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Child's play

By: maystar

Page 1, a real story about looking after kids

I loved being a nusery monitor. It was the best unpaid work ever. The best thing was that I went there with my best friend Zeinab.

I didn't at all like Hall monitior. It was boring. I would stand there making sure that everyone finished every scrap of their foods. Also I would make sure that no one talked. I didn't like being the evil person. That was a teacher's job. I also had to make sure that everyone sat in a inhumaine, boy-girl seating plan. I'm thinking, come on! A seating plan in the cantien. Suprisingly, toilet monitor was less dignified. if that was even possible. Standing outside a toilet, only allowing four childen in the toilet. I'm thinking. What next? Flush the toilet for them?

Library monitor was much better. i would build a castle with books, and talk to little children. I loved it as well. the librarian was nice. She had let me off a few book that I had los. Well actually, she did not know.

Being a nusery monitor included serious duties like playing with the children and looking after them. We played games like, duck-duck-goose. Of course when we got picked we ran very slowly. not regular slow, but e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y- e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slow. We massive towers using lego, and the children were impressed. We even solved a mystrey.

There was this girl called Chloe. She had curly blonde hair. When I say blonde, it was more of a yellow colour. And this boy Sam, who had blonde hair and a palish skin. They both had a brother called Connor. We asked if they weretwins or related, and they both said no. So me and Zeinab, made it our unpaid, voluntarly work to find out more. We didn't sleep at night thinking about it. Well that is exaggerating. We only thought about it when at the nusery. It never occured to us that there might be two Connor's.

One day, we brought Bella along, and she threw a ball at Zeinab, so a kid copied and got hurt. Because of that Zeinab was fired. I wasn't. Zeinab sneaked back in when the Lady who fired here wasnt in. Turned out she never remembered firing her in the first place..

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