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The Sad Child

Short story By: kagra15

This is a story writen by me about my life. or what i can remeber.

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The Sad Child

Chapter 1
On December 23, 1993 in Detroit, MI a baby girl was born. A baby girl who would change the lives of those who would soon surround her. She was a 7 pound girl, her eyes were that which resembled green emeralds, her hair was a brown that was similar to bark. She was a very happy baby. Her father stood next to the bed holding her in his arms. She was very quiet, her mother laid in bed staring at her new born daughter with loving eyes. When it was time to leave the hospital, it was nearing Christmas. And she decided to show her other daughter Cassandra her new baby by putting her in a stocking and bow. Little Cassandra looked at her mother and said, "Is this my only Christmas present?"
"No, its just the most important one." She responded with a smile.
"Ok so where's my other ones?'
"Haha, Cassandra dear its only Christmas eve. So go back to sleep so you can let Santa come. And leave you gifts."
"Ugh, fine. Good Night mommy." Cassandra said as she left the room.
"Good Night sweetie."

When the small child had grown to be the age of 3 she was talking and reading. She ran over to her mother and asked, "Mommy when are we going to go over to see daddy."
"I will take you and your sister over there in a couple of hours."
"Ok mommy. Can I have some paper, please? I want to draw a picture for daddy."
"Of course you can." She said as she walked over to the drawers and pulled out a stake of papers and a box of crayons. "Here you go Chels."
"Thanks. Sandra I got some paper, what to help me make a picture?!" She yelled as she ran down the hall to her bed room. She runs into the bed room to find Cassandra already drawing a picture. "Can I see, please?" She said as she walked over to Cassandra. Cassandra nodded her head yes. And Chelsea took the picture. "Wow its so pretty." She said with a smile.
Cassandra whispered, "Thanks."
"Your welcome. I'm making a picture for daddy. See I already started." Chelsea said as she raised her hand to show her picture. "See that's you, me, mommy, and daddy." She said as she pointed to the different people on the paper.
Cassandra looks down at the picture she drew, "Mines of Godzilla. See?"
"It looks so much like him" She said with a smile.

The next day.
Chelsea and Cassandra wait for their mother to tell them its time to go see their father. "Mommy? When are we going to see daddy?" Chelsea asked.
"I don't know, I tried to call but he wont answer. How bout we just go over there?"
"Ok!" Chelsea and Cassandra screamed as they ran out the door. As they approached their fathers house they saw cop cars out front of the building. They got out of car and Chelsea saw her father being taken away. And she asked her mother with tear filled eyes, "Mommy why are those men taking daddy?"
"Daddy did something very bad and is going away for a long time." After those words Chelsea hardened her heart, so she could never be hurt by someone again. When they got home Chelsea ran to her room, and tore up the picture she drew for her bastered of a father. "I hate him, I don't ever want to see him again." She whispered to herself with her eyes pouring over with tears of hatred.


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