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Primal Need

Short story By: Lokmid

Tags: Erotica

The start to a young couples sexual Adventure with each other. From a First person view, the view may change at the start of each chapter depending what I feel like writing at the time.

Submitted:Jun 10, 2014    Reads: 109    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Dialling my mums number i lean back in the bus seat and look out the window. "hi" i hear in my mums surprised voice.
"Hey mum, a friend has invited me over to theirs after work. They can drop me off in brough for 8. Mind if i go?"
"yeah sure no problem, will you be needing dinner when you get back?"
"not sure, don't make me any and ill have sandwich if i need one when i get home"
"all right, cya later then"
"bye mum, love you"

Stepping off the bus at brough i suddenly realize that was the first lie i've told in 6 years, even if it was only a half lie. I see you waiting at bus stop to meet me, as i step off and it puts a smile on my face. "hi" i say awkwardly. We haven't spoken in almost 3 days other than to organize this meeting-up to talk about what went on over the weekend. I didn't want to talk. As we walk toward your house we don't say much about the intended subject, just small talk about the day. It bores me. As we reach your house its close to half 3, i have 4 hours. We step inside and it takes me by surprise, small but tidy to say she has younger brothers. I take off my shoes before you lead me to your room where you assume we will have an awkward talk and come to some not quiet confirmed solution to a stupid problem. I have other plans.

As we enter the room i don't bother to take a look around, i turn around a close the door. Then locking it without you noticing. Turning back to you, now stood in the Centre of the room facing me, i take a step forwards and put one hand on your shoulder and the other on your waist. Then push you towards the nearest bare wall. As your back hits the wall i push myself towards you and look down into your widened eyes, i see shock, surprise, a hint of fear. My mouth closes in on yours, you don't try to stop me. Not that you would of been able to stop me by the way i had you held. Fully intentional. Before kissing you i run my tongue over your lips. You taste exotic. Like something rare that you can only try once. You take a big breath, i knew this would happen, shock causes your brain to need more oxygen to think, and your muscles to need more oxygen for adrenaline. Using this i place my mouth over yours and slip my tongue into your mouth, i feel you push back slightly and your tongue touches mine. You've accepted what's happening, but i wont let you have control. Whilst our tongues play with each other and our breaths quicken my hands move up your top to your bra clasp.
We've been in the room no more than 5 minutes and our tongues are already in each others throats and your bra by our feet. Next to go is your top, scrunching it up with one hand i pull it between our interlocked mouths, breaking us for a brief moment. We meet again and you with force this time. Your starting to want what is happening, i'm pleased but i give no ground.
My hands go to your armpits where i pick you up with ease, pushing your back to the wall and your legs around my waist i let my tongue and left hand play with your beautiful round boobs. My right hand under your bum keeping you right where i want you. My right hand stops stroking and playing and starts groping. not something i normally do but this wasn't passionate sex, this was more primal, almost animal like. The sheer need to have what i've wanted for weeks.
Spinning us around i throw you on the bed and take off my top as i walk towards you. Our eyes meet for a brief second and i see you realize how uncaring I'm going to be. Before you have chance to move i grab your jeans waist, pulling them from you in one swift movement. Leaving you lying on your back with nothing but your black frilly underwear and your socks to cover your amazing body. not wanting to give you chance to try and stop me, not that i thought you would try, i take off my belt and grab your wrists. Binding them to stop you moving your hands. The panic on your face almost makes me want to stop and say sorry but i don't, i cant, the need, the want is too strong. Undoing my jeans with one hand i pull them down and kick them off. my other hand is holding you bound arms above your head. Your knickers are next, not wanting to let go of your arms i pull them down with my arm, one side a bit then the other. all the while keeping my eyes locked to yours. Once they're off i look down at your freshly trimmed, glistening flower. this was unexpected, women only tend to freshly shave if they're expecting to have sex. Your reactions so far had told me you weren't expecting it. As if reading my mind you mutter the first words since we entered the room "i hoped". I laugh to my self to inside my head 'you weren't hoping for what comes next i imagine'. My boxers come off and my hand guides my half of penis into you, i hear a moan but am too entranced to in the amazing feeling to smile. I let out a breath, then as i breathe back in i draw out till just the tip is in you. Then i start to thrust, slowly at first, rhythmically, to my breaths. I pay no attention to you, only to the feeling, the release of the build up of primal lust. As i speed up you start to moan louder, knowing there are other people in the house i have to stop this. Grabbing your knickers i ball them up and put the dry part into your mouth. You look at me startled, all i do is put my finger over my mouth then continue with my relentless thrusting.
This continues till I'm ready to finish, not knowing whether your on the pill i choose to pull out, my manly juices squirting all across your body. I fall onto the bed next to you, your body goes limp and you pull your knickers out your mouth with your now free but still bound hands. "Is that what you hoped for?" i ask, as i lay naked on my front next to you.
"more than" is the ego filling reply i get.

That night when i get home my mum asks if i want that sandwich. "my appetite has been filled thanks" grinning i walk to room and turn on my laptop. Opening Facebook i find a relationship notification waiting for me and a message from you, "good conversation, we should do it again soon ;)".


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