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Tags: Sad, Boy, Girl, Love, Mom, Friends

a story of a garbage boy but it could be your story...so read it

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Every one in this world thinks that he is some how unlucky and he/she needs some thing big and more but you must think that every thing you have right now is worth for you because when you will loose them you will find that those things or persons were something in your life. This is a story of a garbage boy, there was a lady who found this boy in garbage when he was just 6 month old, the lady was all alone and much poor but she took her responsibility and took care of him, like his mother he was in the same profession just picking up garbage, poly bags, cans, etc and sell them at the junkyard and recycling factories and that the only way to live for them, but this boy "sam" his mother used to call him by this name, but for all his community and friends he was "garbage boy" , always thought that how it was if a rich lady would find him instead of this poor lady. But he loved this lady much, and there was one more person in his life who also used to call him "sam" and that was Marry his love, his life, his everything. Marry also love this boy more that he love her. They were enjoying there life with there friends and with their daily work. Sam took this girl on a date as much as in his budget he took all his money from home and took her to a cheap restaurant but that was like a five star hotel for them and their pocket. But they couldn't made it as the watchman of that restaurant didn't allow them to enter because they were not good dressed, not so clean, and many things that some poor people have. "Go away from here or I will fuck your mom" these were the words he heard with her girlfriend marry from that watchman. They left but sam was in much pain. He was feeling so shameful. But marry hugged him and told him its ok only thing she wanted was his love nothing else. One day sam's life totally changed when a big black car parked in front of his small house and a white man with a black suit introduced him as director. And asked sam if he ever seen any rehearsal of any dance show, sam thought for a moment and nodded yes. Sam loved dancing and he was good in it. Director told him that he had seen him in a video that her boys were shotting on that rehearsal and they captured you making some moves on the music with our dancers in the public. "you are so good and I love your moves" director told. Sam was just listening when his friends and other neighbors gathered around them, " I want to make a movie based on dance with you , do you wanna work with me" director asked with a smile. Sam was shocked and he was just starring the director, all of a sudden his friends shouted and cheer him "so it's a yes" director asked with a confusion. And sam just again odded in yes. His friends were shouting and telling the whole people about this good news. In the night sam was sitting alone and smiling that now he can fulfill all his dreams "is it true" a sweet voice hit his ears and marry took her seat next to him. Sam held her hand and said "yes and I am so happy we will have everything we want now" sam hugged her. Next morning the same car with a different man was there at his house and told him that he had to leave for the shoot till next four months. Sam was excited and he packed his clothes but the man asked him to leave everything and handed him a white jacket with a pair of jeans and a t . after wearing them sam just looking like a hero. He left his house without waiting for his friends and his love to say a few words to them. In the evening his friends and marry asked about him to his mother, she told him every thing his friends were happy but marry doesn't seemed so, is that the beginning of a change in sam, she asksed to herself. She spent these four months just waiting for sam, but he didn't back after four months, she and every friend of him didn't know anything about that director, so they can ask them about sam, tears were in marry's eyes, but what could she do. One day she finds a picture of sam in the news paper and next day she finds his poster outside a cinema hall, his first movie was there but she didn't had enough money to pay for it. And all the day she was standing outside the cinema hall looking at that picture. On the other side sam was enjpying he got a big house , servants , cars, everything he always wanted for some weeks he enjoyed all this but later he finds every thing boring he was missing all things at his old place, every one outside was crazy for him, girls were shouting outside his house but he was feeling so alone. He again went to the same restaurant that was now so cheap for him, he was just going to enter but she step back he was missing something or someone yes she was marry he was missing marry. "autograph please" the same watchman asked him. He didn't remember sam. Sam wrote something on the paper and handed it to him and get back in his long black car. As the car left watchman looked at the paper " I didn't entered your restaurant hope you will not fuck my mom" and it didn't took time to the watchman remembering these words and the person he said these words to. His eyes were wide and he was in deep thinking. Next morning it was his birthday and a huge crowd was outside his house saying his name and blessing him, and girls wrer shouting "I love you". But he came out and waved his hand accepting their love and blessing but he was missing the birthday kiss on her cheeks from her sweetheart marry. Now he nade his decision, he took the next flight and landed to his town, outside the airport the thing happened all the people gathered around him, sam took off his jacket, grab a old bag from the road side and said "please let me go I am just a garbage boy and I am going to collect my old life and love"


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