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Judgement Day

Short story By: Khrazzii

This is a Short story of a Post Apocalypse Dream i had. it had very vivid details and i hope you enjoy it. i tend to have weird dreams and i will be posting more as i find time to write down about that.

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Dream # 1 Judgement Day

I was sitting in my third period Jrotc class. it seemed just like any other normal day. Until their was a loud scream coming from outside the classroom. It then suddenly got really quiet to where the whole classroom knew something was wrong. Then a couple of seconds passed by and you could hear a really loud propellor coming over the school. It was shaking the whole classroom. Suddenly you could hear another loud noise which was the engine giving out. The plane then crashed into the front of the school. My heart dropped, and i was in total shock and the whole room stood in fear. I said to myself, " Is this really happening"? In just a moments passed, all of these emotions were overwhelming me. I knew i would never get to see my friends again. I was traumatized with fear. Then my classmate snapped me out of the trance i was in and we both ran to our teacher Seargent Cook. His instructions were to get into groups and search for all of the survivors around the school. As i opened the door to leave the classroom, a wave of dust blew straight towards us. There was fallen walls, Smashed windows, Debris from the airplane crash.
As we went around the whole school there were bodies everywhere. Some deceased from being smashed by debris, or to the point where their were limbs hanging off of them and there just seemed to be no way they would survive. We found a few lucky survivors that didn't get injured then we reported back to Seargent Cook. He then led all of us Outside, and when we got outside the look on everyones faces were horrified. Even though it was supposed to be daytime it was very dark outside as if it were midnight. The moon was Blood red, and the sky was Blackish Auburn due to the meteors falling from the sky. Everyone was going into a panic attack screaming. I just thought to myself "This can't be happening, why now"? There were no Signs of medics or policemen, or even firefighters anywhere to be seen. We were all on our own. I could feel the heat against my face, as the meteors were being slammed into the fields nearby. It's as if our ozone layer turned off and any meteors that came within Earth's gravitational pull would be hauled towards us.
Most people happened to evade the meteors and others weren't so lucky. Seargent Cook gave everyone water in Canteens, in a field outside of the school. He had to be quick though because a lot of meteors were hurdling towards earth and the odds of us being hit by one was critical and not a chance he willing to take. Most children ran home to their families to see if they were alive, others ran for cover trying to survive. I was one of those people that ran home. As i was turning the corner a huge meteor crashed into my house. Not knowing if anyone was home or not i Now felt alone. I had no clue what to do at all. There was no hope for survival at all. There were no rescue parties,Helicopters, there wasn't anything. This must have explained the plane crash into the school. Families were in a hurry trying to gather as much supplies at they can and drive away to anywhere they can. This family saw me sitting on the street and asked me If i wanted to go with them because my city was being destroyed every second i was there. It wasn't going to be a city anymore within the hour so i went with them and we drove off into the darkness.


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