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Ruining Penny's live chapter three

By: maystar

Page 1, Funny story or revenge

This morning I woke up extra early so I could be infront of Penny's house so when she came out i could apologise, that was all part of my plan when she became my friend again i'ld try and sabatarge her. I had to wait for 30 minutes and when she came out I started to talk to her.

"Hi Penny, I'm sorry about yesterday, I've dumped Ethon, it was wrong to shout at you and I am very soory yeah," She smiled at me and we walked to school. When we arrived at school I saw Ethon walking up to me. I tried to indicate go away later but when Penny turned back I smiled and stopped. But Ethon didn't get it he came closer and closer until he was right in my face.

He smiled and said,"Hi how are you.You look preety today," At first I was going to slap him and tell him to move from where I was but instead I said " Get out of my face," Then we walked of leaving Ethon standing there clueless. I looked back mouthing sorry to him and we left. I felt guilty but what was I to do. Afterwards before school started Penny took me to a very public place then she... she started to shout at me.I guess she had figured out that I was after revenge.

" Get away from me you stalker, you werdio, I dont like you, your a freak stop following me." She had succeed, she had embarrased me again and I was'nt going to let her. I was angry... furious, pissed at Penny and she wasn't going to get out easy.

When I was going home I stopped at Ethon's house and i explained that I had told Penny him and me had broke up. He was actually very understanding. When I got home I made a list on how to get her back...but it was all so confusing, how do I do it, how? The next day in school I met Lousie. She was the new girl...and Penny was to show her around. after the day I met up with Louise and asked her a favour..." erm.. I am Claire and I used to be Penny's friend. She's going to hurt you and make you feel un happy. She's a bitch and you deserve a nicer friend notPenny, so can I ask you a favour? Can you pretend to be her friend and help me sabatare her."She was nice too nice infact, she claimed that Penny was her friend and that she couldn't do it. I then assured her that by the week ends she would be back to talk on how to get Penny back.Then she left.

The next day in school Penny had did it again. embarrased someone because of the way the looked, she had told Louise that she was ugly and she needed to fix up. Louise replied with thanks for your comment and she smiled at me. I knew it that she would'nt like her at all. later that day she came round to my house and we started to talk "Hiya," she started with." you were totally right, Penny is so... irritating and she thinks shes all that because of all the money she has. She's mean and I hate her. She is such a hypocrete. Your so right you told me I'ld be back in less than a week and her i am.

"Yeah well lets talk buisness,how to get her back, I know she's trying to lose weight. She's skinny already. How about you suggest a fruit bar to her. I've got tonnes of them. My mum got it from sweden and it helps you gain weight cause she trusts you she'ld take it."

"She's always moaning in how her live is so rubbish, i'm like but you've got every thing any way I'm in but i've got to go."

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