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The Not So Happily Ever After Fairytale of Tark and Brie

Short story By: Kirsten Rain

Exactly what the titles says

Submitted:Sep 2, 2012    Reads: 28    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. That's how the story should go. It should start with a couple who have much to learn and then, through trials and tribulation, they learn that they are perfect for each other and live happily ever after. That is how a story should be. I'm sorry to say this is not one of those stories. In this story our "heroine" (we will call her Brie) falls in love with a jerk (we will call him Tark) and decides to stay with him despite his arrogance and rudeness to the other people in her and his own life. He would often belittle her beliefs, try to force her into sexual things that she was not ready for, and just put her down (even if he said he didn't mean to). Brie (who really isn't anything more than a whiney teenager) decides to break it off with Tark. Everyone in her life was ecstatic and happy that they broke up. They all thought she was better off without him and that she could find someone better.

However, Brie had a secret. She had thought, for a few months prior to breaking it off with Tark, she was falling for one of her closest friends (we will call him James). This terrified her. He was always there for her, listened to her, shared things with her, and had many similar interests to her. Our dear "heroine" was a worry wart and never let herself relax. She was so afraid that she would lose his friendship that she tried to keep it hidden from him and everyone else how she felt. But, it was too much for her. She became edgy and even more awkward than she already was. She decided to tell one of her and James' mutual friends about her feelings (we will call him Nat). Nat told Brie that James probably didn't like her but that she should see how things played out. "James is difficult to understand", Nat said, "You should just stay his friend". Of course, that didn't work for Brie. She told James how she felt (in a cowardly kind of way). James told Brie that sometimes he thought that he liked her and other times, he didn't. Brie (being an over analytical person) did not know how to take that. She liked having straight answers.

Brie soon enough got her answer. She contemplated getting back together with Tark. Why would she try to get back with a jerk, you ask? Brie thought that his promises of change were genuine. She also (being the whiney teen she is) was scared to be alone in such a brand new place. Friends that she relied on all through her relationship the first time were furious, James and Nat more so than anyone else. Brie felt alone in that moment. She had what she wanted, right? Tark promised he would change and would love her. That was great, right? Wrong. Oh so very wrong. Brie called Nat and found out from him that James indeed did not like her. Was she crushed? No. Not as much as she was when he told her that he was slightly upset with her. That hurt worse. Brie could try to get over him and be okay with him never liking her. But, she could not handle the disappointment from the people she held dear. James also told her something really kind of hurtful (to Brie anyway) that Tark had said about her on a gaming server. Brie was pissed. She called Tark up and almost yelled at him. She didn't. She was a coward after all. Instead, she was cold and distant. She didn't like the way he acted anymore and noticed that she did not like who she was when she was with him. With a heavy heart and mind, Brie went to sleep.

The End

You may be asking yourself a variety of questions. "Are Brie and Tark still together?" "Will Brie ever be less whiney?" "What the hell did I just read?" Or, "Will James and Brie ever get together?" I can't answer these questions. I can't even begin to finish the story of these "characters" because the story won't be over until they die or stop talking to each other, whichever comes first. I can't see the future. I shouldn't ever want to be able to see it. Brie, I can tell you, is an emotional mess. She found out too late what she wanted and…what had been there almost all along. Brie is slowly taking everything in and trying to make sense of all of this. She puts so much of herself into whatever she does that, when she is done with it…it keeps a part of her. Relationships are the same way for her. I am confident someday Brie will find someone who is not a complete jerk. I am also confident that she will probably run into more jerks along the way. Whatever happens next will happen. Brie just has to be ready to hit the ground running.


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