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Love you so much that I hate you*

Short story By: maystar

I got the idea from shakespear's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Two people who hate each other

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"Craig. He is so annoying!" Rita tells Kirsten and Jayee. <p>
They laugh.<p>
"Why are you laughing?" Rita demands. <p>
"Because... It is obvious. You are in love with him. You are always going on about him." Kirsten laughs. <p>
"Urgh!" Rita says, like what Kirsten said was unbelievable; like there was a dead rat infront of her, like the very thought of her, loving Craig was disgusting.<p>
Rita has known Craig since she was ten, which was six years ago. She met him through Kirsten and Jayee, her cousins who are two years older. You know how there is a thing called 'love at first sight' well this is 'hate at first sight'. <p>
"Let's go out. I need to see Greg." Kirsten says. <P>
"Will Craig be there, because he annoys me so much. He irritates me. He is always talking, but no one listens." Rita moans. <P>
"Yes." she says. <P>
Rita groans and the leave to go out. <P>
**************** <p>
"Hi." Greg hugs Kirsten. "I love you." he whispers in her ear. <P>
Rita smirks. "Love?" she laughs. <P>
"I will not need anyone. I will be indepedant." <p>
"What if someone says they love you?" Jayee asks. <P>
"I'll turn them down." Rita says. <P>
"Only a blind person will declare their love to you. They won't be able to see your face." Craig laughs. <P>
"And you think a person would fall for you? They would be the biggest idiot ever!" Rita laughs. <P>
"All ladies love me, except you, but I am not an one lady, man. I cannot be pinned down, you get me. As I said, I am loved of all ladies part from big nose here." Pointing at Rita. "And I am glad that her attention, does not come my way. If it were, I would walk in front of a double deckered bus." <p>
Rita laughs. "Good thing that you do not want to be pinned down. Saves you from when you get rejected. You commiting suicide. Yay! I do not have a big nose!" Rita protests. <P>
"I know. It is just that you do not know how to keep your nose out of others buisnesses." He says. Rita goes off. <P>
"Bye. Need to go." Craig says, leaving Kirsten, Greg and Jayee. <P>
"They are totally in love!" Kirsten says. <P>
"They just don't realise. We need to tell them."Jayee says. <P>
"No. They wont believe. They will probably laugh. No. We need to make them realise." Greg says. <P>
"I have an idea. You couls tell eachother, the other loves them, behind their backs." Jayee suggests. <P>
"Nah!" Kirsten says. "How about we make them meet up..."
She texts Rita, 'see me in the forest where the flowers are.' <p>
Greg texts Craig ' Meet me in Chiperham forest. Near those tall flowers.' <p>
********************* <p>
Half an hour later... <P>
Rita and Craig meet in the forest. <P>
"Been set up." Rita says. "I am going," <p>
"Why would they set us up?" Craig asks
"To torture me!" Rita says angrily. She calls Kirsten. <P>
"Why did you set me up?" Rita shouts. <P>
"Because. You two need to discuss. You love him, and him likewise." Kirsten says. <p>
"You are dumb. I hate Craig. He is utterely repulsive!" Rita shouts. <P>
Kirsten cuts off the phone. Craig looks at her. "I am repulsive?" he laughs. "You are annoying! You will die alone, because you are so bitter!" she runs off upset. <P>
"Wait!" he shouts after her. <P>
"Leave me alone!" she shouts. <P>
"I am sorry." he shouts and she stops. He is now behind her. "I was mean to you. I am sorry. You wont die alone. I will be the one to die alone. Not you. You are amazing and wonderful. You are extremely pretty. Any boy will be lucky to have... Well if you do not insult them." she sniffs." It was a joke." he quickly adds. <P>
She turns around. "I have been so mean to you, and you are being nice." she smiles although there is a tear falling down her cheek. He tucks a strand of her dark brown hair, behind her ear. She places her hand on his chest, and leans in to his ear, whispering," I am the idiot..." <p>
"What?" he asks. <P>
"I said that only an idiot would fall for you. I am that idiot." she sighs hardly. "I convinced myself that I hate you... I actually believed that." <p>
"I like you alot. I am just realising that now..." he leans in and kisses her forehead. <P>
"I guess that I did not hate you at all... Annoying you was the only way I could get close." Craig says.


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