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One cold day...

Short story By: Mike1996

A boy will have his life change completely. In one, simple, cold rainey day...

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A family walked throughout the busting town, with a small boy with them. Grey clouds, tired blacker as a storm began to stir. Leavening the air hanging in the air. Almost as if waiting for something to signal it's downfall.
The father and mother walked with purpose, guiding the small boy. With the mothers hand holding the boys. Both looked strangely pale and cold, with a slight flicker of something in there eyes.
All the while the boy was walking with a silly childlike smile at the hustle and bustle around him, taking in the sound of the cars crawling up the road. Finding enjoyment in the segments of conversations he herd. They turned a corner, and headed down a smaller side road, as they went. The boy noticed the shops were no longer littering the road sides, but instead lots of houses. He started to look at the front garden of each one, thinking about witch one would be the best to play on. He was jolted out of this mind state by a firm pull by his mother, indicating to hurry up. Giggling with delight at the prospect of being somewhere unknown, like a famous adventure that he was creating for him self.
Finally they reached one of the houses, approaching the large conjoined house. It garden was just grass, with the odd flower here and there. With a gravel path to the entrance, leading to a brightly coloured door. They approached, the mother extending her hand to ring the bell. Suddenly she looked down at her boy, his eye meeting hers. A moment passed as neither said or did anything, then the boy smiled timidly and hugged his mums leg. The mother froze smiling, but quickly turned away. A single tear ran down her cold pal face, the father looked at her. Leaning in and kissing her on the fore head. Wiping the tear from her eye.
Shattering the moment the opened, by a mid age woman with a loving smile on her face. After a brief introduction, the family we're let into the house. At this point the boy was told to wait in the living room.
Time went on and the light from they day grew darker, to a point were colour had seemed to have given up. The faint sound of a role of thunder, followed by the hard co, drain hitting the window. Cascading into tiny water droplets. As the boy grew tired and looked out the window, watching the cars and the rain almost as if in a trance.
Suddenly the door opened and the mother and father came back in. The father looked exhausted, with a look of great sadness on his face. The mother looked the same, with eyeliner streaked down her cheek. Silenus fell. The sound of the rain hitting the window was the only sound, mimicking the ticking rhythm of the clock.
The boy smiled, the father approached the son and hugged him. Kissing him on the head holding him tight, breathing heavily. Finally he let go and forced a smile his eyes now wet with tears. He turned and stood in the door. The mother stood In the middle, swooping in gently and hugging her son. Holding tight, suddenly sobbing into his shoulder. Quite fell in the room, the boy looked upset seeing his family like this. The sobbing continued for a few minutes. But finally the mother stood and walk to the door with the father.
Then they began to walk to the door, the boy tyres to follow. But the lady of the house stopped him. Looking down with affection and deep sadness. The boy began to cry feeling something was not right. He watched as the front door opened and his father disappeared into the rain.
The boy called. His mother turned and placed a shaky finger on his lips, leaning in close and shakily whispering.
"Stay strong...I will always love you..."
With that she quickly ran into the abyss of rain, witch swallowed her up. The boy began screaming and fighting the grasp of the lady holding him in place. Tears streaming down his face, his little heart tearing into a million parts. Splitting him down to the soul crying and crying shouting for his mother.
The woman closed the door and hugged the little child tightly, as he sobbed into her arms. All while the rain prod down hard, cold and unrelenting.
As bitter as ice...


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