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That's my luck

By: maystar

Page 1, Kimberly is unlucky but her lucks about 2 change

That’s my luck

My name is Kim, short for Kimberly and I usually have bad luck. I don’t believe in that superstitions stuff because I believe that if you are destined to have bad luck then you get it. That’s what I would have said a day ago though. I had no idea that I could change all that I believed in one day.

Today was just an ordinary day for me….

I had lost my oyster so once again I had to walk home. I did PE before school finished so I decided to keep my PE kit on. It was raining; pouring down cats and dogs and there I was a mile from home. I had two heavy bags all filled with books and clothes and I was seriously out of breath. I was walking so near the bus stop that I was splashed by a bus that had passed. The bus had stopped and out came two girls from my school.

“Hey Kimberly,” They walked side by side to me as if they were my friends. I could tell that they wanted something.

“So have you got any money,” One of them said.

“Yeah because we really need it,” The other one replied “And if you haven’t any it will really be a shame!”

There it was I knew they wanted something but the thing was I had no money. I had spent it all.

“I have no money,” I murmured.

“Well let me check! If I find anything then you know what is going to happen?”

They then checked and found nothing. I then began to run. I then tripped over my shoe lace and fell. The two girls just walked past and laughed. My books fell into a big puddle…. I just wanted to scream out. Could things get worse???

I picked my books off and tried to dust the water of it. There was no use because it did no use. I sighed and I noticed one of my books had been blown by the wind and now it was under a bush. I bent down and picked it up and a four leave clover charm caught my sight. I did not believe in superstitions. I thought that that they were silly but the clover looked really pretty. I then picked it up and held it in my palm. From that day things began to go different. I no longer was cursed with bad luck.

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