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Entrapped in a beautiful gaze, can you possibly escape this?

Submitted:May 11, 2012    Reads: 15    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

**I just wrote this one day to pass time while waiting for something. I didn't exactly plan this whole thing out. I just typed whatever came to mind at the time, but I do hope I didn't do too bad. All feedback is appreciated. ^_^**

Green eyes... Those dazzling green eyes have caught me. Now I am falling into a daydream. I can't believe I allowed myself to be entrapped in this enchanting stare. I can't escape. These beautiful eyes have taken me as prisoner into their own little endless gaze. Looking away is impossible, yet so simple to do. I question myself. Is this a bad thing? It seems so peaceful to look into those mystifying eyeballs. Indeed, this is the most stunning pair of eyes I've ever seen. I remember that I am the prisoner, yet I am enjoying this. Am I not supposed to? I stare quietly and unblinkingly. I mustn't give in. But these eyes - these majestic eyes that draw me in with their power - nothing can compare to their beauty. It is as if they were made for a goddess. But no; a goddess is not the owner of these eyes. These eyes belong to a witch. It is hard to believe that such amazing pair of eyes belongs to a woman such as this. This evil woman has me trapped in her spell. She didn't even need to lift a finger. I feel vulnerable upon gazing into her eyes. She has me in her power. How do I escape? 'Look away,' my brain would tell me sternly. 'Just a little longer,' my eyes would plead. I have fallen. If this witch were to kill me now, I would have died a pleasant death. Staring into her eyes has brought a different form of joy that only that pair of eyes can provide. I would die happily despite my defeat. Yes. Maybe this kind of death is what I want. This witch is looking back at my eyes. What are her intentions? It seems I've been staring for a long time now. Is she not tiring? Does looking at my eyes give as much pleasure to her as her eyes do me? She doesn't seem to want to leave. I can't read her. Her eyes may be beautiful, but they show nothing: no happiness, no pain, and no anger. All I see is a blank but beautiful expression.

She moves closer. I don't know what's happening. I feel scared somehow. Her eyes remain in contact with mine. I don't move. She continues coming towards me. I'm scared, but my body refuses to move away. What is this witch going to do? I don't look elsewhere. I continue my stare into her eyes, but like it always is, her eyes are expressionless. Her face is now barely five inches from my face. She grabbed my arms tightly making sure I don't escape. What is happening? I can't get out of her grip. I'm afraid of what comes next. I close my eyes for the first time in a long period and brace myself. Hopefully, she decides to let me free. Maybe she will. I hope.


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