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Lets Make Fear Cry

Short story By: kemi20

It is an inspiring story of a school boy, who has a fear of his one school senior but he gets courage. Read and enjoy how he gets courage.

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He is in front of me. His eyes are filled of angriness. What was I feeling? It is FEAR.


I am in restaurant, with my parents and elder brother. I hate Capsicum. Mummy is scolding me. I had separated out all capsicum pieces in my dish not to eat. Father is staring at me as I am still 10 year boy, but I am 13th now. I have entered in teen ages. Brother is doing his job, eating sincerely. Everything is going normal but then suddenly some noise comes from back.

I turn around, I knew her. She is Kinjal. She smiles.

"Hi Rohit, How are you?"

"Are you out of your mind? You always make noise in school and now here also? Go outside with your friends and then talk."

She blushes and goes away.

I stand up, leave family. I reach to bathroom. And then I noticed some one also enters in bathroom behind me and he close the door. I turn back.

"Little boy wants to wash hands?"

His words are not matching with his face expression. He is looking dangerous. I open my water bottle and throw water on his face. I run away. I can't found my family. I am running here and there.

I am tired. I seat down on one dining table. One hand taps on my shoulder. That was he again.

"Leave me, please."

"Now what happened? Little boy's courage is gone?"

"What you want from me?"

"I am your senior. You have to give respect. You have to do whatever I say."

He brings one dish filled with capsicums.

"First you have to eat these all capsicums."

He is in front of me. His eyes are filled of angriness. What was I feeling? It is FEAR.

I try to escape, but all in vain in front of big and stronger arms. I start shouting. "I don't want to eat capsicum, I hate capsicum."

"Wake up, Rohit wake up."

Mummy is shaking me. I was dreaming. I am scared. I am crying, but mummy, papa and brother all are laughing. I hug mummy, still crying. I hug tightly.

"It is fine dear. No one will force you to eat capsicum. Sorry for dinner time, when I scold you for that."

But mummy it is not because of you. It is because of Rahul, bad senior in school.

I realised I am just thinking. No words come through my mouth. I am totally frightened. I close my eyes and sleep in mummy's lap.

I am getting ready for school. Brother comes in my room. He starts finding something. He doesn't talk much, He always behaving sincere to his work. Then papa comes.

"You were frightened tonight, must be because of bad dream. One thing that I want to tell you that you are now thirteen, you have entered in teen ages. You should become brave; try to face your problems."

He had told me already ten times before about that teen age. I think I am brave enough. I simply nod and go away.

"Hi Rohit, How are you?"

She is Kinjal. She always say this when we meet. And she has super natural power of talking. If she starts ones, she hardly stops by herself.

"Hi, I am fine."

"Sure? I heard about yesterday fight."

"Which fight?"

"You messed with some senior, named Rahul."

"I didn't, he messed with me."

"What exactly happened?"

"Nothing, I was just filling water bottle through cooler at first flour. He saw me and started irritating me."

"Irritate you, how?"

"That stupid stuff like "You little boy wants water." and all. He said that was their cooler, I should not have to use that. We have to use ground floor cooler only."

"But actually that is the rule."

"Yes, I know that, but ground floor cooler was not working. I told him that too. But still he was showing his seniority. I got angry and thrown water on his face and ran away."

"You are brave." I smiled in myself.

"But what if you face him again?"

I look at her. She has fear in her eyes. She gives signal to look at front.

He is in front of me. His eyes are filled of angriness. What was I feeling? It is FEAR.

I am sleeping in my mummy's lap. I opened my eyes. I can see Rahul. He has still that dish full of capsicum in his hand. I close my eyes fearfully.

Mummy tells in my ears "No one will force you to eat capsicum." I opened my eyes again. Rahul is still there but I can feel no more fear in myself.

I stood up. Go close to him. He signals to eat capsicum. I speak up as loudly as I can.


He starts crying and run away. I laugh at him, come back to mummy and sleep again.

Now again,

He is in front of me. His eyes are filled of angriness. What was I feeling? It is FEAR.


I go close to him. He expressing as me to be sorry. He expressing as me to give him respect. I speak up as loudly as I can.


I can see fear on his face now. But he is not looking at me.

Our principle comes from back and starts scolding Rahul, knowing his behaviour with juniors.

I am brave enough, I have no more fear. Thanks to last night dream.



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