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The Chimaera

Short story By: Kalika997

Tags: Chimaera

Short story based on the myth of the chimaera

Submitted:Oct 17, 2012    Reads: 8    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

She lay in the dark cave, bored. Morning had yet to come, and there was nobody around to kill in the night-time. She tucked her snake headed tail around herself, let her lion head fall onto her magnificent paws, and sighed through her goat head on her back. The sigh called forth a small tongue of flame which flickered through the air on her breath. This did not entertain her; she'd always been able to do that.

She thought of her brother Cerberus, and growled. He and her sister the Hydra had important job to do guarding the Underworld. She simply wreaked havoc day after day in the kingdom of Lycia. She did not look as good as her siblings either, as Cerberus was a three headed dog, and the Hydra had many serpentine heads, at least their heads matched. She was simply herself, with her snake-like tail which ended in a snake's head, her lioness head and body, and the goat head that stuck out of her back. She wished she had such an important job to do, or at least didn't look so crazy. She thought of her mother, Echidna, the half nymph, half snake, and her father, Typhoeus, the many headed dragon. They too had both had important jobs to do. Typhoeus had actually managed to capture Zeus, and turn away the gods of Olympus. Her mother had birthed every monster in the world, and was often called the 'mother of all monsters'.

It made her sad to know that she had no purpose except to kill. She was swift and strong, and very powerful, but obviously easily overlooked beside her siblings. She hadn't seen Cerberus or the Hydra since they were put to their duties guarding the Underworld. She'd go to join them if she could, but King of Caria, Amisodarus, had raised her to terrorise the surrounding region. So every day, she would go outside, and devour all she could of the living, and burn anything in sight.

She watched the sun slowly begin to rise above the horizon and smiled quietly to herself. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all; at least it gave her something to do. Besides, how many people could Cerberus and the Hydra kill if they were guarding the entrance to the land of the dead? The Chimaera stood and stretched, she supposed the night's inactivity always got her down. She heard the first murmurs of waking people, and went out to her day's work.


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