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Christmas Eve Boulevard

Short story By: Kale Youngblood

I know in memories for sale, the girl is named isla. well i called her that in the story because i loved the name and it's my best friend's name.

Submitted:Dec 25, 2009    Reads: 87    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

As we make this divinity together, Frank walks up the stairs. I knew there would tension when we decided to come here with everyone, still I can't seem to help it. I feel the familiar burn in my cheeks and cast my face away from his gaze. I know what happened just as much as he does. I can't quite get his body out of my mind now. I dreamt of him last night, something I never do. I don't like this feeling. I don't like how he barely touches me and my body is cast into flames. I can't do this, everyone expects this of me. Everyone expects me to give in to my inhibitions. I can't, not this time. Everything was fine till he walked in the door. We were goofing around and taking pictures. I turn around with the pan of divinity in hand, he's there. His face flushes when I look up at him. He whispers to me, "I think we should talk you know about what- I cut in I know exactly what happened Frank. I'd actually rather just forget about it", I stab my words at him. Isla pretends not to hear. He looks at me then, I can see his face a little hurt. It doesn't disappear though. "I still think we should talk about this Kal, you know we can't just forget about it. It doesn't work like that Kal, stop acting like a child. This isn't just going to go away." Isla mumbles something and heads upstairs. I can see he's angry now. I speak up, "Why can't you just be like every other guy and just forget about it?!" I start to walk away from him, he grabs my shoulder. I stare at him with wide eyes. His voice breaks the tension filled air, "Sorry I just need you to listen to me and hear me out, please Kale." His eyes are pleading with me to stay there and listen to him. Something comes over my body, my hands, my fingers. I touch his forearm and run my finger along the length of it. My finger meeting his jaw line, running across the day old stubble. I feel him tremble beneath my finger, that was all it took. All it took for me to cup my hands around his neck and lean into him, my fingers playing with his curls. He leans into me, his face drawing nearer. Eventually our lips met. How long were we like that? I'll never know now. I do know my hands meeting his chest and shaking to push him away. Our breath ragged, I breathe out; "Well we made this even more complicated than it was." I run my hand through my brown hair, he grabs my hand then. It scares me to find his touch comforting. He pulls me downstairs toward the front door. He opens the passenger side for me. "Frank where are we going? And what about Isla and the food? I question. He gets in fast and says, don't worry we'll be back soon. You won't miss anything." You promise? He looks at me, "Promise."


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