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Shower of Stars

Short story By: ImagiNation4

Enchanting night. Lovely weather. Prayerful friends. Love surrounds. Unfailing God.

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The twilight air was beautiful. Sun had just set but the sky was still dripping colors. The water surrounding our two canoes was spreading them and making the space around us enchanting. I was paddling in the back of one with James in the front. In the other boat, there was Jenna in the middle, Bess in the front and Luke steering.

We had all been friends for a very long time. Bess was the newer one. She moved here two years ago. We were all home schooled and always got together to do tons of different things. Ice-skating is one of my favorite things to do. Tonight, we were escaping away from our houses to spend some more time with each other.

Bess was moving away. Her dad was in the military and they were always moving around every two years. All of us were high school sophomores and 15 or 14 years old. Tonight were going to camp out and have a fire on our special island. The air was chilly and the trees surrounding us let in a slight autumn breeze. It was ever so refreshing.

When we finally arrived at our special island, we docked the boats and climbed ashore. There was a tiny beach area dipping into the lake. The island was pretty big and trees covered it everywhere except near this tiny beach. Further in these trees we have a naturally built fort made from all natural materials. But we were not headed there today.

The sky was overcrowded with stars and we could see every single one from this little paradise. There was an old pit we often used in witch to build a fire and the boys did that now. The sand was slightly cool but comfortable over the towels we had brought.

None of us talked much because we were all astounded by the atmosphere around us. When we finally surrounded the thriving fire, we could see each other's faces clearly. Bess with her unusually sad blue eyes and curly blonde hair was gazing into the fire. Jenna was next to her with her natural red hair and brown eyes smiling and whispering with brown eyed and brown haired Luke. I was in between the two boys with my usual features. James was to my right, with his brown hair and blue eyes.

The meteor shower was tonight and would start at about 9:00. It was only 8ish. We didn't want to wait to have s'mores later so I prepared them for right now. The fire was too big and fierce so most of our marshmallows came away in ashes. It was quite sad.

When Luke finally found a trick to making the perfect one, we all indulged in his creations. Chocolate was plenty and gram crackers were crunchy. It was the perfect night for everything. Then, before we knew it, 9:00 arrived.

Suddenly, Jenna shouted, "Look!" and pointed into the painted sky.

'Everywhere, the stars were flying.

Angles were playing.

Planets were dancing.

It was as if all were dreaming.

The same, beautiful dream.'

The stars went on and on, almost as if they would never stop. Then, I felt a tug on my arm. It was James. He was beckoning for me to follow him. I stood up and looked around. No one noticed us as we fled the marvelous picture.

We ran down the normal trail and arrived at our hideout. There was a tiny break through the trees and we could still see the stars, flying, dancing, playing, singing. I froze, memorized, and stared up, into the deep, dark, blueness of the sky. It was my favorite color.

James gazed into my eyes. I did not know what he saw but he seemed amazed. His gaze never faltered and eventually we joined. I notice his strong hold on my hands. We never flinched, surprisingly. Then he spoke, "Kate, I saw amazing things today, all through your eyes. The sky, the earth, and Heaven. I think I am falling into them, falling through them. I am lost in my love for you."

We gazed and never shattered. I found my own feelings but never spoke the words. I was never very good at that. Then, being myself for a second I said, "James, we are only 15!" He smiled and I knew that he understood what I meant. "My mom wont let me court until I am 18," I whispered. But his blue eyes filled with stars again and he spoke, "Promise you will pray for me, for us? I hope for God's will for us be known. There is always God, Kate, never time. Never, ever stop hoping for us."

Then there was silence. We started to blink again. When we broke our gaze, it was to embrace in a hug. What was whispered in the shower of dancing stars, I will not tell.


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