lungs trying to get air. I saw her struggle and freak out when she started to breath again. She was sat up and she looked around at everyone, about seven or eight people had watched this scene unfold. My eyes hadn't left the girl, I didn't know what to do. When she wanted to stand her dad helped her back up, she looked around again and you could see the fear in her eyes, they met with mine before her mom helped her out of the room. As panicked as her expression was, she didn't cry, at least that we saw. The desk did have my necklace and now every time I see it I think of that little girl..

Little shaky writing this guys.. Heart goes out to every brave little kid <3 Forever hoping I can be as brave as these kids one day. <3


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