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The man who wanted to fly

Short story By: itsmebytheway

Thomas Kingsley was a young boy with a dream to fly, despite people telling him it's impossible.. he believed that one day he would fly.. read more to find out :)

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The story of Thomas Kingsley. A little boy with golden brown hair, emerald colored eyes and a passion for flying. The day Thomas was born, his parents shifted to a new house. His room, decorated with picture frames, soft toys, baby mobiles and glow in the dark stickers. His room had a window and standing at arm's length from the window was a gigantic tree. The very same day Thomas was born, a mother bird laid four eggs.

Just like this, Thomas grew up watching birds lay eggs, watched the eggs hatch, watched the birds being fed, watched them fall, fly, and eventually die then it started all over again in a new cycle. At the age of six, he began to realize that birds could do something that humans could never do. Birds could fly. He then wondered how and later found out from his father that it was because birds have wings and humans don't.

Ever since that day, he wanted to fly. As naive as a child can be, he thought to himself, if a bird can fly, why can't humans? Why can't I? Day by day, his passion for flying grew stronger and stronger.. Soon, he was known as the weird kid in school and in his neighborhood. Teacher's was worried as all he ever talked about was flying, when asked what he would like to be in the future, his answer would always be "A bird" or "the man that could fly". This made him the laughing stock of the class.

At the age of 18, he was fascinated by things that could fly, such as airplanes, helicopters, parachutes and etc. So he tried all of them, the first being a parachute. He enjoyed every moment of it, he loved being in the air with the breeze in his face. But, he still wasn't satisfied, he never gave up on his dream of being able to fly.. Throughout the years, people kept telling him to just give up, that it was impossible for a human to fly..Once, there was a man who asked him.. ''Young man, why do you want to fly when it is simply impossible?" to which he replied with a beaming smile : ''Sir, why not? Why don't experiment? Why not give it a try first? It's an amazing thing. The man then said: " but if you give it a try, you would die.. that would be a waste of life wouldn't it? Thomas then said:"No. because then I would have died knowing the answer. I would have died trying it. I would have no regrets and I would be satisfied." This left the man speechless and smiling.

At the age of 24, Thomas fell in love with a girl who soon became his wife. Evelyn did not care about what people think or say about her husband. She loved how passionate he is about his desire to fly. A year later, they had a baby girl named Calia. However, he did not let family get in the way of his dream.. in fact, he thought Calia everything about flying, took her on an airplane and the zoo to learn about birds. Although his dream was to fly, he still had to earn money so he worked as an engineer to support his family.

As the years go by, Thomas tried everything but his experiments failed one after the other. Yet, he still did not give up hope. Many years later he started on a project that seemed very promising. It was a device that looks like a metal rod with many buttons on it.. it almost seemed like a tiny backbone which is no longer than 30cm. According to Thomas, this device would be attached to a person's back and would be controlled by the human mind. The person would then be able to control how high, low, fast, slow, where to go and when to stop etc. with his/her mind.

Being a former engineer, top student and having a diploma in science helped him to carry out this project along with some of his old friends. Thomas would spend every night working on this project without fail. In a blink of an eye, this project took a total of 30 years! But Thomas never neglected his wife and child, he always spends time with them despite how tired he was.

Sadly, everyone must die eventually. Thomas grew gravely ill and passed away peacefully one night. On the day of his funeral, many people attended with sad faces. They sat down and chatted among each other. One woman said to another: "such a pity he passed away before he could even finish his project" to which the other replied: "yes, to think that he spent 30 years on it!" Then, more and more conversations could be heard such as "I told him", "poor guy, he didn't get to accomplish his dream of flying" and "he died without living his dream". Then it was time for family members to give their speeches. His wife gave a short speech as she suddenly burst into tears.

Then, it was his daughter's turn. She walked up to the stage and started with: "My dad was a great man, he taught me so much and told me to never give up. Dad, you'll always be here in our hearts. I Love You. After wiping off the tears in her eyes, she took out a blue envelope from her dress pocket. She then said: "This letter was written by my father the night before he died. He passed it to me and wanted me to read this to all of you." She opened up the envelope and took out a piece of paper. Everyone then became silent as Calia began to read that letter out loud.

"Dear all, Thank you for being there for me., and thank you to those who believed in me . My beloved wife and daughter please know that I love you and I will watch over both of you. The reason I wrote this letter is because I know my time is up, and there are still so many things I never got the chance to say. So thank you my daughter for reading this. All my life, people tell me I can't or it's impossible to fly… they ask me, why would you have such a dream? They tell me, why don't you give up and find a new dream instead. Today, even when I have not much strength left in my arms, I must write this letter and answer all of your questions. You see, Only now I realized, I flew.. Then, everyone began murmuring "What?" "How?" Calia continued.. "I realized that one does not need wings to fly… The first time I flew was when I told myself that I wanted to fly. I had desire and determination, without these two one cannot fly. The second time I flew was the time I rode the parachute. Sure, it was not real flying, but I had Courage. Without courage, how can one fly and take the risk of falling to the ground? The third time, was when I met my wife, I was in love. I had Love, love made my feet float off the ground! Haha. Then, I had my child Calia. While teaching her about flying, I was learning myself. I Learned. In order to fly better and higher.. one must learn to improve. I flew many many times… Calia paused to wipe her tears and smiled. She then continued: "Then I knew I had been flying all my life! You might say it was sad that I realized this only now, you might say that I never got to live my dream. I want to tell you, don't feel sorry for me, I never regretted anything because I have lived, I Flew. Thank you all for the support, love and for this amazing journey.. It was truly amazing flying with all of you. Now, don't feel sad, be happy for me as now I have a pair of wings. My time is up, I must fly high, high above the ground into the clouds. I lived my dream. Thank you all."

-Thomas Kingsley, the man who wanted to fly.....................Flew.

Thomas's device was displayed at the museum… when one day.. a young man said that he would very much like to help Thomas finish it……………….. THE END.


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