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Troubled Minds Part 1

Short story By: Jiraiya

This is something that was on my mind at the time, so i decided to do some spontaneous writing and see where it goes.
It definitely is not the best, but please be as harsh as you can if you want to critique it. (although this is not worthy of that) :D

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'You never know where the darkness vanishes when the light appears.'

A man apporoached the king's guard, who was guarding the garden during the king's absence. It was a fine sunny morning, birds were chriping, squirells were playfully running around innocently in the presence of humans, the trees were swaying ever so slightly in the gentle breeze and then there was on oddity on the landscape: a curious encounter.

"Excuse me!" shouted the king's guard intimidatingly, holding a double edge sword made of Vector steel.

To which the man replied: "You are excused"

"Now will you be so kind and let me slip past, I have a matter I need to address with the king"

"There has been no notification that a visitor should arrive today and at that, there are no urgent matters concerning the king at this current point in time"

"Hmm, it wouldn't surprise me that a mere substitute guard should be alerted such of important matters. Ironic it sounds, yes, however someone of your caliber will not be able to assist in such important matters in a 1000 years."

"Enough idle chat, state your name, from whence ye came and your purpose in this city!"

"Idle chat? hmph! ... it is sad to see a great city renowned by many and feared by the worst of sorts
succumbing to guarding the king with an unintelligent, useless and an utterly brainless idiot... What would you do if i told you that your dear king was absent from his regular routine and is not present in the garden?"

The king's guard was speechless, not knowing what to do, he took a deep breath, quickly identified an opening in the man's torso and lunged forward to strike with all his might. In a twinkling of an eye, the man moved swiftly as a shadow to the side of the king's guard and disarmed him. Then he rolled up his sleeve on the left arm and showed the king's guard the sigil.

The king's guard in
embarrassment softly whispered: "Forgive me good sir, I did not know. Please enter."

The man laughed and replied: "I am Ira of the Shamar Tzel, forgive me for my rudeness, it was fun while it lasted. No need to be so humble good friend. Here, take this coin and present this to any person with the sigil you saw on me and ask of Seifuku-sha and they shall guide thee to me. Remember, only ask in time of need where thy life is placed on the scales of death."

Ira walked away. Shamar Tzel translated to the common tongue means Keeper of Shadows and Seifuku-sha means vanquisher, however only those induldged with the secrets of the world will know the language and existence of Shamar Tzel.

Ira strolling through the garen caught sight of a glowing symbol, this was the indication of the secret abode of the king for matters concerning the one you will now hear about. The moment Ira drew nigh unto the door a slab from beneath him opened and he dropped down into the underground palace of the king.

"I am here your grace, bearing ill news of the world of darkness"


"The creatures from the shadow lands have been lurking near the place where your beloved wife and daughter are, their safety is near to nothing with the creatures around, no doubt they will extract their minds and slaughter them."

The king was sorely grieved by this news, his wife's spell keeps the city protected and the civilians lives at peace, with her gone turmoil will come. Not knowing what to do the king in despair locked himself in his chambers moarning.

The king is like a god to he people, in his younger years he has conquered battlefields and shown mercy to the wicked , he was loved by all. However, there is a foreboding darkness even in the greatest of minds, once triggered an event, infact a cataclism could occur not only wiping out a nation but giving birth to the unwanted darkness of the world.


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