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A story about a girl who is being bullied and how she stopped it.
Warning, small amount of violence, Small amount, but still there:)

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My Best Friend

I sat in dark hallways of the school. My sandy colored hair covered my eyes, hiding the fear growing in them. My back was pressed up against the lockers and my arms wrapped around my body. I know I should run, but then they would catch me. And the game of predator and prey is more fun if the prey tries to escape. Suddenly the silence is filled by the sound of girly snickers and sneers. Here are the predators, three of the most popular, but brutal girls in school. Molly, Brianna and Carmen. They walk over to me, a smug smile on each of their faces. Brianna was the leader of the group, and by far the most beautiful. Her auburn colored hair, fair skin and dark blue eyes were something that no boy could resist. Molly and Carmen on the other hand, were her little pack mates, but still as beautiful as she was. Molly was a large, big-boned girl, with pitch black hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin was a dark, chocolate brown and her face was shaped like a tomato. Carmen was a small girl, shorter than most girls. She had a caramel colored hair and bright green eyes. Actually Carmen used to be my Best friend, until she cheated on me. They all gave me dark glances and dirty looks. I sat there, trying to shut them out. Brianna walked in front of Brianna and Carmen she walked right next to me and said

"Hey, Sandbox, how are you today?"

All three girls snickered. I kept silent as Brianna continued the insults

"So, Sandbox, what did you do today? Embarrass yourself in front of your crush? Spill mash potatoes on your shirt? Oh, I remember what you did today. You killed people, with your face!"

They all sent out a chorus of hoots and laughter. I got up on my feet and started walking towards the school doors. They noticed I was leaving and started following me

"Where you going Sandbox, were not done yet?"

I started running. I pushed my hand on the door to outside of school and I found myself outside,. I ran faster, and I could hear their footsteps pursing me. I ran faster, but I knew Carmen was the captain of the track team. I was only a few blocks away from my house, so I ran faster. I could feel the tiredness spread through my skin, as I ran faster, and further. They kept getting closer and closer. Suddenly, only a block away from my house, I tripped over my own feet and I found myself looking a the sidewalk. I could hear the predators behind me. I took a deep breath as I felt a nudge on my leg. Molly's deep voice filled my ears ash said

"So, Sandbox, why don't you get up so we can talk about your day more?"

I stood still, my body not wanting to move an inch.

"I said move Sandbox!"

Suddenly a sharp blast of pain pounded into my calf and I whimpered in pain.

"You like that Sandbox? Well I can give more."

More blasts of pain spread through my right leg, and then my left leg. Soon my legs were both numb from the kicking. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. I could hear Brianna say

"Carmen, Molly, we should help Sandy up, shouldn't we?"

I could see the smiles spread across their faces. Suddenly I could feel two pairs of feet in front of my face. And then two arms, scooping under my arms. Soon I saw that Molly and Carmen were each on my left and on my right. I was openly exposed; there was no way to protect myself. Brianna looked at me, and then I felt the fear sink in. She snapped her fingers and Carmen and Molly brought me to the dark alleyway to our left. I'm guessing so nobody could see what was going to happen. Brianna gave me one final look and then she said

"Sandy, you look hot? Maybe I can help with that."

She suddenly went to her knees and she ripped my shoes and socks off. I swallowed down the quivering in my throat. Molly snickered and said

"Yea let me help her too."

Suddenly my jacket was gone from my shoulders. Molly had ripped in two. Now I was only in my jeans and Purple t-shirt, when it was forty-five degrees out. The coldness sunk in to my skin and I started shivering.

Brianna smiled, her plan obviously working

"Aww, now she looks cold. I'm sorry we don't have an spare jackets. We can't help you. We need to go, but Molly and Carmen have a going away present for you."

I was now shaking from the cold and fear. Molly and Carmen gave me evil smiles and walked towards me. They picked me up and threw me into the nearby dumpster, causing me to hit my cheek against the cold metal.

"Maybe the garbage will keep you warm!"

They all start laughing and then walk away. Brianna yells back

"See you tomorrow Sandbox!"

I stayed in the dumpster until they were gone. I shivered as I stepped out. I felt my cheek and a small burst of pain filled it. I sighed. That was going to be hard to hide. I started walking home, still freezing to death. Some people gave me looks of concern and suspicion but I ignored them. Soon I was home, in the warm house. My dog Sandy Jr. greeted me as I walked in. I smiled as her warm tongue licked my cold fingertips. I squatted down and buried my head into her warm golden fur. She was my only comfort in this world. She was my best friend. If only she could protect me from my predators. She gave me her doggy smile as I walked to my room. My parents were never home, so I usually had frozen pizza for dinner. I found the box in the freezer and started to unthaw it in the microwave. While the pizza turned in the microwave, I sat on the couch snuggling Sandy Jr. I remember when I first got her. She was a mistreated stray, like I am now at school. She and I can relate so much. When I got her as I puppy, I was her comfort. And now she's my comfort. Once I ate my dinner silently, while Sandy Jr. Ate hers, I found myself snuggling under my bed. The day wasn't so bad. Usually they were worse with the bullying. Well maybe they've found a new target. Or they are saving up for tomorrow. For whatever reason, I'm glad its over. I felt Sandy's warm breath fill my face and I smile. I snuggle deep into her fur and fall asleep.

________________________ ____________________________________________

Today was much worse than yesterday. They had already given me new bruises this morning. Now I was running from them again. I was past the ally way, almost at my house. Suddenly I trip again. I curse my two left feet and I fall on my back. They stare at me, with there evil smiles and I whimper. Brianna says, in a sort of, cooing voice

"Aww, Sandbox is scared. Good."

I feel a hard kick to my leg and I whimper in pain. They laugh satisfied with my reaction. They kick my multiple times in both legs, and with my legs being bruised from yesterday, it hurt more each time. I try to hold back the scream of agony, but it no use. I feel the odd scream escape my lips and fill the silent space around me. Brianna yells, suddenly scared

"Silence her!"

Suddenly Molly and Cameron are at my sides again. Molly forces her hand over my scream filled mouth, which only muffles the sound. Cameron grabs my head, starts putting pressure on that one spot. The one spot she knew that makes me feel pain. I whimpered and she pressed harder. Now everything was starting to fuzzy and I fall on my knees. I feel around. Where am I? What's happening? The pain fills my every thought and I let out another small scream of agony suddenly, five barks fill the air. I look over at the sound and spot a dog there. It's a golden retriever, with golden fur, which was gleaming in the low sunlight. I feel my body becoming weaker and weaker as the patter of four feet can be heard coming closer. I speak one word before I couldn't anymore

"Sandy Jr."

Molly, Cameron and Brianna start backing away, and then they run. Sandy looks ferocious, her teeth are bared, gleaming and white and her tail is high in the air. When the girls are out of site, she runs to me, whimpering. She uses her nose to lift my arm up, and I give a weak smile. I remberd, I forgot to lock her doggy door today. I say

"Good dog, sandy Jr, good dog."

_____________________ _____________________________________________________

The next day, I tell the principal everything. The bullying which, had been going on for two months, and every day after school. Of course it stopped, and all three girls were expelled. Of course, Sandy had been my parent, at the meeting. At first everyone thought it was a joke, but then they understood. Sandy taught me that even after being abused and taunted, that maybe you can speak up and be yourself.


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