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The Dance of Swing

Short story By: ImagiNation4

I love to Swing Dance! Of course, that inspired me to write this....

Submitted:Sep 13, 2013    Reads: 21    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

The Dance

The music was too loud, dresses were too short, and good dancers were too few. The snack tables and corners of the large room were packed with girls and guys, all talking and drinking and eating. The center of the room was empty, space for dancing. In one of the empty chairs surrounding the dance floor, was a girl. It was her first time coming to the teen party. She had just turned fifteen. Her brown hair was beautifully braided and laid perfectly. The teen was wearing a pretty, light blue dress. It was very flowy, fell down just past her knees, and had puffed sleeves. She wore no jewelry yet still shined with beauty. The girl was imagining herself thirsty so she would make herself get a drink.

Right as she stood up, the music suddenly changed. It was quieter and very catchy. There were saxophones and it all had a sweet swing to it. It made her want to dance. This song was a big change from what had just been on a second ago. She saw several people look up at the DJ's black tinted windows and give him frowns. The girl forgot her fake thirst and walked over to the black glass herself. She knocked on the glass door. It was opened in a second. A boy about 16 or 17 years of age looked the girl strait in the face. "May I help you?" he asked with a small smile. The girl suddenly shied, "Umm, yes, please. Do you know the name of this song?" He broke into a big smile, making his blue eyes shine, "Yes! Its one of my favorites! Its called In The Mood. Do you want to see how one would dance to it?" He looked so eager and excited that she had asked. "Sure. I think I would like to," she answered.

He walked boldly out of the dark room and grabbed the girl's hand. Surprised, she let herself be dragged along with him. He brought her to the empty space in the middle of the room. Too shy to be in the center, the girl pulled away a little. To her amazement, she swung the complete opposite direction. The boy had spun her towards his side. He was now holding both of her hands and doing fancy things with his feet. The girl saw the pattern and started copying him. They swung a little bit with the music until suddenly, he pulled her once more, spinning her to his side again. They continued, the boy always surprising the girl, yet everything was smooth and swingy. Their arms were swung over their own heads and they turned and spun. Neither of them realized the other bystanders staring at them. They were in the mood.

The song stopped and changed but they just paused for a breath. When the next song came on, it had the same swing feeling as the other one. The two teens were swinging smiles. The girl's hair was falling loose but she had no idea. She was comfortable in the strong arms of her unknown partner. He dipped her and swung her out. They went back into the smooth steps from the beginning when the boy did something he hadn't done yet. He twisted her once and put both hands around her strong torso. Before the girl could even imagine what he was going to do, the boy flipped her. When her feet landed back on the ground, and her heart back in her left rib cage, she stopped, too stunned to move. The boy reached for her hand once again and swung her into the starting position.

The crowd gasped and clapped with the excitement of the flip. The girl couldn't hear anything but his voice, "Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Do you want to keep dancing?" She could only put another smile on her face, "That was amazing! Please keep going!" They swung a few more moves when she heard him whisper once more, "This is called 'Around the World'." With that, he picked her up with his right arm around her back, lodged into her arm pits, and swung her legs and skirt in front of him, grabbed her with his left arm, swung her head behind himself, grabbed her with his right arm again and gently dropped her back on the ground. The music stopped.

They stood there breathing heavily and took in the moment. He spoke first, "You did very well for not having ever done it before. I mean very well!" He put much emphasis on the 'very'." The girl spoke next, "It was so amazing! I had never felt like that in my life! What do you call this dancing?" She was radiant. "It called exactly what it is, Swing Dancing!" The crowd just realized they had stopped dancing for good and broke out in a loud applaud. The boy held the girl's hand up in the air and brought it down into a bow. This had been a great adventure for the two of them.


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