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Pain, Hurt, Love.

Short story By: luckyme1133

Short story about a girl named jessica who, to some people, have it kind of easy, but not really. She cuts herself, and wants to die. she takes that thought to the next level and only the unspoken love of a class mate saves her life, forever.

Submitted:Aug 13, 2010    Reads: 3,994    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

I walked into my room, pulling my sweater off. I sat down and put my head in my hands, thinking about how my life was. My mom and dad ignored me because they didn't like what I did, I had no friends because no one could look past my skin, I was failing every class because the teachers wouldn't give me a chance to make it up, though I watch them give others a chance. At the cafeteria at school, the ladies who serve it give me dirty looks and I hear them talk about me. I felt a single tear fall down my cheek as I realised how much my life was screwed up. I stood up and walked to the mirror over the desk. I looked at myself for a long time. I looked at my bright green eyes, hidden in layers of dark eyeliner. My face made pale from the eye makeup. I looked at my long dyed black hair. I dyed it black because the colour reflected me. Naturally, it was blonde. What had I done to myself? I wanted to change back but everything went wrong one year and it's never gone right again. My parents had had a fight, and it broke my heart. They ended up screaming at me, they hit me. It got so bad that my mom's nails scratched my wrists, drawing blood. I was shoved in to the corner of a wall, and it broke my arm. I have never been the same. I looked down at my hands, now sore from gripping the edge of the table. Of course, my eyes moved to my pale wrists, covered in ugly scars from three years of cutting myself. I looked to my night stand, where a piece of broken glass lay. A dark smile spread across my face. I went to my bed and sat down, reaching for the glass. My heart hurt too much. Anything would be better than this. So instead of feeling it on the inside, I felt the pain on the outside. I held the tip of the glass to my wrist and dragged it along my skin, feeling the sharp pain. I held my breath, feeling adrenaline kick in. Then a scarlet line formed and dripped down onto my hand and then I wiped it up with a cloth before it could drip on to the carpet and then my parents would know. I sighed as I felt the pain leave my heart and focus on my wrist. No one understood me. They never would.


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