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Passionate Crime challenge; A Sweet Reunion

Short story By: MssJenn

Sweet reunion

This is a Challenge with Vampire Princces

Submitted:Jun 12, 2009    Reads: 126    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

A Sweet Reunion

Her hair so black and skin so white, 'a porcelain doll'was all that I tough when I saw her. Her green eyes and red lips, and the only thirsts that fill us were the one for blood. I touch my long hair and she mimics the action to perfection. My lips opened and my tongue ran on my teeth and she does the same. I looked down my body, my pale breast were in the air, my stomach, my nude thighs. My thin pale skin was marred with the record of love; little pale lines. It had been a year since I've meet a perfect mate that could fulfill my needs, and it had only been once. It had only been him. He had made me the most happy woman alive, he filled my thirst for blood and I his. These little marks on my skin are the memories of him. "I hate you" I pointed a finger to the girl that was staring at me. I threw the brush, which was on my hand, to her and the mirror shattered, sharp pieces falling on the sink. And the ugly girl disappeared before my eyes. I took the sharpest pieces and went my way to the hotel room. "It's reunion time baby." I whisper under my breath and ease my stripped body to bed, to wait for my old lover to come and satisfy a thirst that was killing me.

I must have fallen asleep because I open my eyes felling somebody sat next to me on the bed. He was sat Indian style with a hint of a smile on his face a big knife hold by both his hands. A smile fast appeared on my face too. Extending my arm I reach for his face and cupped his cheek. "I've miss you so-" he cut my welcome with a fast kiss. Pulling my lower lip with hi teeth, squeezing hard. My chest got tighter as my breathing got deep.

"I've miss you too, my lady vampire" I smile at the nickname he had put me a year ago. He was my vampire and I was his. "Want to have some dinner, before we…?" He past the edge of the long knife on my throat, and a quick whimper with desire came from me. "Drink?" he finished the question digging the tip of the knife by my belly bottom, a tear of blood came out and I felt my mouth go watery. I shook my head and pull the shattered piece of mirror from under my pillow.

"I'm thirsty now!" I hiss as I shove the sharp scrap of crystal on his bicep, and took it out as fast as I could and blood started to pour at the same time a scream of pain came from him. The blood ran to his hands and I lick slowly from his thumb to the wound. The blood was still coming out fast and the wound looked bigger than any we had made each other before. I hugged the wound between my lips and sucked it fast, getting more and more exited when I hear him moan in the pain-pleasure sensations. He pulled my face off of him when he felt was enough and kissed my bloody lips as I sat on his laps. But I needed more and more blood. More than him could give me. I pulled my face way of him to look him to the face. Shortly he will abandon me again and I wouldn't have more blood to drink.

I kissed him again throwing the piece of mirror to the floor. The shattering noise was loud in the room. My hand caressed his shoulder at the time his finger nails were digging hard on my back. My moaning drowned on his mouth. I took his knife that was left forgotten next to us and silently placed it on top of where I though his heart was from the back. Pushed him hard to lay on his back and I lay on top of him, making the knife dig fast and deep into him. I saw the life leave him so fast that his eye didn't closed.

His blood was as delicious as always. I had a banquet that night, like never before…. Like never after. Without thinking about it too much I opened his chest and took his heart out. I stared at the piece of him, all bloody and so beautiful. Minutes past before I decided what to do, I dug my teeth on the heart very slowly I ate the most delicious heart I've had. Since then I can't stop, is just an addiction. I love to eat my lovers' heart…. The heart is the yummiest part of a human body. Now he will never abandon me, none of my lovers would ever leave me ever again.

This is a Challenge with Vampire Princces, check out her story if you can ; Passion Crime Challenge: Bloody Carnival.. (click)


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