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Money over night

Short story By: maystar

It is based on victorian times

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Money over night

I hate working in the cotton mill but I can't say anything about it. I am only 9 and it my parents have no voice. They can't change anything and I only earn a bit. All the money is wasted on alcohol, my dad drinks a lot and he has no job. All the water is contaminated and I live in busy street. The houses are so close together and it is very cold I live with many families I don't even know. The only people who actually have a say are the rich country men the main parties are Whigs and conservatives. The whole voting system is unfair. Sometimes I which I was rich.

My shift starts at 5 better wake up. I wake up to find myself in a decorated room. There are some clothes hanged up so I try them on. They fit. I couldn't hear the usual noise from the other people and it is only me in the room. A lady comes in who claim she's my maid. I am so confused.

"Don't I need to go to the cotton mill?"

"What nonsense," she replied

"But how else will my parents get money"

"Don't be silly, filthy rich they are."

"Okay. Where is my dad," I asked (probably in the bar)

"He's doing he's work"

"What does he do," I asked I was very confused.

"He's a politician."

She looked exhausted by all the questions I asked so I paused to think.

It may be best me not knowing what is happening around me. If it is true that I no longer need to be tortured in that cotton mill then its okay. All I do is constantly reach to high levels to get cotton. I do not have much so I am small. I am constantly worried if I hurt myself. I am putting myself in danger for money and it is not worth it, and what happens if I have an accident? I get sacked for being injured.

I went down to see my parents there was my mum.

There was food on the table. More that I have ever eating in a week was before me for one meal. I stuffed it in my mouth.

"Any water?" my mum asked.

"Water? Isn't the water contaminated you told me no to drink the water"

"Well its not so drink."

I drank the water. It tasted fresh.

I went to explore the outsides. It wasn't busy at all. There was only a horse and cart.

The man the inside the cart shouted out to me "Come on you need to get to school"

Since when did I go to school I thought.

When I arrived…

The school was good. Since I am a boy I was taught English and maths, which means I may actually have a future.

I thought all was good until the afternoon

I was robbed by some other boys. To make it even worst I was beaten for because the class was making noise. There were a lot of bruises in my arm. My arm became sore and red.

When I got home my mum was there, she told me "Your dad had been killed. It happened early this morning. There was an incident. Lots of people protesting on how politics is unfair. Your dad was there trying to stop the people from making a mess."

Perhaps being rich isn't everything and working for money is much more fulfilling than just having money.


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