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The Adventure of Tabby Cortez

Short story By: Luv2RideWriteAndLaugh

Tabby escapse her old life that consisted of an abusive dad and loving mother. She ran away with help from some of her unusual friends. In this story you learn about love, adventure, and friendship. Through the hard times can love really save you?

I wrote this story a year or two ago. Its something that I like because of the lessons you learn with in an exciting story.

Submitted:Oct 17, 2010    Reads: 63    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Taby Cortez walked into the glamorous hotel. Beautiful gold curtains hung from each window. Wealth surrounded her. Even though she knew that she should be home, she walked and walked deeper into the lands of dreaming. She thought of herself, sitting in a chair petting an expensive little dog the size of a large coffee cup. A butler approached her. "Madame," he said sheepishly, "Would you care for a cup of fresh of Ice tea? It's your favorite… Lemon!" He bent over to where Taby was sitting, and showed her the glass. "Why thank you Henson!" Taby declared. A loud clatter of noise arose interrupted her day dream.
Splat! Chime! Craaaaaccckkk!!! Taby fell over the manager of the Chike Hotel. In his hands was a glass of water, a pen, and pad of paper. The manager lifted up his broken pen. "The glass, do you know where this came from? England straight from England! The hotel's glass, this will come out of my pay!" the manager said angrily. "I am SO sorry! I didn't…. I was just… I'm so sorry." She knew that she had to get home soon. "No! Go now!" yelled the manager. Taby left the Chike hotel. She ran and ran until her heart felt like it would burst. She hid in the bright red barn only a few yards away from her house. In between the rafters there was a small place in between where only one person could fit. This was Taby's favorite spot. As the sky grew darker and darker Taby slowly began to shut her eyes and then she dazed into a deep sleep.
It was early morning, and Taby awoke when she heard her name being called. "Taby! Taby!" She heard her mom call. Taby swiftly climbed through the rafters and down the ladder which took her to the front of the barn. She pushed open the barn doors, but as she did her mom saw her and began to weep. "Taby where were you?!" Her mom started spewing questions. "Where in the world were you? I can't believe this! How could you scary me this much?" Tabby hung her head in shame. She knew that she should have gone home sooner and straight home.
Tabby was grabbed by her mother. In a big bear hug Tabby could feel her mother's body and warmth. Once she let go, Tabby could see how her mother's body swam in her huge worn clothes. "Pa, I am so sorry," Tabby said when she saw Will her, father; walk up to her, drunk as usual. He was taking his belt off. "No Will, don't hurt her. She didn't do anything. I am sure she was probably in town," her mother said glancing over at Tabby. "No Theresa," her father thought about it then took action. Shoving her mother away he got to Tabby. He grabbed her arm swinging her as if she was a rag doll. Will brought her around the small crooked house. The belt was out and firm. Tabby bent over feeling small and pathetic. There was one...two...three loud smacks each stinging worse than the last. Tabby bit her lip as the sting and pain went to her toes all the way up to her head. She knew she had to be strong and for her mother she put on a brave face. We have all heard the saying no pain no gain right? Tabby thought. She sorely stumbled into her cottage. It looked run down and old.
She rolled into bed to sleep off the pain of the hard leather belt. As she did, Tabby thought of how cruel Will was and how deeply she hated him for beating her and her mother, wasting away all her mother's hard earned money on alcohol, and for killing her little innocent baby brother. Tabby didn't want to think of him as her father. Will is his name and he is nothing but a stranger. Because of him, she is now an only child. Tabby will never forgive him for that.
Waking up cold and upset, Tabby sighed. She knew she had to go through another day of pain, worry, and abuse. She trudged to the outhouse and then into the kitchen. She made breakfast in a hurry. It was just simple eggs, bread, and a petite side of some fresh fruit. It was all they had.
There was a force dragging her to the barn as she staggered to it. Once in it, she walked to the beautiful and lean horse in the back right corner. They owned a meager two oxen, three chickens, and one horse. She loved this young and spunky horse. Only a filly she was big for her size. Tabby walked up to Sundance and patted her soft velvety nose. "Are you hungry girl?" Tabby asked the underfed horse. Sundance whinnied a happy and loud reply yes. Tabby walked around the corner and found the hay bail. Grabbing a flake of hay and tossing it over the entrance to the stall Tabby stared out the window next to the stall on the right. The sun seamed to stare down at her and Sundance. The sun peaked over the hills as it became sunrise. The colors of it were amazing oranges and reds scattered through the sky. It was like fire. Sundance looked over at the sun. She whinnied and did a small move to the left then the right. It was a small dance she did every morning. This is why Tabby named Sundance, Sundance. Tabby never knew why she did the dance. The sun made her coat glisten as she peacefully ate. A voice suddenly made her jump. "Tabby time to eat!" yelled her mother. "Sundance, I will come back soon." She said as she ran to the house.
The moon light lit the whole house. It was bright and full. Tabby was listening for the snoring from her dad to know that they were asleep. Listening in she heard a loud snore. Will sleeps through everything, Tabby repeated to herself. She through on some clothes, and silently creped through the house. She decided to sneak out the open window and not the door. She knew how loud it was. Once she was outside there shouldn't be any problem. Walking up to the barn, she heard the animals scatter. She was inside when Sundance whinnied to loud. "Shhh! be quiet! I can't wake up Will!" Tabby whispered to the horse. She took the halter off the hook and walked into Sundance's stall. She put it on without a problem. Tabby felt like a criminal sneaking out of the barn with Sundance. They walked to the far away arena. "Okay I want to ride you. I don't know how so I hope we can teach each other. No one has the time to teach me how to ride." Tabby told the horse like she was talking to a long lost friend. Sundance shook her head.
The first attempt Tabby got on the wrong side. Sundance jumped to the other way. Tabby now on the left side calmed Sundance. "It's okay Sundance I wasn't trying to scare you. I just don't know much." Tabby stroked her when she relaxed she tried again. She jumped on her back and swung her right leg over her back. She was on her! She was on her the right way too.
Tabby wasn't sure what to do next. She remembered when Will kicked Sundance to go. She kicked Sundance in the sides. Sundance took off at a full canter. Tabby grabbed on to the horses mane and held on for dear life. "Ho! Slow dooowwn!"Tabby called as she was slipping off. Sundance kept going and not a pace slower. Tabby slipped off her. She fell down on her hip. Sundance stopped, noticing that she was riderless. Sundance walked up to Tabby and nudged her on her shoulder. "Ugg! Sundance that hurt!" She said as she got up, "Let's try that again and I won't kick you so hard."
Later, as Tabby was on the horse she realized it was getting light. "Dang it! We have to go Sundance!" She got off and grabbed her halter. They walked back to the barn upset that they had to stop the riding lessons. Once everything was the way it was earlier, Tabby ran back to the house to make breakfast.
For the next few nights Sundance and Tabby learned. Tabby learned how to ride and Sundance enjoying every bit of it. It was a foggy night only a crescent moon to guide her way Tabby, slowly made her way down the path. Sundance was happy to see her owner. When they were outside Tabby and Sundance heard a small noise. "It's okay girl. Just a chipmunk right?" Tabby said to reassure Sundance, but truly to reassure herself. The bush shook with furry when Tabby glanced over while she was riding Sundance. A pair of eyes looked right through her as if they were reading her. She wheezed short breathes as she walked up to the bush. Why was she so scared? It was only a small bunny right? She took a step closer.
Tabby has never seen an Indian before. She has heard harsh words against them such as dirty savages. There was a small girl around Tabby's age sitting behind the bush. Her hair to the side showed the best of her deep brown eyes. The dress she wore was of deerskin. It was slung over her left shoulder leaving her tanned right shoulder bare.
Tabby stared in uncertainly. "Do you speak English?" The girl stared into her eyes. "Who... Who are you?" Her voice so soft and smooth replied, "Cherokee Indian." She stood up, but in a heartbeat she was gone. Tabby's heart sunk she loved the exhilaration of seeing an Indian. Sundance whinnied loudly alarming Tabby. She saw the girl walk away into the small forest. After she was gone Tabby walked Sundance to the barn and grabbed a flake of hay. "Now Sundance you can't tell anyone about who we saw tonight okay." She whinnied a pleasant response.
It was the night after and Tabby hoped the mysterious girl would come back. As soon as she was in the arena, Tabby heard a familiar noise. Smiling she walked to the bush, and another surprise was present. There were two Native Americans near the bush. Feeling like she had double vision she blinked. The same girl was there, but next to her was an older boy. "Oh my, who are you?" she said. "I am Ashwin and this is Daya," the boy said in plain English. "I am Tabby. Does Daya speak English too?" She said astounded that she was talking with an Indian who spoke English. "Yes some English." Ashwin said. Daya and Ashwin spoke to each other quickly in their native language.
"Daya says she has been watching you for nights. She loves your horse."
"Could you tell her thank you?"
They spoke and Daya spoke this time, "Your welnome." She stumbled on her words saying welnome not welcome. In some way this made Tabby laugh. Tabby heard her named called.
She looked at the sky and it was still dark. Her stomach dropped and her heart sped. "I have to go. Please leave now before my parents find you. GO!" she yelled at Ashwin and Daya. Tabby hopped on her horse and raced back to the barn to hide Sundance. Tabby ran back to the house.
Her mother walked out of the door as Tabby released an enormous breath from her lungs. "Tabby where were you? Do you know what would happen if your father… I mean Will found out you were out here?" Tabby hates that her and her mother have to always live under the stress of pushing Will too far. Will is a bomb just waiting to explode over any little mistake. "Mother I know I shouldn't be out here. I am so sorry. Can I go back to bed now? I am tired." Tabby said in a rush so she could go back to her room and leave. "Um… Yes." She walked around the corner and as she did she heard the faint sound of weeping.
When Tabby met the Indian siblings every night, she learned so many new and exciting things. Daya taught her how to ride Sundance without a saddle. Ashwin taught her how to creep around more quietly. "Yes. Now, think light and cautious. A quiet hunter is a good hunter," Ashwin calmly said to Tabby. While they were practicing, Daya heard a thud.
Sundance whinnied unexpectedly and started to pace nervously. Her eyes wild as she turned around. Bam! Sundance had kicked the wood fencing. Tabby, Daya, and Ashwin sprinted toward her. The sound of Sundance's hoofs hitting the fencing made Tabby want to scream. She knew the sound was loud. What could she do? Her mind raced with fret when she thought about Will suddenly woken up. Ashwin and Daya stepped closer to calm Sundance down. Sundance galloped off. A few minutes later a loud snore came from her house. Everyone including Sundance exhaled. "Sundance you can't just take off over anything. It might expose us," Tabby said stroking her beloved horse after she caught up with the runaway horse. "Tabby, me and Daya need to return to camp," said Ashwin in a worried voice. "Yes you should go. Thanks for helping me catch Sundance," Tabby responded. "Bye," Daya said while rubbing Sundance. She loved being scratched right below her neck.
The day was coming to an end and Will wasn't home. Tabby and her mother made dinner. They sat down and Tabby noticed how fragile her mother was. Her clothes hung limp and looked misplaced on her body. Tabby thought about how the clothes were 10 times the size of what her mother needed. She took a small bite of her potatoes. The taste was bland and unappetizing. Tabby heard a sound of leather boots hitting the dirt when she looked over at her mother. Her eyes looked vacant and dark. Black circles around her eyes hid her natural beauty. The door swung open and as Tabby smelled the disgusting smell of alcohol she knew that this night was going to be frightening.
Will swung a bottle of whiskey as he tried to walk.
"Will, we made you some dinner."
"Well I sure hope you did."
"Tabby, go get him his plate," her mother said looking straight into her eyes. "Yes mother," Tabby could only whisper. When Tabby tried to pass Will he grabbed her arm. The rage of past years bubbled inside of Tabby and she yelled, "Let go of me!" Will's face hardened and his eyes became slits. "What did you say?" he screamed in her ear. The smell of whiskey was over whelming. "Will, stop she didn't mean it," her mother said. He swung her outside just like a young girl.
Will turned around to smack her approaching mother. The blood dripped down her mother's forehead. "Tabby run! Run far away!" her mother screamed. Tabby turned around and ran to the door. Will's hand reached out to grab her arm again. She ran a little farther and stopped facing the house. Tabby said, "You asshole!" She turned around and ran as if her life depended on it. Tabby just escaped his true wrath.
Thump thump, Tabby's heart pounded inside her chest. She felt like a run -away criminal. Daya and Ashwin hid in the far bushes. "What happened?" asked Ashwin in panic. "Will, is what happened," she said with force and hate. "Our horse is a few minutes away," Ashwin ignored Tabby's comment.
When Tabby, Daya, and Ashwin returned to camp, the sun was peeking through the hills. There were many Cherokee people stepping out of their homes. Talk spread through the riverbank fast Tabby thought. The white girl has come. The days passed. Tabby could only talk to Ashwin and Daya. No one else but the chief spoke her language. That night Ashwin and Daya came into Tabby's tent. "Ashwin, I need to go back go back for my mother and Sundance. I have to save them," Tabby pleaded to Ashwin. "I know. We will help you too. Daya and I will accompany you," Awshin spoke to her.
The very next night Tabby met her two friends at a dead stump at the corner of camp. "Daya and I will go around and sneak into the barn and ride Sundance out. You need to sneak your ma out," Ashwin. The trio walked the mile to Tabby's old home. Hiding behind a bush, a bird suddenly swooped down right above Daya's head. "Ahh!" Daya screeched. Tabby swung her hand over Daya's mouth. Relief over whelmed Tabby when a rhythmic snore echoed in the valley. They split up. Tabby crept into the house. Hiding in the shadows Tabby slowly walked to her mother and Will's room. His snore got incredibly loud. Tabby cupped her mother's mouth as she calmly shook her. Her eyes became wild and crazy. You could see her huge pupils. Tabby's hand stuck to her mouth when she took a deep breath. "Be quite I came to help you escape there is a safe place that's somewhere far away from here. Trust me please," whispered Tabby. Her mother's eyes changed into a loved and soft look. Will coughed and snorted. His eyes slowly opened. Then he caught a glance of Tabby. They opened wide. Tabby flew out of the house as she felt something pull at her clothes. A hard grasp clung to Tabby's clothes. Tabby turned around and punched Will in the gut. She heard a grunting noise as she ran to the safe arms of her friends.
"Where is your Ma?" Daya asked. "Will woke up and I had to run away," replied Tabby. They walked Sundance back to camp in silence. What was there to talk about? Tabby didn't save her mother. At least she had her best friend. "I'm going to take Sundance down to the river," said Tabby to Daya and Ashwin. "Be caryful," said Daya. Tabby smiled at the way she said careful. Tabby turned and by the moon lit night she walked to the river. Sundance trudged next to Tabby. Sundance picked up on the sad energy. "Sundance I failed. I couldn't save my ma," Tabby mumbled. Tears slowly dripped down her cheek. Her eyes welled up at the thought of not seeing her mother again. Sundance walked up to the water and played with it. A splash of water fell on Tabby's bare arm. She let out a laugh. It rang and echoed in rocky forest. The moon light hit the water. Tabby starred into the starry sky. It was a deep purple mixed with the stars shining bright. She felt a presence lurking around her. She didn't know if it was good or bad. "Tabby I love you. Tabby I truly love you," a smooth voice whispered in her ear. At that moment Tabby knew that no matter what or how bad things get her mother will always love her. "Ma I love you, I truly love you," Tabby said to the beautiful night sky.
Pulling back the drapes of her small home, the sun shown into Tabby's eyes. She took a step forward into the morning sun. "Tabby! Come over here!" Tabby heard a faint call. She turned her head and saw the Chief. "Young Tabby I need to speak with you," Chief said. "Yes Chief?" Tabby wondered why he was speaking with her. "Tabby I do know that your home is a few ways down the river. The next day we are moving camp," he said looking deeply into her eyes. "But I can't leave my home is here," Tabby cried out. "We aren't going to force you. We are only inviting you. But you should know that if you come with us you will become a part of us our tribe," Chief said as if she was his own daughter. The look in his eyes tore at her heart. "I need time. I will tell you by night fall," said Tabby.
The sun set to the east as colors unknown scattered the sky. It was soon night fall as Tabby walked along the river. A sudden rustle came from the other side of the river. "Ashwin come out from there I know it's you!" called Tabby. "How did you know?" Ashwin asked. "You left your cutting knife over there," Tabby said. "Oh thanks I almost left that. That would be bad," Ashwin said. "So what is so special about that knife," Tabby pointed to his knife. "It's a long story," said Ashwin. "I have lots of time," Tabby said. "Do you see this?" Ashwin asked Tabby as he pointed to the handle of the knife. Tabby nodded. "Well my mother was walking along this same river when she picked up some drift wood. It was short and stubby. She brought it back to my father. It had some special importance. My father carved this handle out of the wood. Then later on my mother became heavy with child. She gave birth to me on a blue moon. The very next night my mother carried me over to where she found the drift wood. There lay ashes and ashes. Within the ashes there was a hard metal. It was thick and sharp. My father added this to the handle to make a knife. That's how they named me Ashwin," he said as if it was only yesterday. "See that wasn't so long," Tabby joked around. "It was kind of magical."
Tabby stepped into her home when a hard hand took hold of her shoulder. "Young Tabby have you made a choice?" Chief questioned. "Yes Chief I have. I would like to stay with you, Ashwin, Daya and the tribe," Tabby replied. "You have made a good and wise choice," he said.
The next morning Tabby had to say good bye to her home to now make a new home. She packed all her things including her small home. Lugging all her belongings on Sundance she walked her over to where some people were walking. The move was now taking place. Sundance whinnied loudly. Her feet danced around like the ground was scorching hot. "It's okay Sundance we are going to a new home, a better one," Tabby said as she stroked Sundance's nose. Sundance calmed down but there was a look in her eyes that seemed to say I guess I just have to trust you.
The long walk to the north side of the valley was exhausting and a drag. Fog was thick and you could only see the other person's horse's tail. It soon began to rain then progressed to a light fluffy snow. A thin layer collected on the ground. Sundance walk close to the horse in front of them. She crept closer and closer until bam! The other horse crow hopped into the air. Her front legs picking up off the ground Sundance reared. The horse's owner stomped through the fog and into visibility. Steam seemed to be rising out into the air from her ears. "Did yer horse do that?" she asked her voice scratchy and loud. "Um yes I'm so sorry," Tabby said. "She better move or she will be the next meal!" the woman said. "Dacia! Stop messing with Tabby and her horse," Daya walked next to Tabby. Dacia said something in their language that Tabby didn't understand. "You better watch your back girl," Dacia said to Tabby. Her eyes shrink into little slits. She was an evil cat. Daya glared back at her. Dacia turned and disappeared into the fog. Amarion was starring at the trio fighting. Amarion was a quiet and peaceful person. He had deep brown eyes and the most beautiful tan skin. "Dacia's not fond of you," Daya said. "I see that," Tabby remembered the way she looked at her and how disgusted she was.
The long train of people finally stopped at their destination. Since it was so foggy, Tabby couldn't see what the north valley looked like. She could hear the sound of a waterfall. Daya sighed as she was walking next to Tabby. Sundance whinnied and stepped forward like she was meeting an old friend. Tabby saw who was emerging from the fog. Chief walked out from the blanket of gray. Chief patted Sundance on the muzzle. "Chief," said Daya, "are we expecting a storm?" "Yes my little bird. We must prepare soon," he said to her in a sorrowful voice. He turned to leave. "Tabby we need to step up a small lento before the snow storm," said Daya as she started unpacking the stacks on Sundance's back.
Wind whipped Tabby's hair around as she looked into the heart of a snow storm. The fog let up just before the storm. Her eyes began to water. Then, she saw Daya running over into the forest. That couldn't be her Tabby thought to herself. A colorful feather danced around in the wind. That's Daya's feather she wears in her hair Tabby thought again. Tabby swiftly ran after her. Daya ran to the left as she now entered the forest. She saw her shadow jumping from spot to spot. Tabby ran after it when she met a huge waterfall. She could feel the mist on her face. Even though it was snowing the water was fairly warm. Daya was sitting on a rock crying. "Daya is there something wrong?"Tabby asked Daya as her head turned around. A stream was flowing out of her eyes. "Oh Tabby you scarred me," she said. "I'm sorry but what's wrong?" she curiously asked. "I'm upset because Ashwin had to stay back at the old camp," she said to Tabby.
"Is that why I didn't see him packing?"
"But why does he have to stay back?"
"Well he lost his knife."
"Oh a few nights ago he told me the story of it. I know how important it is to him. Can we go help him?"
"No we have to go on and help the women with the unpacking. I'm scared now because there is an even bigger storm. He may not make it back to the new camp."
Flurries of snow surrounded Daya and Tabby. Tabby felt sick to her soul. Ashwin and Daya have become more than friends. They are now Tabby's new family. Tears trailed down her face as she sat down with Daya. What would happen to Ashwin? Would he be able to find his knife and come to the new camp safely?
The next few days passed with no sign of Ashwin. Tabby awoke just before the sun slowly rose in the sky. She was walking next to Sundance when she did her little dance, to the left then to the right. Her dance she does every morning. It was a crisp and bright morning. There was no trace of winter in the wind. Thump thump. Tabby felt a small vibration in the ground like the Earth was about to erupt. There was a small but dark figure coming down the path. Ashwin's friendly face appeared. He was ridding up top his beautiful black and white paint. "Ashwin you made it! Did you get caught in the storm?" she asked. "I found my knife then got caught in a storm a few miles away from the old camp," Ashwin said as she swung off his god like horse. Tabby embraced Ashwin like a long lost sibling. "We need to go tell the camp," Tabby said to Ashwin as they slowly walked over to the camp.
The sun stroked her face as she sat atop Sundance. Her smooth trot made Tabby bounce lightly. Tabby felt at peace with her horse and friends at her side. "Tabby we have something to show you," Chief said to her while he trotted upside next to her. The three were sent to go into town but the chief then joined them. "Tabby you cannot go into town unless you are willing to take the risk of your father being there," said Chief in a monotone. "I understand but without me Daya and Ashwin will get kicked out of the shops. And that means we will not bring back hunting supplies," Tabby explained to Chief. "Then you will have to disguise yourself," he said. "No I will wait for them on the outskirts of town," Tabby said as she found the solution.
Tabby was the tress as she waited silently. She saw Daya's new feather emerging from her coal black hair. A few seconds later she saw Ashwin. They had a yellowed paper next to Ashwin's saddle horn. "What's that?" Tabby asked curious. "Take a look," Ashwin said to the ground. The air felt hot and sticky. Tabby's throat was scratchy. Sundance perked up and focused on the newspaper. Daya handed the newspaper to Tabby.
Record Times
The county police had an anonymous tip in. This person would still like to remain anonymous. While the sheriff of the country was first to report to the crime scene more investigators arrived later.
On Downs St. at 11 o'clock pm. Theresa Cortez was found with deep wounds to the thighs and hips and gushing cut across her left eye. Will Cortez was found to be the criminal. At the crime scene there was found many beer bottles and broken glass. By 12o'clock am Theresa Cortez was pronounced dead. Will Cortez was sent to jail for abuse against a woman and murder.
Tabby sobbed and sobbed the last good and pure thing left was her mother and she's gone. Gone forever… gone. Why her? What did she do? Will should die! I hate him with all my heart. Why? Why? Her eyes reread the last word until her eyes hurt, Murder... The days passed with no meaning. The blue skies turned to gray; the songbirds sing no more. Life has no meaning. Every happy detail of the world has turned to black. Tabby feels anger, depressed, the life and happiness sucked from her hands. Now her hands are broken and empty. There are only memories to help her pain. Her mother's face beautiful and happy…. now gone ripped to shreds. She is now Gone.
Daya and Ashwin came to her tepee but there smiling faces reminder her of her mother. Tabby saw them leave and she cried. Tears, salty and wet. Tabby cried until she had to drink water just to cry again. Gray darkness was closing in on her. Life being pulled away.
Tabby awoke one late afternoon more happy than usual. Daya was sitting on a rock near the waterfall. "Hi Daya," Tabby mumbled. "Tabby! You're up!" Daya pronounced excited. "Yes, is there any news around camp?" Tabby asked. "Dacia got married!" Daya chuckled. "Really? Who would marry her?!" Tabby's eyes bulging from her head. They looked at each other with straight faces. Then Tabby laughed and laughed. This was the first time she has laughed since her mother's… death. Tabby looked at Daya's smile. "I can't believe this! Who is it?" Tabby asked with an odd giggle escaping her mouth. "Well do you remember Amarion from the fight? He was the quiet one that was staring at me and Dacia?" Daya whispered like this was a secret. "Oh yes I remember him!" Tabby said. "But Amarion married her?! What an odd couple?" Tabby said loudly realizing what Daya meant. Oh well I guess opposites attract Tabby thought. Daya and Tabby let out another loud laugh when Ashwin walked up. "Tabby are you okay?" Ashwin called as he ran up to her. "Yes I'm fine, sad but fine," she replied. Tabby looked around at her friends when Sundance came up whinnying. Sundance came up to Tabby and placed her giant head on Tabby's right shoulder. It was like a horse hug. Tabby rubbed her nose and Sundance let out a big sigh. Tabby felt at home for once in her life she was at home with her friends. No this was her family. Daya and Ashwin are her family along with the rest of the tribe. Family. Tabby looked up at the setting sun. Tabby I love you a voice said to her. It was her mother speaking to her. "Mother I truly love you," said Tabby to the sky. Her mother was sitting next to Tabby. Her breath warm and inviting. Her eyes a pale gold and her body was a perfect shape. Nothing like it was. Love tinted the air Tabby breathed in. Tabby accepted that her old life was gone but she was in a better place. She was finally home with her true family. With all the worries behind Tabby life went on as a happily ever after.


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