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A short story (736 words) that I wrote.

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The world is quiet here, only a sporadic breeze bringing any sense of life to this desolate place. Here in the woods there isn't much human life, just the woodland creatures and the surrounding vegetation. That's how I like it - quiet, not much human life, and undisturbed nature. My name's Jenna, and I'm twenty-five years old. My mum and dad left when I was fourteen and moved away to Alabama, leaving me and my big sister Lottie to make our own way in the world. She moved to LA with her boyfriend and has a job working as a District Attorney now, while I took an even bigger step and moved to the Lake District here in England. Lottie thought I was nuts, especially as I had an internship lined up with a local publishing house, but I knew that if I didn't go, I'd regret it.

So here I am, in the Lake District. I have a part-time job at a small shop where I live. It's called Ambleside, and it's beautiful. Not too far from Lake Windermere either, which is where I spend most of my free time. It's my dream to become a published writer, but since I "lack inspiration and any sense of imagination", I don't think the publishers are going to be beating down my door any time soon. Lottie writes to me occasionally, but she only does it to tell me about her so-called perfect life and how much money she has. Last week I got a letter telling me that she's bought a new condo in downtown LA. Apparently it has six bedrooms, one of which is mine if I ever want it.

The lakes soothe me, and I often swim in them. I have to pick my moment, especially during the summer, as there are often loads of tourists here. I usually swim at sunrise or sunset, when the lakes are quiet and nobody's around to disturb me. Just me and the water - that's how it should be. Sometimes I bump into the odd yacht or small boat, but they usually spot me and go round me. If I can't swim at the times I like, I swim in the afternoons. It's at those times that I see fish and other sea creatures, which is something I was never able to do in LA or Texas, which is where I used to live before my parents moved. Here I can swim and hike in one place and work in another. It's like I live in two worlds - working Jenna and natural Jenna.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be flying out to LA to see my sister and her boyfriend. She made me promise to go when she last called, and she even paid for my tickets. Call me a scrounger, but on my wages it's just not gonna happen, so I accepted her offer. She seemed surprised, but then I rarely accept anything off her. Sibling rivalry and all that, plus it makes me mad that she offers me things - almost like she's rubbing it in my face that she has more money than me. Still, you never know - I might be moving back. That really would surprise her! In fact, I am moving back. Just for six months or so, while I find myself a better job. After all, my stay here was never gonna be forever, it was just gonna be until I'd had my fill of England and wanted to go back home.

In truth, I miss LA and I miss Lottie. She always makes me laugh, and always makes me mad, but she's my sister. She's told me there are lots of jobs going in LA with publishing houses, and that my internship is still good if I want it. I might try it, see how it goes … maybe start writing about my experiences in England when I get back. You never know, I might get published one day, see my name in print, get some real money behind me. If that happened I could buy my own place, maybe even have a condo like Lottie. I doubt I'd go for the flashy car that her boyfriend owns, or the expensive clothes and jewellery that Lottie treats herself to every week, but a condo would be cool.

Anyway, I've got to go and do my final bits of packing. LA here I come, baby!


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