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By: hotstory4you

Page 1, I lost her and I am the reason of her DEATH

The first time I saw her, I asked myself “what is she doing on earth?” she was 7 year old, her name was LILLY she had pretty eyes, tiny sparking teeth, a beautiful smile. She was like an angel with no wings, she was not a princess or belonged to any family like that. She belonged to a beggar’s family, she lived with her mother and a younger brother in an old ally. I came to know that she was a beggar when I saw her first time.

I was standing at the bus stop and waiting for my bus, which was few meters away from that ally on the same side of road. She was begging for money and food at the same bus stop and around the street. No one was avoiding her because of her prettiness and those pleading beautiful eyes. She came to me and looked at me, I don’t belong to a rich or middle class family. I work in night in a club and go to college. I am an orphan and live with my friend, when little LILLY came to me for money or food I didn’t had any except a candy. I gave her that and she smiled, she was looking so happy with that small red candy in her soft hands.

She left the bus stop and disappeared in the dark ally, from then every day she came to me and I gave her candy, chocolate whatever I had at that time. I really feel so good after meeting her and giving her candies.

One day I have a packet of candies that I bought for my love, it was my girl’s birthday and all I have to gift her was those candies. I was waiting for her to meet me at the bus stop then LILLY came to me and seeing the packet of candies she begged me for them. I had a candy for her like always and I gave that to her but she begged for more. I didn’t wanted to open that packet and share the candies of my love to LILLY.

I asked her to leave but she kept on begging, I saw my girl waving her hand on the other side of her road. I avoid LILLY and crossed the road to meet my girl, but I didn’t knew that LILLY was following me, before I could meet my girl I heard people screaming and sound of breaks of cars. When I looked back a car had hit LILLY and she had died on the spot.

People came to her and lifted her body in their hands, they laid her on the seats at the bus stop and I am looking her face which was covered in BLOOD, my heart was crying and I couldn’t do much more than just blaming myself for her death.


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