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used- Together-Section one

Short story By: maystar

She is troubled

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Section title- Together
Book one- prologue
My name is Keisha and I used to be an ordinary 16 year old girl all happy and all that. I was a girl who was the type to seize my opportunity but that all changed when I met him... He used me and I was too stupid to realise. To me he was a knight in shining armour and a prince but to him, just another fling.
Now I am traumatized and I think that I will never meet or trust another guy again. My heart was broken and he didn't even care. My childhood is destroyed. I often just go away, lock myself in a closed room and isolate myself. I don't want to face the world. Not anymore.
Falling in love again
Well I thought that I could never find love again but then I met Ronald. He was my lab partner. I had told myself that I would never go near a guy but it was if I had a special connection to Ronald. He was so... different but I did keep away at first. I thought that the other one was different but I was proven wrong and my last relationship well... I was left with many scars and it was a mistake ... I was hurt and left vulnerable and worst of all I had to tell my parents... that I was ... Never mind but i can't exactly call Toni a mistake can I? The whole situation put a strain into my parents relationship and my mum's back in rehab, she couldn't cope and as for my dad he left when he found out there was one more mouth to feed. And I couldn't really go to his parents, luckily for me my Nan took me in. She understood me well. My mum had me at much younger so my Nan thought that my mum couldn't really complain because of the circumstances.
Any way back to Ronald. I didn't even bother paying attention. I would have ended up as nothing either way. He just stared over at me and tried to make conversation.
"Hi I am Ronald. I am to be your lab partner," then he sat down on the seat next to me.
"So what's your name?" He asked.
"My name is Keisha and to be honest I am not remotely interested in science so you do you thing and I'll do mine." I then indicated my phone and gave him a fake smile.
When I was going home then he got into my car.
"Do you mind getting out?" I asked angrily.
Then he replied," Look you are my lab partner so you have to do the work as well. We were told to get soil samples and so we will. Together,"
I then stared at him, "Okay then but after you do the rest," I said. "But first..."
I had to go to this yoga resort. I used to be in to all that but then they told me that I was special and that I had potential. I was very flattered and so I volunteered to give them two acorns which in their words was £20,000. It was used to build a resort in the woods. Basically she told me to tell no one so I didn't but then a girl Leo came to me saying that I shouldn't tell anyone but the yoga instructor told her she was a chosen one and that she was a prodigy. It was all a scam. I got so pissed that I asked for my money back but she denied all my attempts.
So I went to the woods with Ronald and I started to shout at her and there was a news reporter. I then told him, "She stole my money. You should put that in the newspaper, she's a thief, a scam."
"Yeah we've got it," A man said. "A spoiled rich kid who found light and then claimed it was a scam,"
I then walked in deeper and Ronald followed me. I began to cry.
"Look everyone likes to think that they are special," He then put my arms round me. He looked up at the tree and he became ecstatic. "Oh my. It...an owl,"
I then murmured," That's how to weird out a sweet moment,"
"No, it's a rare owl and if it is here then the area around it is protected and o the land surrounding it cannot be bought which means, you get your money back and ..."
"Oh my," I hugged him, "You are so great, so where did you say the owl was? We then looked around and after 3 hours we found it again. Ronald took the picture and the next day we showed it to the environmentalist agents.
They then gave me back my money.
I then realised that I felt different for him. Sure he was nerdy but he was cut in a way and sweet. I had fallen for him and I knew he would like me to if I told him.
The next day I called him to my house to do come studying. He came round and he came to my room. I then kissed him. A few minutes later I released my hands from his shirt and let go. My lip gloss was on his lips and his glasses were tilted and it was as if he was shocked because he did not say anything till minutes after.
"I don't mean it offensively but you're not my type," He then said.
"I am not your type?" It came as a shock to me.
"Well don't get me wrong you are very beautiful and special but..."
"I thought that you were different, I guess I was just an idiot after all he hurt me why shouldn't you do the same,"
"Who? Tell me."
"He was my first love and I was 15 at the time, I met him at a party with my best friend... He was her dad. She and I ended up splitting. So I went to cry in the toilet. Her dad came in and locked the door behind him. He sat beside me. He asked me what was wrong and I told him I wasn't his daughter's friend. He told me I should make up with her and then we just talked. Then he came on to me. He started to kiss me and I kissed him back I thought he loved me but one thing led to another and I got pregnant. He then threatened me to get rid of her but i refuse and so he attacked me. He told me if I told on what he did that my parents won't understand. I was scared and vulnerable."
He then began to hug me.
"I won't let you down and I'll be with you forever. We'll grow old together and we'll live together. I like you and I only you were not my type because I thought you were shallow but your not. That was just a stereotype."
I couldn't help but smiling. Forget the guy, I've got Ronald now and that's how it would be forever


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