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The Last Thing I See

Short story By: Michael68

The final step to prove of love between two souls by the shore of a lake.

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The moon glinted off the lake as I watched the stars' wavering reflection in the water. The moonlight shined on you, and I caught you staring, but I didn't care. I was still shocked at the truth you just revealed. Who would've known? The words which you had spoken cut me like a knife and there was no way to truly heal from the lacerations which you had caused. I should have just walked away from you, but there was a part of my mind that believe that there was still something that could be saved. Something there that was still special between us. Or maybe once again I was playing the fool for you. Still, I knew that I had to try. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to change her mind, that this was something that she was determined to not let anything stop her from what she had decided. But why? That was the one thing that I could not really understand. I had always done everything for her, never cheated on her, hit her or abused her in any way. Hell, there was no way that I could do something like that to her. For if I had even thought that I would hurt her, I would not be able to take the anguish that would burn within my soul. Knowing that it would be so great that I would sooner take my own life because of it. Something that I would not really tell her about, because with the condition that she was in right now, she would think that it was some weak attempt to keep her with me. Even though, in a slight sub-conscious way it was, the truth was that I could not really live without her. It made me feel weak and perplexed that I could not take it. But the only thing that I I knew was that I could not live without my beloved Elizabeth. More than just some physical or lustful desire, this was something that was deeper than any emotion that I could feel within my soul. I needed her, she a part of me, the part that had complete my soul. And now she was telling me this. "Michael, I have no idea why this has happened and I want you to know that I never meant for this to happen." she said in a soft voice as she slowly looked at me. I wanted to say something in anger, that she knew exactly what she was doing or that she had been influenced by someone who did not like me. But when I had watched the tears running down her cheek, there was no way that I could say such things. I knew that what she said was something that was ripping her heart apart. How could I be angry with her, even if she had broke my heart? There was always a part of me that loved her....that will always love her. That part of me that will continue to kick my ass every second of the day, because of me losing her. Even though I knew that there was nothing that I could do to stop it? Or was there? That was the one thing that I really was not sure about. The way that the night summer breeze floated through the strands of her amber hair and that sad angelic face that looked at me, made it impossible for me to tell her really wanted to express to her. That was if there really was anything that could be left said. After all, what does someone say when the one they love has has a fling with someone else, someone they knew nothing about. Such words came to mind, which I knew that there was no way that I could ever let my lips utter out of respect for her. "So, where do we go from here?" I asked. A stupid question to really ask, but the only one that I found myself able to find myself to ask. "I don't know......I really don't know." she said as she started to cry. "But I want you to know that I do not love him. It was just something that was out of control. Something that I should never have done, because I lost your trust and love." she said as her tears started to flow even stronger. And because of it, I could feel the agony throbbing with my soul even stronger. Thinking that it was my fault somehow. "Please.....Elizabeth....You know that I love you and we can get through this if we try." I said. My hand reached over to touch the side of her face so gently, to show her that I still loved her. That I was willing to forgive her of something she ha done wrong. But once she felt my fingertips touch the side of her face, she flinched away as she cried. I could tell it was not because that she would think that I would hurt her, but more of the shame from what she had done. Instantly, she stood up and started to make her way to the edge of the water of the lake. Standing there, her arms crossed over her chest, back facing me as I sat there, unsure if I should go to her. I wanted to put my arms around her, to hold her in my arms and tell her that everything would be alright. But something kept me from doing that, unsure if she would have pushed me away again just like my touch. The only thing that I wanted was to feel her body next to mine, skin against skin, and able to whisper in her ear all that my heart held for her. Finally, I could not take it any more and got to my feel and started to move toward her. My body shivering in fear, not knowing what it could be that she was thinking. I only hoped that it would not anything that I feared that she would be possibly thinking of taking her life. "Elizabeth? What are you thinking about? Tell my. baby doll?" I said in an uneasy voice. I could see the leather strap of her large purse crossed over her back and her hands remained in front of her and her head lowered down. I could hear her sobbing as her body shook uncontrollably. I wanted to ask her to make sure that everything was alright, even though I knew too well what the answer would be. "Talk to me Elizabeth. I forgive you baby. You mean so much to me, more than anything in the world. You have to believe in the love that we share and that it will defeat any obstacles." I said. "Michael." she said as she started to turn to me. Seeing her holding a revolver within her trembling hands. Her eyes looked up at him with tears flowing down her cheeks like raindrops. "I betrayed our love. Even though you could forgive me of my betrayal, I can can never do that. I want you to know that I love you and always will forever." Before I could say anything to stop her placed the barrel of the gun to the side of her head, the trigger clicking back. "My darling,......don't do this. You have so much to live for, Your whole life. Even if I am not in it, you must know that you have to keep going. That this is not the way to solve your pain." I said in a scared voice. "I know what you are do.I hurt you Michael, and our parents will never except our love. But there is no life for me without you in it. I love you and can not live within out you." she said. "But....Elizabeth,......I love you...." I started to say before the gun shot off. She screamed in agony and sorrow as she collapsed onto to the grass splotched ground. My arms wrapped around her, holding her as I gazed into the beauty of her green eyes on last time. The agony on losing her was too much for me, and I knew that I could not live a single moment without her. My hands rested on the back of her head, gently lowering down onto the ground, as I felt the warmth of her blood flowing across my fingers. The whole time the beauty of her green eyes stared up at me, showing such sorrow and terror. As if to tell me that she was sorry for what she had done. That there was no other way that we could be together. My lips drew closer to her, I as I could hear her whisper with her last dying breath......I love you Michael....more than you can ever know. Then my lips met hers in a soft and gentle kiss, the last kiss that I knew that we would ever share again. As I help her close, I felt her body become limp and lifeless as the rage and agony consumed me like an inferno. Screaming out to the darkened heavens above of why this must have happened. And of course, the only sound that could be heard was that of the summer breeze blowing past me. Gently I lay her body down onto the soft grass shore, the tears flowing so greatly that it blurred my vision, as my body trembled like a volcano ready to erupt. My hands clutched tightly into fists, raising them up to the darkened abyss of the night, and screaming out my rage of taking my angel from me. My breath was so rapid that I thought that I was going to feel my chest explode out of my chest. The only thing that my sorrow and loss could think of was how I wanted to be with her right now. How this world was nothing more than a stale and placid place. Then my eye stopped the revolver and picked it up. After examining it and seeing that there was still another bullet in the round, my destiny was clear. I know what it was that I had to do to prove my love for my beloved Elizabeth. Raising it to the side of my head, my eyes gazed down at the silent and still beauty of my Lady Love, as one last tear fell from my eye. "My Lady, my heart will never find peace until the moment that we are together. the love we feel for each other is eternal blessed by Gods and it is there that we shall now live in paradise in the bliss of our true love always and forever........till the end of time." And within saying that, my finger pulled the trigger, as a sudden shock stiffened my body and then silence surrounded me. I did not feel my body collapse on top of her, or smell the smoke from the barrel of the gun, or even the pain of the bullet entering my skull. All I could remember was those green eyes, lifeless as they might have been, staring at me. And I knew for the first time in my life I was coming home.


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