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An Emotional Journey.

By: Ina mcfarmers

Page 1, Trying to get your life back together.

A Emotional Journey

I can't stand this waiting to getting it all together

I'm trying my best to speed things up

for the rushTo get things done,

to where I am and what I should be doing

even when I spend a lot of time Looking inwards for the answers

but Nothing seems to be happening

I'm not even close to what, I want, it's so annoying Expecially if iv used a lot of patience '

but I know I have to tackle this Prolonged issue

and would if I could Head First

 I just want to pick my self up and start all over again

 but all it seems to be bringing to  me is a, " Heart Filled with a Fiery furnace" which seems to be my emotional Melting Pot

Iv had enough of things breaking down on me and always running on empty

With nothing ever responding and are constantly in delay

 I've even tried establishing Myself to try and find all the answers

which has taken more than a while and I'm still no Where near reaching a conclusion

To try and reinforce it all to make sense  

Is there an answer in me into solving this journey

or am I being tested to be Made or become Mad ! 

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