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Someone that belongs to my bestfriend*

Short story By: maystar

for a contest

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I feel awful. How can I have a crush for my bestfriends' boyfriend? And worse of all guess what? The icing on top of the belgain bun. A belgain bun, is a type of bun, with icing and cherries and raisins... Actually, I should say, the cherry, on top of the iced belgain bun. What was I saying... Oh yeah... Sunni, my bestfriend, is also my step~sister. Yes. I know. It is difficult. Perhaps, I could hide my feelings for him... <P>
Let me recap for you, the last five minutes. <p>
********************* <P>
Sunni had told me to wait at the bus stop for her. So I did. I did not expect her to bring along her boyfriend. When I could see her in the distance, I waved enthusiastically, jumping up and down so she could see me. She did alright. So did half the people on the bus stop and Liam too. Great! I had made a fool out of myself. Do not feel sorry for me. I embarrass myself, all the time. In school, at home, and at a bus stop. When they got closer, Liam smiled at me. "Hello." he said to me. "I am Liam, and what is your name, beautiful?" he asks me. I blushed. My face turned a rosy~scarlet colour. I could hardly speak. I was shocked. Star struck. I then realise what a retard I look like. See I told you I embarrase my self. My mouth was wide open, as if I was waiting for a bee to enter, or I was a goldfish.<p> "My name is Valentina." I said. <P>
"Beautiful name, as your face." He says. He was smiling at me. His teeth, pearl white.<p>
"Stop flirting!" Sunni laughed elbowing him. I wanted to say, 'No continue,' I felt really bad, because I was secretly plotting on how to break them up. <P>
That is what happened. Now we are going to the park...<p>
The journey feels long. Sunni and Liam are talking. Getting to know eachother more. I know that it is wrong for me to feel jealous, and that he will never pick me over Sunni. Sunni is pretty. She has bright ocean blue eyes, that sparkle in the sun. She has long golden hair, that sways in the wind. Me, I am ginger. Well my hair colour is more brownish. I have dull hazel eyes. <P>
I also know that this will end badly. If she ever found out... I cannot even think about that...<p>
We go to the park eventually, but it does not get any better. He is sitting on the swing, and Sunni is sitting on his lap. They look pretty happy. Liam stares over at me, and smiles hardly. I try not to smile. I look down. Then he whispers in her ear, and comes over to me. <P>
"Come let's go." he says. <P>
"Where?" I ask. <p>
"Sunni wants to stay in the park, and said that we should go to the chip shop." <p>
I want to say no. I should be trying to avoid him, but I decide that it wont hurt going with him. I get up, slowly and reluctantly. <P>
As we are going, I notice that he wad staring at me alot. I smile uneasily. "You are pretty, like I said." he says. <P>
"But not as pretty as Sunni though." I say. <P>
"No. Prettier." he says. <P>
I try not to blush. We reach the chip shop. As we are buying the chips, he puts his arm round me. I reluctantly move away. When we are going back to the park, he tells me, "Sunni told me that you are smart. Are you good in science?" he asks. <p>
"Yes." I answer. <P>
"So I was wondering... If you can tutor me." he says. <p>
"I'll ask Sunni." I say. <P>
"No!!" he says." I have asked her. She said yeah. You know how she don't like people repeating stuff." <p>
"Yeah." I say. <P>
"I'll give you my number." He says. <P>
He takes my hand, and takes a pen from pocket, writing his number. <P>
"When?" I ask. <P>
"Everyday... I have a test soon." he says. <P>
We get back to the park, then we go home. I feel a mixed of emotions. He called me beautiful and pretty. He was flirting with me. He made me feel as if I were the only girl. Like I am special. It makes me feel great, and on top of the world... Then again, it sticks to me like a magnet, that he is not mine, and that although it seems so right, that it is wrong. I cannot bring myself to stay away from him. I bet he feels sorry for me. That he just feels sympathetic. I sigh hardly. <P>
************************* <p>
The next day, <p>
There is a knock on the door. <P>
I go to open it, and it is Liam. I try not to smile. I look at the floor."How are you?" he asks. <P>
"Okay." I say. <p>
There is an upward silence. <P>
"Sunni is out." I say. <P>
"I came to see you..." he says. "The tuition." he says. <P>
On one hand, I was eager, but on the other, completlely dreading. I sigh hardly, trying not to be too enthusiastic. He comes in to my bedroom. "Nice room." he says. <P>
When I turn around, he is right behind me. It is startling. He puts his hand on my neck, and leans in. <P>
"What are you doing?" I ask, but I know already. I push him back. He gets up. "I HAVE TO GO!" he shouts. He opens the door, and bumps into Sunni. <p>
"What are you doing with my sister? You stood me up!!" Sunni shouts. <P>
I am confused. "You said that she said yes!" I shout. <P>
"Yes to what?" she asks. <P>
"Yes for me to give him science tuition." I say. <P>
"No. I never! He is great in science." we both look cluelessly, then we turn to him. Anger, hurt and pain, flashes in Sunni's eyes. I should have known, after all, it did not add up. After that, Sunni called him into her room. I think they broke up, because I heard her sobbing. When he came out, I followed him. <P>
"You are just like all the rest. You hurt people for fun." I shout as he exits the door. He does not answer, but I continue following. <p>
We go through a forest, and then he stops. <P>
"I never meant to hurt anyone." he says. <P>
"Well you did." I say. <P>
"I only did it because, I saw you and I could feel an instant spark. I wanted to be around you. I thought that if I was with you more, that we could be friends, and that I could battle my affection... But I couldn't... I cannot stop the way I feel. I saw you for the first time and fell for you. I never liked her. I knew on some level, that she was using me because all her friends love me. It is agoniziing, because you do not feel the same way. You do not fall for my charm, like all girls do." <p>
I laugh. We are standing side by side, and he puts his arm round me kissing my forehead. I start to wonder how it can feel so right and wrong?alt


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