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My Baby. My Perfect Angel

Short story By: Kyle Georgie Frydenlund

For A Contest by The Novelist

Submitted:Jul 9, 2012    Reads: 190    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I remember it like it was yesterday. I wanted to meet up with my genetic counselor to genetically engineer my future baby's DNA. I wanted my child to be perfect. I know it sounded crazy but I wanted to find the perfect guy and get married. But I was already twenty-seven years old. My time was ticking like a time bomb. I wanted a baby to love. I wanted to share my love with someone.


I walked into the geneic counselor's office and I noticed a man. He was was tall, tanned, and had a nice sense of style. My genetic counselor waves me in. I walked in confused. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome turns around. "Hi, I am Brent." he said with a smile that could of been confused with a mouth full of stars. His blonde hair glowed under the lights. His tanned skin made my heart race. I got lost in his dreamy baby blue eyes. "Hi Brent. I am Scarlet." The doctor told us to sit. I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

"Excuse me, Scarlet?" the doctor tried to get my attention.

"What? Oh right. Sorry. Where were we?" I said with embarassment.

"I found some records of Brent from the sperm bank. I thought he would of been a good match from what you told me. You wanted someone who was tall, has blond hair and blue eyes, and a striking smile. Does he fit the bill or what?"

"I think you did a better job than what I could of done." he probably already knew that. I even tried eHarmony.

"We are going to go through each other's genes to get a better understanding of each other."

"Scarlet, did you know that Brent is six seven? He is a tall one alright. Brent only has the blue eye gene. Oh, this is interesting. Brent has a red hair gene. But obviously he doesn't have two red hair genes or else his hair would be red."

"I think I like you better as a blonde." I told him trying to be flirtatious. "It really brings out the sun kissed glow you have."

"Thank you." he told me

"Is there anything specific you want your baby to look like, Scarlet?"

"Yeah. Can the baby have his blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and maybe his skin?"

"We can try."


I went back after a few days. They told me they had to work on Brent's sperm. Just thinking about it got a little disturbing. But I had to think about what they had to do to keep my baby perfect. I remember when the doctor wanted to work on my egg. It was kind of creepy. But I found out what genes my egg has. My gynecologist placed Brent's genetically transformed sperms in my cervix. It felt weird. But I was excited about how my beautiful and perfect my little angel was going to be like. I swore I felt the warmth coming off my baby. They sent me home and told me to relax for a few days.


Nine months past. I was about to give birth to my baby. My perfect angel. I was going to bring Brent's and I's creation to the world. I was excited. I kept pushing and pushing. I kept on doing that until my child was out of me. It was kind of a sick scene. There was screaming coming from me and there was blood everywhere. It was like a scene from a horror film. The doctors handed the baby to me. I knew it was a boy because he was wrapped in a blue blanket. I stared into his baby blue eyes. I noticed his long eye lashes. But something did not seem right. His skin had a funny tint to it. It was almost like the doctors spray painted my baby gold. I was mad but I was to tired to get in a screaming match with anyone one. I was going to enjoy my baby. "I am going to name you Jonathan Zachary Taylor." I leaned in and kissed my baby on the top of his head.

When I took Jonathan home with me, I felt empty inside. I found out that my baby had Addison's disease. I found out that it was an advanced DNA titration. Did this happen because of my genetic demands? Did the genetic engineers do this to my baby? Did they do this to my perfect angel? One day I found out I couldn't love this baby as much as I thought I would. I took the baby and put him in a basket and walked over to the orphanage. I felt heartless for doing this but I had to do what I had to do. "Jonathan Zachary Taylor, I am not doing this because I hate you. I am doing this for you. I want to give you a better home. I love you my baby. I love you my perfect little angel." I put a note in the basket that said "Hello, I want you to take good care of this baby. His name is Jonathan Zachary."


There is not a day that goes by when I do not think about him. If only I let nature take its coarse maybe I would still have my baby, my perfect angel. My Jonathan would be in my arms. I just hope my baby, my perfect angel wants to find me one day and forgive me for giving him up. I love my baby, my perfect angel.


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