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The Heart of Pain

Short story By: Miki

Aislinn is a girl who is abused constantly. She went through hard times in life and yet she never said a word. Until now, she finally says the words that had been built up over the years.

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The Heart of Pain

She firmly placed a high-heeled foot on my chest, crushing me. The look on her face, my mother's face, was pure fury. She sat there, leisurely, watching me struggle to breathe. A smile graced her blood-red lips. Even though it's a smile only for me, I felt dread weigh me down even more. She removed her foot and I gasped for air. My mother got up from her "Throne" and stood next to me, gazing at me. Her ice blue eyes hardened and she kicked me in the stomach so hard, I flew backwards, feeling my body constrict against the pain.

I looked up, tears forming in my eyes as she walked away and left me on the floor. I got up slowly and made my way upstairs where my only sanctuary lies. I opened the door and silently closed it. I pressed my back against the door, sliding down until I was on the ground. Tears dripped down, leaving me struggling to remember my name through the pain. Aislinn Green, yes. Green, Green, Green. I cried myself asleep while I remembered the only person I'd loved.

Morning light filtered through my blinds and woke me from my slumber. I was freezing and breathing hard. Another day at school. Another day I had to endure.

I got ready quickly and walked to school, feeling the sunlight warm up the places that hurt. I got what I needed for my next few classes and headed over to the science room.

Just my luck, the only people who were there was Alex Anders and Nikki Jones. They were chatting but when I walked in, they snickered haughtily.

"Aw, look at her. She's all cutesy and innocent," Alex whispered loudly to Nikki. She then continued on in a steel-hard voice, "As if! I bet the whole guy population in our school has been there."

"I know right. She looks innocent but if you're a little too friendly with her, she'll seduce you!" Nikki finished, doubling over with laughter.

I drowned out their voices, noticing that I was ten minutes early and the teacher isn't here yet. I opened my folder and took out my homework. Click Clack. The sound of high heels resounded in the room. I looked up and saw Nikki and Alex standing there with identical sneers on their faces.

"So, Aislinn, how many have you been with?" Nikki asked me, tilting her head to indicate that she was superior.

"Excuse me?" I said, already able to make out what she was about to do next. She leaned forward, extending her hand. Whap! She slapped me clear across the face, her nails breaking the skin.

"You know what I mean, you-" she was cut off when the teacher walked in. He looked over the three of us, taking in the scene.

"Ms. Green, have you been causing trouble again?" He asked me. But before I could answer, Nikki said:

"Yeah, she called me a slut. What are we going to do?" she whined, cowering behind Alex.

"Really, Ms. Green? How old are you? Thirteen?" he asked me skeptically. "Go to the principal's office with Nikki. Now!"

"Ok," I mumbled, cradling my face with my hand. Blood dripped down my arm and stained my sweater.

The principal heard what happened from Nikki and gave me detention. I don't even get a say so, I just live on. I went on with my maddened life.

"Alright! You can go home now!" the principal said to me. I hung my head low as I trudged home. It was already dark since it was the dead of winter. Then it happened.

It was a snowy day where everyone was either at home or at work. It was also a day when I died inside. At the mouth of the alley, a pair of hands shot out and grabbed me.

"Ha, she was even nicer than I thought," a male voice said. It was Mike Connels! What is going on?!

"I know, right? I like what I'm seeing," the guy behind me laughed. Janor Michelis was here, too? He snaked his arm under my shirt, feeling my body with his cold hands.

"Now, let's get her into the car," Mike said, walking out from the shadows. He held a roll of duct tape in his hands and he was grinning devilishly.

"NOOO!" I screamed before my mouth was duct taped. A hit behind my neck blurred everything and then my vision went dark.

I only gained consciousness a few times and those times were horrifying. An example was Mike's bare chest above me and my arms above my neck, tied to what seems like a bedpost. During that time, I felt burning sensations everywhere. My neck, my stomach, my legs, everywhere.

I had only gained full consciousness when I was tossed out of the car onto wet sludge and gravel. The scratches from before reopened and I shivered. My coat has been torn to tatters and my body ached.

I limped forward, feeling people stare as I passed them occasionally. I had been tossed to a neighbourhood that was far away from home. I don't have my bag, my phone, and not even proper clothes. No money or people willing to help me, either.

Finally I found a place near a river where I could rest. I sat on the bench that looked over the river. My eyelids drooped against my will and I fell asleep.

I awoke to a burning cold. Groggily, I brushed some snow off of my head and stood up. I was aching from sleeping in that position so badly, I stumbled and fell. The air whooshed around me before the water enveloped me. Crackle, fwump! I fell to the bottom of the river, the current pushing me along, the surface a few feet above me. I swam up, holding my breath, and tried to break the ice. It was too thick to break.

Unable to hold my breath in anymore, I coughed, feeling the murky water flow down my air pipe. I hacked and sputtered but it only made it worse. I knew that I would drown from then on.

Goodbye, my lovely world. I'm sorry. I said, losing consciousness again but it was the end. I'll never wake again.


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