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Tags: Best, Friend

A short story about my lost friend, about the memories.

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Journal- Today.

I remember every good moment we had together. I wish I could live it all over again. We used to laugh together, and play together... but now it's all just memories. Elizabeth. That was her name. She WAS my best friend. She's the one I'll never forget. Unlike the others... She's different. She was funny, smart, everyone knew us as best friends. Nothing less. My favorite memory is the video we watched over and over. And we laughed and laughed. There was nothing better.

A year or two year ago...

I was SOOOO happy! It was my first sleepover in ages! But at my house. And guess who is coming! OMG! It's Elizabeth! So happy! We became best friends ever since she was a new girl at school. We sat at the same table, and she did this super funny thing with these tin foil gooses I made. We talked to each other at P.E., and learned about each other. We realized there was so much stuff we had in common. We both had really sick and vivid minds. :D We loved video games, and in weeks we got each other's phone number. And now she's gonna come over for a sleepover! Yay! Plus my brother is not here because he's on a sleepover, too!

She's here! Right now, we're playing on my computer. On Youtube! So we aren't really "playing" on it. We found these really funny videos on this one channel. They're these crazy songs about random things. Then we found the bunny video. It was so cute and funny, we had to laugh. As she stood there, face to the computer screen, I was still laughing, but deep inside, I wanted to say, "You're the best friend I ever had, Elizabeth.". But, I didn't because I thought it sounded stupid. So I kept laughing. I didn't want to scare off my only friend. She was best friend, too. Thats right. I had no friends. It wasn't long before everybody noticed that we were the best of friends. For some reason, soon after we became friends, everyone wanted to be friends with me. I guess since I was new at school, I was too nervous to make friends.

We started having sleepovers weekend after weekend. We created a group. The Watchers. Our motto was, "We're always watching... Youtube videos.". I was always tempted to tell her how good of a friend she was, and how I'd never forget her, but I never got the courage. Each sleepover, we watched the same bunny video. It never got old, and we always laughed. We started to come up with all these different clubs we had. The Crazy Weirdos, the Mikey Resistance (long story), and of course, the Baby Bunnies. So many people had joined them. Mostly girls. The Watchers was all those groups combined. Elizabeth and I were the leaders. Or "chiefs". I remember our last sleepover. It was at her house. We had pizza, we played on her tablet, played with pokemon cards, and finally, we watched that bunny video. We seemed to laugh harder that moment then all the rest. I never knew it would be our last laugh together. I should've told her then. How I'd never forget her. How great she was. And how I'd treasure the times we had together. But I never did.

It was my parents that gave my the "big news". We had to move somewhere were the rent and taxes cost less. I hoped it wouldn't be out of the city. But I was wrong. We moved to a whole new part of the state. Far away. I never got to say goodbye to Elizabeth. I never got to tell her, how she was the best person I've ever met.


Now whenever I see that video. I feel like crying instead of laughing. Today, I was looking around on the internet. With nothing to do, I checked my messages on facebook. There was a message from sombody named... Elizabeth.


The bunny video was "Baby Bunny" on Parry Gripp's channel on Youtube. Watch it! It's cute.


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