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By: hotstory4you

Page 1, A poor family taught the lesson of love and humanity to a very rich family. how? read to know


Me and my wife were on a camping trip , we were expecting it to be the best trip but everything got wrong when we got caught in heavy rain and storm. Our tents and bags were blown away with the flood and we were drowning in the river. The last word I said to my wife were “keep breathing and swimming honey. We are going to live long because we love each other so much” after that my head hit to a stone and I got fainted but before closing my eyes I realized that my wife was holding my hand.

When I woke up, I was in a kind of small hut on a dirty blanket on the floor. I heard the voices of people talking beside me. I looked around and found my wife sitting with a couple and three kids. I tried to sit and when the man saw me, he helped me and made me sit supporting my back to the wall. He asked his wife something and they gave me some kind of soup.

I had always seen my wife wearing thousand dollars gowns and dresses but right now I saw her wrapping a short smelling blanket around her, I was also naked under the blanket and our clothes were hanging on a hanger to be dry. My wife also having the same soup with those kids of that couple, after introducing ourselves and knowing how we reached in their house and how they saved us, we thought to leave.

But the man asked us to stay for a night as it was still very rainy and stormy outside. We don’t have any other way and we agreed to stay for a night.

The man left the house in search of food and the woman was trying to dry our clothes on the fire. My wife was looking at me and I had never seen her like that. the way she was looking at me I felt like she was thanking me but I didn’t knew for what.

By the evening the man came back. He had few fishes and some fruits, he gave them to the woman to cook and serve. After 20 minutes the dinner was waiting for us. We all sat in a circle and woman started serving the share was not enough for all of us. We were really hungry and we ate it with in seconds but we still needed more.

The man and their kids were still having their food, me and my wife were looking at them like hungry dogs. Man looked at us and gave us more food from his plate, his wife and kids followed him and they also shared their food with us. We were feeling so poor in front of them. They had already shared their food with us and now they were sharing more. Their kids were also smiling after giving us their food.

I was a very rich man who didn’t knew anything about humanity and help. I always prefer money and always thought that I was the richest person on the earth. But right now no other man would be more poor than me.

We never treated our friends and relatives like this couple and their kids were treating us. We were complete strangers for them but they were true human being and knew how to treat any creature in the world.

My wife started crying when the kids shared their food with her. We had two kids and they even never showed any love like this, but that was also our fault because we never taught them how to love.  we never told them that love is more important than money.

 But these people who were living in this forest taught us how to treat others either we know them or not.

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