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Tags: Betrayal

A great story with a surprise twist at the end.

Submitted:Mar 6, 2013    Reads: 45    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

Before recorded history beast ruled over man, but man began to fight back. After many fierce battles, man killed off their dangerous enemies. One ruling beast still remained though, and that beast was Wolf. Several men hunted down Wolf and trapped him. Before they could kill their final enemy though, Wolf managed to escape. The hunters began chasing the injured Wolf and were fats on his trail. Wolf came across a lone traveler, and an idea struck him.

Wolf ran to the man and pleaded, "Please kind man, help me. Evil men seek to kill me. Hide me, please, and I will repay you."

"I will hide you," the man said as he opened his backpack. "Quickly, jump in. I can hear the hunters."

Wolf complied just a few seconds before the hunters approached. The hunters asked where the wolf was, but the man said he had not seen, heard, or smelled any wolf in quite some time. They took him at face value and left to once again pick up the trail.

When the hunters had gone beyond the range of hearing, the man opened his pack to allow the wolf to exit. Wolf jumped out with his teeth bared and obvious intentions of eating the poor man. "Please," the man begged. "I saved you from the hunters. Do not eat me. I have caused you no harm. bare no ill will."

Wolf laughed at the human cowering before him. "Stupid human," Wolf growled. "Do you not know that all favors are soon forgotten? You shan't be spared. You... shall be eaten."

"Wait!" the man begged. "Not all favors are soon forgotten. Let us ask the next three travelers we find. if they agree with you, I will be your dinner. But if not, you will leave me be forever."

Wolf thought on this for a minute. "Very well," He replied. "Either way you will belong to my stomach."

The two began walking into the forest. before long, they came across a grey horse with a slight limp. "Mister horse, might I ask something of you?" the man inquired.

"No," The horse snorted.

"Yes," Wolf growled.

"Very well," the old horse relented.

"Are all favors soon forgotten?" the man asked the horse.

For several moments the horse was silent and in deep thought. Finally, he said, "Yes. All favors are soon forgotten. The proof is the fact that for years I have carried my master and his travelling goods and plowed his fields for many a moon, but now that I am old and limp, what does he do? He sends me into the forest to die as nothing more than a wild animal. All favors must be soon forgotten."

"Thanks," Wolf said as the horse limped away. "One down. let's go!"

They walked on for quite some time before locating the next traveler. The traveler they came across was an old hound dog resting in the shade of a massive oak. "Mister hound dog, may I ask you a question?"

"I care not to listen to your words man," the old dog barked. "Leave!"

"You will listen or you will die," Wolf growled at the dog.

"Ask then, but be quick about it," the dog said.

"Are all favors soon forgotten?" the man asked the old hound.

Without a moment of hesitation the dog responded, "Yes human. All favors are soon forgotten. Once, for many years, I guarded my master, his family, and his home. But now, I am old and me teeth have lost their sharpness. My master, he has thrown me out to die as a wild animal as payment for my loyalty. That is how I know that all favors are soon forgotten."

"I am sorry," the man told the dog.

"Spare me your pity," the hound told him, "Leave me now."

The man and Wolf continued to walk until the came to a very deep and steep ravine. Running along the edge of the ravine was a fox. "Mister fox," the man called out. "Might I borrow you for just a moment?"

The fox stopped and the man and Wolf approached. "How can I help you fine gents?" the fox asked with mock sincerity.

"I need to ask you a question," the man responded.

"Tell me why and I will answer," the fox told the man.

When he had told the fox everything, the man said, "So now I must ask you too. Are all favors soon forgotten?"

"You lie," the clever fox accused. "Such a large wolf would not fit in your bag."

"I lie not," the man defended himself.

"Then prove it," the fox challenged.

"Fine," Wolf growled. "Open the pack human."

The man opened his pack as he had been bid to do. The wolf jumped into the back pack instantly. Before anyone could even blink, the fox jumped forward and shut the pack. "Throw the wolf over the ravine," the fox instructed. "Then you may repay me for saving you."

"Very well," the man said. As he threw the wolf over the edge though, he hit the fox. Both the fox and the wolf went tumbling down. When the man heard them crash he walked to the edge of the ravine. "Mister fox," he called. "All favors are soon forgotten."


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