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The Cupcake Wars

Short story By: led monkeys

This is a story about 2 girls who are BFF's!!! FOR NEVER?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Chapter 1 BFF's For Never?
"Katie come down here" her best friend Alexis called to her up the stairs. "Time for school."
Katie and Alexis were best friends who were in 5th grade and they went to McRidge Elementary School.
"O.K." Alexis called back "One sec I am getting my backpack"
O.K. Lexie I will be outside waiting for you at the bus stop" Katie yelled back.
"Got it K.K. see you at the bus stop" Alexis replied.
At School That Day
"Hi Lexie sorry I did not meet you at the bus my mom decided to take me to school" Katie said to Alexis when she got to school.
"Well you should of told me I waited and waited for you and I ended up having to walk and be LATE" Alexis screamed at Katie.
"I am soooooooooooo sorry Alexis please forgive me" Katie said sadly.
"NO" Alexis screamed "We are over being friends we are best friends for NEVER!!!!"
"O.K." Katie screamed "We should be over see you NEVER!!!"
"Good" Alexis said "And now you can not help me sell my cupcakes to raise money for the music room"
"O.K." Katie screamed "I will sell cupcakes for the art room!!!"
"Fine" Alexis shouted back.
Chapter 2
The Beginning Of CUPCAKE Wars
"So" Alexis said to her mom "How should I get some cupcake publicity preferably more than Katie ICK!!!!"
"Honey" Her mom said "Why are you so mad at Katie you guys just had a little fight."
"MOM you don't get it she was really mean NOW how can I get some cupcake publicity!!!" Katie replied to her mom.
"O.K. Honey how about flyers and you deliver them door to door" Her mom replied.
"GREAT IDEA thanks mom" Alexis screamed at her mom than ran to her room to start making flyers.
Well Katie n=and her mom were thinking of something also!!!!
"MOM do you have any ideas how I could sell more cupcakes than Alexis!!!! Katie screamed to her mom that was in bed.
"Well honey" she said you could put up posters advertising them around the neighbrohood!!
"Great idea mom" Katie shrieked "I better get working on the posters!!! Then she hurried off to her room to start making posters!!!!
The Next Day
"YES my flyers are done" Alexis screamed that Saturday when she was finally done with all of her 50 flyers she made time to deliver them door to door. "BYE mom see you in about 30 minutes.
Then she was off she delivered all 50 flyers to all her neighbors and even got some calls that day but not many her plan worked but not as well as she wished it had.
"YES My posters are done" Katie screamed when she was done with her posters "Now all I have to do is put them up"
"Great honey" Her mom said please be back in about an hour. O.K.?"
"Ya Mom see you in an hour.
When she went out to hang out her posters all the stuff kept falling off them she got a few calls that day and on Sunday but not many she got about the same amount of calls as Alexis!!!
Chapter 3
Another Plan?
Well neither of their plans worked It was time for a new one!!!!! TRING TO SELL AT THE VARSITY BASKETBALL GAME. Great Idea huh!!! Unless two people think of it at once!!! OH NO!!!!
"YES" Katie said as her mom told her about the idea to sell cupcakes at the BASKETBALL GAME "I cannot wait to sell soooooooooooo many more cupcakes than Alexis!!!"
"O.K. Honey but please do not be to competitive It is only selling cupcakes" Her mom said to Katie as she was about to leave for the game.
"O.K. Mom" Katie said as she was leaving.
At Alexis' House
"MOM see you later I will be at the game selling cupcakes" Alexis said as she was leaving for the game.
"O.K. honey be home in about an hour bye!!!" Her mom screamed as Alexis was going out the door.
At The Basketball game
"CUPCAKES, CUPCAKES, FOR SALE!!!" Katie called as she was trying to sell cupcakes in the crowd. "All sales benefit the McRidge Elementary school art room!!!! Please get some!!!"
"CUPCAKES FOR THE MUSIC ROOM, CUPCAKES FOR THE MUSIC ROOM!!!!!" Alexis called as she was trying to sell cupcakes. "Get you cupcakes here only 4 dollars per dozen GREAT BUY and all sales benefit your elementary music room"
Then Katie spotted Alexis and Alexis spotted Katie
"OH NO" They both said. "Why is she here"
Then they both glanced at each other and they both thought why are we in a fight and remember that time we had then and she was sooooo nice before I wish we never had a fight. Then they both got the nerves to go talk to each other and they both talked and talked and agreed to both sell cupcakes together!!!! They both thought that was a great idea and the rest of the night they both sold cupcakes together and they made tons of money for the art and music room. To be exact they made three hundred dollars for the art room and three hundred dollars for the music room a total of six hundred dollars all together!!! WOW what a friendship come back together and that is the story of cupcake wars!!!


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