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The Beach Hut Girls

Short story By: led monkeys

This Is A Story About A Few Girls Who Live On The Beach!!!!

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The Beach Hut Girls Once upon a time there was girl named Julia and her best friend was Lily and they had a villain named Lorrie. Lorrie happened to live next door which was a big problem. "Hey" Lily called to Julia . "What's up" Julia called to Lily . "Nothing" Lily called "Want to come over" called Julia. "Sure let me ask my mom "Lily called "She said yes" called Lily again ." Lorrie alert Lorrie alert" Julia called "Plan A" called Lily "Plan A" "You guys are giving me the silent treatment why" Lorrie said because she did not know about the code paper Lily wrote. That said Plan A: Silent treatment Plan B: Tickle her with tazors Plan C: Tickle her with tazors and Silent treatments And all the plans to plan Z as you can tell Lorrie, Lily, and Julia all have super powers and are super heroes in disguise. Julia was a rock star of course!!!! So she did not have as much super powers as Lily and Lorrie but she was for sure smart and had a great voice. As the days went on they had school and many more play dates. Over that time they had discovered each others secret that lily had a mega giant closet behind her small closet and that Julia kept a secret diary. She wrote in it every night and sometimes day about the adventures and stories about Lily, and, Julia fighting the villain Lorrie and she also writes some private notes or stories about her life. Well one day at exactly 11:30 p.m. they where having lunch which was weird because they usually eat lunch at 11:55. But then it happened a mysterious kid came in. And the Bulldog there dog went crazy. "Hey Jullian" Lily said. "Hey" Julia said to Jullian. "Hello girls" said Jullian "Well my surfboard was at your shop but you said I could pick it up after your lunch break that was a little early today which I was okay with but during lunch break I over heard your shop was opened with a girl named Lorrie as a employee using super powers to fix surfboards and she was costing a lot of money to get your surf board fixed or pick up your surfboard up if it has already been fixed" Then the dog calmed down. "Oh no" Julia cried "We better get down there' Lily said "Yeah lets go" Julia said When they arrived that is what they saw Lorrie running the surf shack. "Private Talk Private Talk" Lily whispered that only Julia could here. "O.K. why is Lorrie not at her food shop" Lily said again "I don't know maybe it went out of business" Julia said "But that would be so sad" Lily said "O.K. I have to admit yeah it would be really sad to see the place go that is the only restaurant I liked even though it was owned by our villain Lorrie" Julia said "I never knew that" Lily said "Yeah sorry for all the emotion" Julia said "O.K. apology taken now lets go fight Lorrie" Lily said "O.K. lets go fight Lorrie. We want our surf shack back" Julia said "Hello Lorrie why are you not at your food shop and why are you in our surf shack Lily said. "Well I will tell you why my mom took my restaurant away from me until I do a good deed" Lorrie said "Oh I get it if you can prove to your mom that you are a good person she will give you your shack back" Julia said 'But in five days my mom will own my shack and make it a nail shack and I will have to buy it back for myself again" Lorrie said "Oh no that is horrible" Lily said "I know we already have a nail place in our clubhouse" Julia said "Stop exaggerating" Lily said "Sorry but I would go to that nail place all the time" Julia said "Wait you are not doing a good deed you are selling the surfboards for to much money they are 25 dollars more expensive then we had them" Lily said "I know but I need some cash incase if do need to buy the shack back from my mom" Lorrie said "Well get out of here" Julia said Then she used her super powers to kick Lorrie. "Ow, that hurt" Lorrie screamed "She'll do it again if you do not get out of here" Lily called. Bring a ling…Bring a ling….Bring a ling Julia's cell phone rang. "Hello, this is Julia." Julia answered. "Hello." Said the voice on the other end of the phone, which was her father. "It is time to go on tour," said Mr. Locer. "O.K., I'll be right there. Let me go get Lily…. One sec. "Lily, time to go get your bags and meet me at the airport." Julia said. "See you later alligator. " Lily called. "After awhile crocodile." Julia called back. When the two girls got to the airport they met up with eat other again, but right when they met up with each other they realized it was 6:59p.m. and the plane was departing at 7:00p.m. "We better hurry." Julia said. "We don't want to be late." Lily said. They ran and they caught the plane. When they got on the plane, guess who happened to be on it? Lorrie and her whole family, going the same place Lily and Julie were staying, and staying in the same hotel as Julia and Lily, but since both Mr. Locer and Mrs. Locer and Lorrie's parents were there, they could not fight. "Oh look at that nice girl, why don't you play with her?" Mr. Locer said. "NO!!!" Julia and Lily said at the same time. "Don't be rude, but you do not have to play with her even thought she looks so beautiful and nice. Look at her name tag. Her name is Lorrie. Don't you like that name?" Mr. Locer said. "Dad, don't embarrass us." Julia said. "We're in Georgia. Time to go on stage and perform." Mrs. Locer said. When Julia walked on stage everybody cheered, "Hurray." Even Lily, Mr. Locer and Mrs. Locer cheered. The Show was over and it was time to get on the plane, but Lorrie was nowhere in sight. Mr. Locer looked everywhere for her but he could not find her. "She must be on another plane, because there were two planes going where we were going." Mr. Locer said. "Phew!" the girls said with a sigh of relief. The girls were so happy Lorrie was not on their plane, but there was still the hotel trouble. They still would stay in the same hotel. "O.K., Good. She is not staying in the same room." Julia said. "Guess what? Lorrie is staying in the same room as you girls. Isn't that awesome?" Mr. Locer said. "Oh no!" Julia and Lily cried. "What's wrong?" Mr. Locer cried. "She is our villain Julia yelled." What did you say? Mr. Locer asked. "She is our villain." Julia said. "Oh oh." Lily said. "You said it," Lily said again. "Oh NO!" Julia cried. "Just kidding." Julia said again for a second. "I thought you were serious and Lorrie was really your enemy / villain." Mr. Locer said. "Oh, she was just kidding." Lily said. "She does that a lot…. OK." Mr. Locer said. "You fooled me." "We are at the hotel" Mrs. Locer said from the front of the plane. "Let me finish this conversation with Lily" Julia answered. "No, come right now you two we are at the hotel right now" Mrs. Locer said "Please Mom" Julia said again. "The boss is getting mad" Mrs. Locer said "No not the monkey boss Mrs. Bob" The girls both said at the same time. Because the boss happened to be a monkey and when he was mad he was mad and he had a not that pretty way of showing. But when he was mad you could totally tell he was mad and you do not want to see it. "We'll be right out" Julia said quickly "O.K Girls you better be." The Boss and Mom said at the same time. 'We're here" Lily said when Julia and her got to the front of the plane. "Are we still sharing a room with Lorrie" Julia asked "Yes we still are" Mrs. Locer said. "Darn it" Lily said "It could not be that bad" Mrs. Locer said "Don't say it" Lily said "I can smell her like she's whispering in my ear" Julia said "She's here" Lily said "Hi girls" Lorrie said. "Hello" Lily and Julia both said at the same time. "Did you know we are sharing a room" Lorrie said "Isn't that exiting "I know it is" Julia said. "You two do not fight" Lorries mom Lizzie Pillowphoof said. "They weren't fighting" Lily said. "I will go check in to the rooms" Mrs. Locer said when Mrs. Locer came back she said "I will assign everybody rooms and there roommates O.K. here we go Lily and Julia share a room Lorrie gets her own room connected to Julia and Lily's room and all the adults share one room is that all clear" Mrs. Locer quoted. "Horray" everybody said at the same time!!! "Yes our own room" Julia said. "Just you and me" Lily said. "P.S. so does Lorrie" Lorrie said. "But you get your own room" Julia said. "But it is connected to yours" Lorrie said. "Oh darn it I forgot" Julia said. "Cause we are girls" Lily said "We share everything" Lorrie said "Almost time for dinner girls" Mrs. Locer said. "It is time for dinner" Mrs. Locer said again 5 seconds later. "How did she do that so quick and she said we are having steak and that takes a long time to cook especially with pink Lemonade marinade" Julia and Lily both said at the same time. Many more days went by and before they knew it, it was time to go home and when they got on the plane the ride home went so quick and before you knew it, it was. "O.K. girls and boy / slash man, our plane has landed. We are in California. Home sweet home. "Mrs. Locer said. "Let's go work in the surf shop," Julia said to Lily. "Wait girls," Mrs. Locer said. You have to go tell Lily's mom Mrs. Jenna you are home early from the tour because of to sunny weather and tell Mrs. Jenna I thought that was crazy. "Mr. Locer said again. So the girls went off and told Mrs. Jenna they were home and Julia discovered her real name was Grace named after her mother and that she had two sisters named Ericka and Gretchen and that Gretchen was coming to visit next week and that Ericka's last name was Cadenas and Gretchen's last name was Garbe. And she found out that Lily's mom had two brothers named Harrison, whose last name is Porter and John whose last name is Sckotch and that Gretchen had two kids named Olivia and Ben. And she found out the rest of the Jenna Family tree in one phone call from Gretchen to Grace, that she learned and eavesdropped on. So Mrs. Locer felt like she made them do enough chores, so they went to the Surf Shack. "Welcome to LJ JL Surf Shack how may I help you?" Lily and Julia said at the same time to Julian. "I would like to pick up my surfboard." Jullian said. "Well you came to the right place." Julia said. "I hope I did because my surf board is supposed to be here." Jullian said. "Well here it is." Lily said while handing Jullian his surfboard. "Thank you. I want to get off this sand and surf." Jullian said. "Well you go do that." Julia said. "Lets shut down and go to the clubhouse and disco party." Lily said "and paint nails, but we also have to dress up fancy." "Not to much. Are you? You will smell like a dog." Lorrie said while popping up behind them. "That's mean." Julian said. "Even if we smell like dogs, Juila and I will always stick together." "Like Friends do." Lily said. "yeah, we will." Julia said. "You guys are weird." Lorrie said. "That's mean." Julia said. "I guess you are mean too." Lily said. "The hotel thing stinks." Lorrie said. "I agree!" Lily and Julia said at the same time. "Bye for now." Lorrie said. "Bye!" the girls screamed at the same time. "She is worthless." Julia said. "I agree." Lily said. Then they both laughed. "I forgot," Lily said, "Let's get to that clubhouse as fast as we can so we can do all the stuff we need to do and want to do at the clubhouse and not miss dinner. Julian said, "There is nothing we need to do." Lily said, "It is all stuff we want to do." "Again, I know." Julia said, "But let's pretend some of it we need to do so our parents will for sure let us go to the club house no matter what we and they say." Lily started laughing. "Why are you laughing?" Julia asked. "What you said sounded funny and weird. Not many people use those words together. No offense and I am not trying to be mean to you." "Lets go to the clubhouse." Lily said. "We are here." Julia said when they arrived. "Anyway," Julia said, "Do you know why Jullian was acting so mean and ferociouas? My brain does not know why, Remember? Yeah, I do." Lily said. "Probably something bad happened." Lily said again. "Yeah but he was acting mean don't you agree" Julia said. "Yes I agree but as I told you probabably something bad happened" Lily said. "I mean it could happen but I do not think so maybe he has surf lessons and he was late because of the long line" Julia said. "That is one of the reasons there lines and also mean and angry people" Lily said. "I never knew you did not like the surf shack" Julia said. "We'll I L-O-V-E love the surf shack but sometimes I get kind of aggravated about that" Lily said. "Nice to know" Julia said. "I never knew your true feelings." A phone ringing stopped the conversation. It was Lily's cell phone. Ring a ling a ling Ring a ling a ling. "Hello" Lily answered. "Time for you to come home for dinner Julia can come if she likes but you have to ask her mother and father" Miss Jenna said. "Okay" Lily said "I will ask Julia her mother and her father. "That is very nice of you" Miss Jenna answered to Lily's response of her statement. "Julia do you want to come eat dinner and snacks at my house but my mom said we have to ask your mother and father because it was unplanned and is now planned and your parents would wonder where you were O.K." Lily said. "I will go call my parents" Julia said. Five minutes later Julia was done with her phone call and right when she hung up she excitedly screamed. "I can come she said yes". "It actually sounded like a scream I just won a million dollars in the lottery and the phone call just told me so" Lily thought. Usually Julia would not scream but why she was is because Julia had never gone to Lily's house and a good start was she was going for dinner because Julia and Lily only met one year ago when Lily was 11 and Julia was 11 and a half now they where 12 sixth graders and they just got there cell phones 6 months ago and still could not decide on a ringer tone for texting are calling especially Julia at least lily would say. "You are not that of a screaming person" Lily said to Julia. "I know but this is the first time I have been to your house" Julia said. "I know isn't that exiting" Lily said "I forgot you have never came to my house I have only came to yours" Lily said again. "This is so exiting" Julia said again the same quote. "You have got to see my room" Lily said "It says Lily all over" Lily said again. "My room is boring" Julia said. "No it isn't its better than mine" Lily said But she did not mean it because she liked her room better than anyone elses because it was hers and her mom and her made it by themselves with recycled things from her home like furniture homemade and handmade blankets that is why it said Lily all over because they made lily signs all over with old and used wood and gaterade cans for the signs and fabric for her blankets that said Lily in big letters all over them which she and her mom had sewn all by themselves. When the two girls got to Lilys house they were so exited. "Lets go discover bugs" Lily said. "No makeovers" Julia screamed "Well lets give bugs makeovers we can get a cricket and paint its nails: Lily said. "But the crickets need lipstick and eye shadow" Julia said "But what if they are boys" Lily said. "We can not tell" Lily said again. "Then they will have to deal with it" Julia said. "But what about flies they need some makeup and nail polishes." Lily said. "Oh yeah" Julia said "And eye shadow" Julia said again. "Let's do it" Lily said. "O.K. lets do are own makeup so it looks like we know what we are doing because we did the makeup on ourselves also" Julia said. "But we do not know what we are doing" Lily said. "Oh yes we do to bugs" Julia said. "They have no idea but let's still do makeup on ourselves" Julia said again. "Okay but lets do the best on ourselves and the worst on some of the bugs like flies because they would just mess it up by flying when we are doing it and when they are done they will need to fly to get home and that will dry the nail polish but ruin the eyes Shadow and the lipstick will be ruined" Lily said. "What about the rest that will be ruined also?" Julia said. Right after Lily made her long and boring point. "Let's go get some crickets and flies and do their makeup." Lily said, after Julia's long and boring point. "O.K..." Julia said when the make-overs were over. They went to eat. Julia was so excited. They had lasagna which was Lily's favorite. Then they played dress up and opened a makeup bug museum in Lily's bedroom of the bugs, crickets and flies they had put makeup on. The flies looked the worse, because they could fly, and liked to fly around the room. They also made up a word, "Kabouiefun." And they named the stage Lily's Dad just built for her and her little sister Gretchen. So the day and some of the night went by and then it was time for Julia to go home. Julia did not want to go home, but she had to go home because her Mom called Lily's house phone, and her mom picked up. Mrs. Locer wanted her to be picked up, so she could tell Mrs. Jenna to bring Julia home. Or she could pick up Julia at Lilly's house. Mrs. Jenna chose to bring Julia home in her pink smart car, that fit 4 people. She didn't know about the car till she saw it, because Lily never spoke of it, because she forgot to teller her many times. "O.K. Girls, time to get in the car." Mrs. Jenna called. The girls both called back, "We will be right there." "Let's load up." Mrs. Jenna called. Mrs. Jenna drove the girls to Julia's house. They giggled and laughed the whole way there. "We're here!" Lily screamed as they drove up the driveway. "That's right girls," Mrs. Jenna replied. "You girls are so fun and awesome." She continued. "Mrs. Locer has a secret she wants to tell us. Remember not to tell. Again, she doesn't pinky promise, and you are the only 2 that know, except her husband." When Mrs. Locer came out the front door she told them, "I am a wizard." "WHAT?" the girls screamed at the same time. Mrs. Jenna joined along. "Watch this," Mrs. Locer said as she pointed to her car. "Exponoyoutwoses," she said. Out of nowhere a duplicate car appeared, and out of the trunk of the car flew a diapered monkey. "Wow!" the girls said at the same time. Mrs. Jenna jaw dropped to the floor. "How come you never told us?" Mrs. Jenna asked. "Because I didn't know how you felt about monkeys which are source of all my powers." Mrs. Locer replied. "Some people are very frightened of Monkeys. And I didn't want you to think I was a Monkey loving goofball." "As long as you do not do that exponoyoutwoses thing to me are any of my friends I will not tell or think you are a monkey loving goofball I promise." Julia answered. And then everybody agreed. "There is a very small chance I will do that to anyone because once the monkey is out here throws the stuff you sit on the toilet for." Mrs. Locer said. "O.K. thank you for promising not to tell that means a lot to me" Mrs. Locer said again. "Lily we have to go now" Miss. Jenna said "Thank-you again" Mrs. Locer called as the Jenna Family Left the driveway. "Oh No are family has a doctor appointment at 9:45 and it is 9:30 we have to go quick." Mrs. Locer said. "Mom one why so late and two we will never make it in time I have timed it exactly and it takes two hours 3 minutes and 55 seconds to get there we will never make it." Julia replied. "Julia remember I HAVE MAGIC I can get there pronto stat. When the doctor saw Julia and her brothers Kurt and Appickolo weird name at least Lily and Julia thought so and her 100 sisters ANGELINA, BALLERINA, KINYAH, GRACE, GRETCHEN, EMMA and 94 more she could not remember she liked her brothers the best because there were only 2 of them and she could remember their name and age like this Kurt was 13 one year older than her that is how she remembered out of her other brother Appickolo who was three and had not learned to dislike his name yet and Mrs. Locer said when he did and if he hated it terribly she would change it to hemmroid and if he hated that name his name would be Benjamin Cole and if he did not like that name and hated it terribly she would not know what to do. Then everybody laughed when everybody got home and in their beds it was 1:00 A.M. and nobody was tired Julia could not believe it and it was time to go to bed. "Goodnight Lily" Julia called to Lily's bedroom window. And then lily called back. "Goodnight sleep tight Julia, Kira, Mali, Abigal, Machel,, Linyah, Gretchen, Grace, Appickolo, Kurt, Emma, Cailie, Lizzie, Elizabeth, Hannah, Hannah Jr., Sarah, Ashley, Alea, Hill, Missy, Lissy, Sissy, Faith, Gracie, Julliana, Julia Jr., Olivia and she had many more sisters that would take to long to name Julia always says there is just a real name and a Junior, Baby, and Senior of the name because her mom could not think of any more names. Julia always thought she was crazy. "Goodnight" Julia called to Lily again. "Goodnight" Lily called back again also. Mrs.Locer and Miss. Jenna thought they where crazy. When it was morning it was Saturday that was why Julia stayed up so late the night before so on Saturday it was the Locer family Underwear fest when everybody got in there favorite underwear under their pajamas and had a fest /slash party and since their was 105 people in their family each kid had a booth and they sold stuff for Locer family money and at the beginning of each month instead of real money allowance they got Locer money called L money allowance to spend at the underwear fest and of coarse the boys sold Underwear and Boxershorts Julia thought that was so lame so she sold Homemade Lipbalm that all one hundred sisters at least had 100 cases or large humongo pitchers of it but it costed a lot of Locer family money called L money at least Julia liked to call it that and the official cost was Large Humongo pitchers cost $100 because everyone got one hundred every month and wanted to spend it on lipbalm because they wanted there lips to sparkle. Bowls costed $50 which was a lot of money to the babys at least who only got $10 a week which Julia also thought was really really really really really lame at least Julia would say that really like two hundred times if she could but she had no time. "Hello may I please buy one pair of butterfly undies" Julia said as she walked up to Appickolo's Underwear, Boxershorts and TANKS Shop /slash/ shack that's what she called it. Because the boys decided to split up there shacks just two Saturdays ago Julia thought this was totally wacko because she thought they worked perfect with each other even though they were ten years apart in age and Julia thought that was amazing because she had never seen two kids that far apart and in age work together nicely and share and expessialy sell prouducts together. But Julias opinion was that she liked Appickolo better one because he was younger and two because the name and two other names Mrs. Locer picked out for him Julia thought was dumb and he would probably be teased for his names and will need someone to comfort him so everybody likes him more than Kurt and another thing because he is younger in Julias's opinion she liked the Jenna family Saturday way better they sang songs Christmas carols around Christmas Autumn pumpkin songs in Fall Frosty the snowman in January. But why they did that was because they had a small family 2 boys and 1 girl and a dog who howeled the songs and where not loud when the Locer family did it expessialy Christmas carols they were to loudand their nextdoor neighbor called the police thinking there was a robber in Oxford Mills their neibrohood and+ street so that is why the Jennas have more friends then the Locers because they have more fun on Saturday when it is Sunday everything changes it goes like this the Jennas and the Locers have a family party and the partys were always crazy sometimes they went like this. "Hey Lily" Kurt said because he had a crush on her and then it was time to fight Lorrie on the Locer's Play set or the Jenna's Play set and Julia and Lily always win because that was one of their property /Slash territory rules like if you step in dog poop you have to go out front of the house and you had to leave your shoes outside to come in that is a totally a Locer rule because if you step in dog poop at the Jenna's you just have to take your shoes off. The End


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