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How is it possible for someone to love me?

Short story By: LoveLastForever

This is carmen's story.

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Carmen's Story Part 1~By Love Last Forever.

Sometime's I sit alone thinking why am i me? Why was I created this way. Sometime's i wonder if when someone tell's me something about me . If it's true or not. I have been told allot that i am apparently "Pretty" . I for one disagree. I am not pretty. I have so many issue's. There is no possible way for me to be pretty. My Name Is Carmen. And This. Is my story.

My Name is Carmen, When i was about 8 or 9 year's old. I started getting made fun of. I started to acne. I didn't have allot of it but it continued to spread around my face. It was terrible. I ignored it at first but then i started being self conscious. It was upsetting knowing people were staring at me because of my acne on my face. When i was little i was so pretty. Why not now? I under stood i was getting older and thing's were changing but why couldn't i still be pretty? I was a beautiful little girl. I had Blonde curl's and big blue eye's! I was so pretty. As i got older my eye's started going darker. Same with my hair. I wondered if allot would change. And it did.

Like i said i got acne. By the time i got into 7th grade my face was a mess. Red and full of pimple's i hated it. I felt so upset. Then i met this boy. His name was Justin and i thought he was the best thing at the time. It seemed he over looked my acne. He told me i was beautiful. Made me feel wanted. After we had talked for awhile he asked me out. I was so surprised. But at the time i was with someone so i told him " I would say yes, But i have a boyfriend." He responded with "K" I new at that moment I had made a big mistake. About a week later me and the guy i was with broke up. He decided it wouldn't work because we never saw each other. I was afraid to ask Justin if he would still want to go out. So i waited a day. And the next day I found out that he was dating my best friend Renee. I was devastated. I was so upset. But i told him me and the other guy Had broken up. So i waited.. And waited...

Carmen's Story Part 2~By Love Last Forever

Eventually I got tired of waiting. I got to the paint where i was ready to give up. But i just couldn't ! The way he smiled at me the way i got a warm sensation when

our eye's met. I was Inlove. So one day i decided to tell him how i felt. I wrote him a note.This is what is said "

Dear Justin, I've had feeling's for you for awhile now. You don't know how much it hurt's knowing

I can't have you. I feel broken. But i wrote something just for you ! :/ "Love last forever it's true<3

Love last forever but only between me and you<3." This is how i feel. I Love you allot. ~Love Carmen

The very next day he walked up to me with worried eye's. I was afraid. "Carmen" He said gently. "I got you're note." He continued.

I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment. "I love you too. Allot." I smiled. "But, I can't love you." My smile turned

to a frown. My eye's filled with tear's i ran. As far as i could. Into the wood's . I sat alone. In the pouring rain. I was there for a couple hour's before i thought "Why did i have to be so stupid to think someone would actually love me!?" "How is it possible for someone to love me?". I went home. I cried, And cried until there was nothing left. I went to school the next day furious. I sat alone during most of the day. The very last class of the say Justin walked up to me and said "Carmen..."

Carmen's Story Part 3~By Love Last Forever

"Carmen.." He repeated "I've had feeling's for you to. I know i hurt you yesterday.Im so sorry. I love you carmen, I really do." He Said. Her face lit up. She smiled. And then her face dimed a bit. "But wait, Are'nt you with?---" He cut her off. He said "Yes. Im with you ." He smiled then leaned in and kissed her. She got really hot. Her skin turned red and the kiss was so intense she got a little dizzy. He held her up and lightly laughed "You alright there?" He said . With a smile she replied "Yeah, Im perfect now that im with you." They spent that day together. Skipped class and went to the park. Sat on the bench together and told each other all there secret's and how much they had loved each other. Then Carmen Woke up. She woke up from the amazing dream she had just had. She was happy but at the same time depressed that it was'nt real. She felt broken and thought to herself "So it's true, It is'nt possible for someone to love me." She walked to school dreading every moment.

She saw justin kissing marcie. ( His Girlfriend ). He had her pushed up against her locker. she was upset but stuck through it. Shw was tired of living through the bull shit she had to deal with everyday. It was too upsetting having to see him everyday with someone else. It hurt too much. She had many thought's of killing herself. But one day he saw justin and marcie break up. Justin imedietly ran up to carmen and hugged her. "She dumped me" he said. "can i cry?" he continued. "Of course!" She said. he had his head in her lap and he was crying. "Carmen.." He said "I love you" She pinched herself to make sure she wasnt dreaming. She was'nt. She was happy to be with him . He was her's.



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